Is Average Joe Based On A True Story?

The average Joe is a very common way of referring to commoners in America for many years and putting it in the title of the new tv series, doesn’t sound very intimidating at first. However, when we looked into the trailer, it is actually not the tale of any commoner but has got a twist at the end. Our commoner is the son of the owner of a towing company, however, that isn’t his real identity. The father is actually related to some dark businesses and has also stolen 10 million dollars along with a Lamborghini from the Russian mob, and now after the death of the father, our average Joe is the one, who is at risk, and is continuously in search of the 10 million dollars. For those wondering how the reviews have been, the ratings as well as the reviews from the critics have been really positive when it comes to the dark comedy genre. Following that, there have been many people all over the world continuously questioning us about the second season of the show, which hasn’t been confirmed as of now.

However, coming to the main topic of this article and that’s is regarding whether the storyline that has been depicted in the first season of the average Joe, is based on a true story, or has been adapted from true incidents. The answer is a big yes, according to the makers of the show. The maker of the show, Robb Cullen, who is quite famous in the industry for his unique way of making series and movies, has given out a public statement that the character of average Joe is actually based on his own life. Now those who have watched the show’s first season, do understand how controversial it can be, if this statement is true.

Average Joe True Story

Is Average Joe Based On A True Story?

Now coming to the main topic, as we have already mentioned the makers of the show have admitted to the fact that the story that has been depicted in the first season of the show, is based on the life of the makers. For those wondering, that whether Rob Cullen has committed the same murders, that Joe Washington committed in the first season, it is quite not likely to happen, because even if the story is based on his life, not all aspects are the exact depiction of what happened. There may also be some addition for making the show more interesting.

The story mainly gets interesting and not relatable, when we find out that Joe when he has gone to his father’s office after the death of his father, is attacked by two Russian who have come here for their 10 million dollars, and Lamborghini, however, joe ends up killing the attackers, and disposing of their body, with the help of his friend Leon and touch. Soon begins the hunt for the 10 million dollars and everyone related to Joe Leon and Touch gets involved in it.

Following this we need to clarify the fact that the maker has only said that the story is adapted from his own, which may refer to some instances or some similarities between the maker’s own life and average Joe. It could also be that Robb, was shocked on finding out some truths about his own father, which may not be the same as shown in the series and that was the element he was talking about.

We would also like to state the fact, that there are very less chances of the story being an absolute replica of Robb’s own life because, in real life, Robb has got a brother Mark, whom almost every one of us knows very well, but in the series, joe has got no brother of any sort.

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Average Joe Season 2 Release Date

As the first season of the show has not come to an end as of now, it is quite difficult to say whether we are going to receive a second season or not. However, if we get to see that the story of the average Joe, has been left on a cliffhanger at the end of season 1, we can be sure of the arrival of season 2 very soon. The first season has been in work since 2022, and thus if season 2, happen it will no way be before 2024.

Where Can We Watch Average Joe?

The show is available for streaming on the BET+ platform, after being telecasted at first.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is Average Joe based on a true story?

The first season of the show is actually based on the life of the maker itself?

2.Who is the director of Average Joe?

The director of the show is Rob Cullen.

3.How many seasons of Average Joe are there?

There is only a single season of the show as of now.

4.Is the show Average Joe canceled as of now?

No the show has not been canceled as of now.

5. Where can we watch Average Joe?

We can watch Average Joe on the BET+ platform.

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