Greg Laurie Net Worth: Details About The World-Famous Pastor

When we hear the term celebrity, usually imagine the faces on the tv or cinema screens. But apart from them, some religious leaders have nowadays become celebrities. Due to the huge following they have in social media and real life; the leaders have become rich. A lot of times, they like to charge money for books they have written, or just to be present on an occasion. Today, we will be talking about Greg Laurie. 

Yes yes, you have got it right. The famous pastor from California, Greg Laurie is one of the oldest and most experienced pastors. He is an important part of the Harvest Christian Fellowship Church. Initially, it was a small-town church, but now, it stands as one of the biggest and most influential churches in the United States of America. To date, with Greg Laurie’s excellent leadership, the church has managed to reach almost 20,000 people. It wasn’t that Greg was not at all famous, or people did not hear his name before. But after moviemakers released the film ‘Jesus Revolution’, people started to know more about Greg Laurie and his activities. The pastor gained huge popularity after this film was released in the theatres.

So, where is the pastor now? What is Greg Laurie’s net worth? How did Greg rise up to this position? If you are someone who’s also intrigued to know these, take your time. We will answer your questions, and also let you know more about Greg Laurie apart from just his net worth. So, take your time and read our article below.

Greg Laurie Net Worth: What Led Him To Fame

From his birth, Greg Laurie was a Christian. As he grew up, he started his journey as a pastor. He was quite dedicated to spreading the teachings and lessons of The Holy Bible among Christian men and women. He cannot be called exactly a youth pastor, but in order to gain higher grounds as a preacher, Greg Laurie has made excellent efforts. Throughout all these years, Greg has worked with different churches or leaders. He has published books about Christianity and spread the Holy Word. With every effort he has made, Greg has managed to be one of the most successful pastors of all time.

So, what is Greg Laurie’s net worth? How famous is he exactly? As of now, Greg Laurie has a net worth of more than 20 million USD. Greg is an author, movie maker, public speaker, and influencer. Apart from the numerous books he has written regarding Christianity and Hope from God, Greg Laurie has appeared in a lot of TV shows and podcasts. See, if you are a religious Christian, you will want to hear a pastor who not only talks well but also someone who comforts you.

This is the main reason behind Greg Laurie’s huge net worth. The man has published almost 60-70 books that have managed to reach the mainstream market. He has also made a film. When Greg Laurie released ‘A Rush Of Hope’ in 2020, movie theatres recorded a viewership of at least 2.5 million people on its opening weekend. On every public speaking event, Greg Laurie charges a lump sum of 30-40k US Dollars as his fee. Publishers pay him royalties for his books. The producers of TV shows pay him every time Greg makes an appearance.

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Greg Laurie: Story Of The Famous Youth Pastor

If you have watched Jesus Revolution on Netflix, you already know about this. Greg Laurie became a part of the religious movement of Christianity after he started his job as a pastor. He was very young when he first started to catalyze the spread of Christianity in California and other parts of America. Well, we are talking about the 1960s. The youth needed to have faith in order to deal with the daily devils of their lives.

Greg Laurie came to the rescue as the pastor. This is not just in the movie. Even in real life, Greg sacrificed his own needs and feelings to follow the holy path. It is extremely difficult to dedicate your own life just to making the world a better place, but Greg Laurie did it. He found his comfort zone, his house within the religion and religious movements. He had a very humble beginning – in his early days, he had a maximum of 20 to 50 people in his church. Right now, Greg Laurie is the most senior pastor.

Apart from the people of California, the world knows who Greg Laurie is. TIME magazine featured him in one of their special editions. CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News call Greg for featuring him in their interview sessions. Over the years, Greg has done multiple TV shows – Knowing God With Greg Laurie is one of the most prominent ones. He is the author of ‘The Upside-down Church’ – the book won a Gold Medallion award. The pastor has almost 330K followers on his Instagram and has his own Podcast. Greg is a senior director of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, which is one of the biggest non-profit organizations.

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