Is Ethan Slater Gay? Dating Rumours And More!

The Hollywood industry is always buzzing with new gossip almost every day. The most recent gossip is about Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande. Although the things that Kylie Jenner has said are nothing new to us, the recent gossip about Ariana Grande is extremely interesting. Along with the name of Ariana Grande, the other name that is coming up is Ethan Slater. Is Ethan Slater gay? What are your thoughts on this rumour that is currently spreading like wildfire? In this piece of information, we are going to learn about the actor’s sexuality and many more interesting things.

Is Ethan Slater Gay? Knowing The Truth

The famous actor Ethan Slater has not stated anything about his sexuality. Where are these rumours arising from? Well, there is no strong ground from where these rumours have started to arise. Since most of the actors are opening up about their sexual identities, fans are trying to guess the sexuality of almost all the actors out there. Hence, what are your thoughts on Ethan Slater? Is Slater indeed gay? Is he hiding something? We have presented all the information, that we have collected so far, here.

Ethan Slater is not gay. Even if he has not been open about his sexuality, we can assure you that the man is not gay. These rumours about him being are akin to the rumours about Tom Holland being gay. We have stated earlier that Tom Holland is not gay. Similarly, we are stating here that Ethan Slater is not gay. His dating history is evidence of the statement that he is not gay. We are sure that if he had been gay, he would have been open about it. Although Slater himself has not addressed these rumours about him, we are sure that he is not a gay man.

The dating history of Ethan Slater is going to shock you. Why is his name entangled with Ariana Grande’s name? Ethan had been married to his high school sweetheart, Lili Jay, since 2018. However, currently, he is going through a split with his wife. There have been rumours that Ethan Slater and Ariana Grande are dating each other. However, both celebrities have not addressed these rumours yet. Even if they have not addressed these rumours, they have been pictured together. This strengthens the fact that they are indeed dating each other.

Ethan Slater And Ariana Grande

You must be thinking about how Ethan Slater and Ariana Grande met each other. We will provide you with all the answers here.

In 2021, Ariana Grande was selected as a cast member of the upcoming film Wicked. You must know this that besides being a singer, she is also an actress. She was cast in the role of Cat Valentine in the show Victorious. Victorious aired on the television network Nickelodeon in 2010. Hence, since she already has played a similar role, Grande has been cast as a member of Wicked. The film Wicked is going to be released in November 2024.

Ethan Slater is famous for his role as the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants. Since he also has experience in this field, he was selected as another cast member of the film Wicked opposite Ariana. Both Ariana and Ethan are going to play crucial characters in the film. He was selected as one of the cast members in 2022. They met on set while the shooting of the film was ongoing. It has been reported that they were extremely close to each other while they were on the set of Wicked by Teen Vogue. Their relationship as co-stars started to accelerate towards something stronger from the sets of Wicked.

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Ethan Slater And Ariana Grande’s Dating History

As has been mentioned above, Ethan Slater was together with his wife Lili Jay since 2018. They dated each other since 2012 and finally tied the knot in 2018. They also had a son in 2022. However, it seems as if after the birth of their son, things started to go south.

Before Ethan Slater, Ariana Grande dated several celebrities. However, in 2021 she married her then-boyfriend, Dalton Gomez. Gomez and Grande were in a relationship since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Nevertheless, currently, the singer has filed for a divorce from her husband.

After both celebrities have for divorce from their spouse, they have started to date each other. Hence, any rumours about Ethan Slater being gay is completely false because there is no evidence that he is so. Instead, all the pieces of evidence prove that Ethan Slater is a straight man and is currently in a relationship with Ariana Grande.

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