Where Is Bob Duke Now? Whereabouts Of The Killer

Remember when somebody warned you about something you said jokingly? Well, in our daily life, often we like to joke about stuff. See, it’s normal. If you have a sense of humor, it’s good for you and everyone around you. But sometimes, the thing that is making you laugh, can become the main source of your pain. This came true with Bob Duke.

Bob was our normal everyday man. A man who was brought up in a strict background, who used to hang out with his friends, had a nice job and a nice family. But one day, after one incident, everything took a twisted turn. Bob Duke was suddenly the wanted man in the towns. Police started looking for him. The detectives started to turn their game up a few notches just to catch Bob Duke. But what did Bob do? Listen, we will talk about it but let’s figure out something else for now.

A large number of people have been quite intrigued recently regarding Bob Duke. Where is Bob Duke now? What did he do? To know more about the whereabouts of Bob Duke, hold on. Take your time to read this article below because we will be answering every one of your questions.

Where Is Bob Duke Now: What Do We Know

Murder stories are not that much surprising. They are not that much rare because unless it’s Dahmer, Bundy, or Clown Face, some stories usually rest deep into the sands of time. The cases remain trapped in the pages inside the case folders. But this is quite surprising. Bob Duke is a murderer. He murdered his own family and almost murdered his parents. Fortunately, the police arrested him quickly.

So, where is Bob Duke now? Is he running free? No. Bob Duke is now behind bars at Wyoming State Penitentiary. The court gave him a life sentence due to his crimes. The evidence against him would not allow him to get any parole. He murdered his son and wife. But Bob did not stop there. He was further planning to murder his father and mother. Since his best friend informed the police about this, Bob Duke was arrested. After he was taken in custody, the investigators reopened the death case of Liana and Erik Duke.

Bob was having an illicit affair with an underage girl. Although he was married and had a son, Bob was not feeling well. According to him, he was getting pressurized day by day. So, to get out of the situation, Bob murdered his wife Liana, and their son, Erik. The cruel murderer pushed them from a cliff. The case was kept closed and Bob Duke was well away from the radar of investigation. But after he got arrested for planning to murder his parents, things started to unfold. He confessed that he has murdered his family in cold blood.

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Bob Duke: Life Of The Murderer of Liana and Erik

Most killers have a bad childhood, or they are abused while they are brought up. But Bob Duke belonged to a normal family. He had a nice childhood with strict parents. As he grew up, Bob took the job of carpet painter after high school. His life was getting started. Bob and Liana got married in May 1991. Liana Davidson was his high school girlfriend and they were madly in love. The couple gave birth to their son Erik just three months after their marriage.

The man fell for a 13-year-old girl, Crystal Robinson. To clear things out, Bob wanted his best friend Roger to help him in the murder. Roger denied and tried his best but on 10th August 1996, Bob pushed his own family from the cliff of Lost Dog County. Two years later, Bob again appeared before Roger, but this time, he wanted to kill his parents. Roger informed the police, got Bob arrested and the whole case just reopened. In court, Crystal testified against Bob. The huge pile of evidence made sure that Bob Duke will stay in prison for the rest of his life.

Nothing was wrong with him except that one time when he got into trouble. Bob got into a fight with Roger in his school. But in later years, Roger became best friends with him. The duo was a happy one who loved to enjoy their time joking over stuff. They used to hang around in the countryside, they drank beers, and watched crime horrors. Supposedly, one day Bob and Roger were laughing and Bob Duke asked what if one day, one of them became a killer? Sadly, the words came true in a horrifying way.

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