10 Movies Like The Bird Box Barcelona

Now many of you may have heard of the actual franchise from which the movie belongs. Bird Box is actually quite well known all over the world, for its unique storyline, extraordinary vision, and beautiful depiction of a post-apocalyptic society. Now as we all know one of the topics which directors or movie makers have always loved to work on is the post-apocalyptic genre, because it is something people haven’t faced yet, and thus they can make the audience imagine anything they want and, anyway, they could. other than these there are many other perks to this particular genre of movies, we get to see a great set of creativity from the maker’s side as well, making the movies more and more interesting. The actors also get a chance to adventure more into the unknown, while learning about the characters they are playing, because they don’t know what they have to imitate in this kind of movie. Netflix has got a set of such movies and the bird box franchise has always been one of the top contenders on the list. Now after a long time, we have finally received a spin-off sequel to the original movie, which has also been taken quite well by the audience.

Now for all of that audience who have suddenly started growing an interest in this particular genre or sector of movies, and haven’t got many recommendations from Netflix, do not worry, we are right here and we are going to bring you a list of such movies which line in the same universe as the bird box Barcelona as well as the original bird box movie. 

1. Children Of Men

10 Movies Like The Bird Box Barcelona

The first movie that has to be mentioned on the list, has got a lot of similarities to the bird box franchise. we see a dystopian society in this movie, where every female in the world has got infertile and that has brought a ruckus in the world of 2027. Now out of nowhere, a single human has got pregnant and she has been bearing the responsibility to save the world, however, the government is continuously after her, to bring an end to this rebellion. She has been signed to an activist who has been given the responsibility to protect her and bring her to the human project, which may end up bringing a light of hope to this doomed world.

Where to watch: this movie is available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

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2. The Wasteland

Another very well-recommended movie, which may not have many similarities to the bird box franchise at first, but the main thing that we see in common, is the fear of death and the post-apocalyptic society in which the movie is set in. In this movie we see a family of three, living in a shack which is located amidst nowhere. The father leaves the son and the mother alone, to find out some clues about a man who recently attacked them. However soon begins the scary walk alone, where the mother sees a beast that slowly attacks their home but the boy can’t see it. The entire movie is based on this confrontation and how the boy handles the situation while his father isn’t present there.

Where to watch: this movie is available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

3.A Quiet Place

This movie came out in the year 2018 and surely deserves to be on the list. It is ss et in a post-apocalyptic society where aliens have taken over. However, there is the Abbott family that haven’t been killed in such a situation and they live far away in the forest where nobody can find them. The only way somebody would find them is if they end up making any noise because the creatures who have taken over are sensitive to noise. Now the main challenge begins one day, when one of the men in the family is pregnant and soon some sounds are made, which ends up setting the aliens go after them. The ratings of the movie are quite nice and this is surely worth a watch.

Where to watch: this movie is available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

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4. Nope

One of the best things that go hand in hand with a post-apocalyptic society is the existence of aliens and that is what we get to see in this movie. A brother and sister who live in a distant village in California, end up spotting a spaceship much before anyone else, and in the greed of making a video of it, end up getting stuck in a huge crisis situation, where everyone is being taken away by the aliens and they are finally coming to attack. We get to see a lot of drama, brother-sister love, and along with that humor too in this movie.

Where to watch: this movie is available for streaming on the amazon prime videos platform.

5. Awake

This movie is another one, which has earned the love and respect of many fans all over the world. It is again set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic society just like the bird box movies, however in this case, we get to see the loss of power and sleep in people. As usual, the plot goes the same, where there is a family, in which only one member can sleep and now the family needs to protect her because everyone is after her to find a cure for this curse. The movie is quite well-rated and has got a great response from audiences worldwide.

Where to watch: this movie is available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

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6. Knock At The Cabin

This movie is one of those which will give you chills for sure. we get to see an apocalypse happening all over the world in this movie, however, a family who has gone on vacation deep in the woods doesn’t know anything about it. However, we get to see that they are the chosen ones, who have to give up or sacrifice one of the members so that the apocalypse can stop, and that is known by only 4 unknown individuals who have knocked at the door of the cabin. Who will die, we only get to see that at the end.

Where to watch: this movie is available for streaming on the Zee5 platform.

7. 10 Cloverfield Lane

Now this movie which came out in the year 2016 is a bit more interesting than the stereotypical apocalyptic movies, in the first half of the movie, two of the survivors don’t even believe the fact that there has been an attack by aliens, however soon we get to see how the turn of events make them live together for a while until the situation gets a bit better. They are living together 9in a bunker which has been totally separate from the world outside, but the continuous frustration, suspicion, and anxiety make them turn their backs on each other very often.

Where to watch: this movie is available for streaming on the Apple Tv platform.

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8. Alive

Coming to a new concept on the list, we finally get to see a society that has been invaded by zombies, now zombies in a post-apocalyptic society is a very good storyline, and along with many other movies in this sector, alive ranks quite high. We see the story of two survivors in this situation, and their journey to survive till the end and reach the end of this apocalypse. The ratings of the movie are also quite good, along with that the movie has got some things that are very common to the bird box franchise.

Where to watch: this movie is available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

9. The Binding

This movie is also known as the il Legame, which is a quite popular Italian movie of 2020. The movie is not set in a post-apocalyptic society, but it will surely give you chills as the movie uncovers some of its secrets. We see a mother and her daughter throughout the movie where the mother is trying to save her daughter from some sort of curse, which has affected everyone in her family. She needs to protect her daughter from being captured and sacrificed by them, but whether she will succeed in that is actually a big question.

Where to watch: this movie is available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

10. The Silence

The last movie on the list bears a lot of movies with the movie A Quiet Place, we follow the story where some abnormal creatures have attacked the world, and they hunt by using their auditory senses. So now exists a family, who are trying to escape the apocalypse, but living in a world without sound is surely tough, will they be able to survive and who are the mysterious figures who suddenly appear on their door? To know it all, we need to watch this movie.

Where to watch: this movie is available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

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