Sweet Magnolias Season 3: Who Is Kathy? Why Does She Target Dana Sue?

Directed by Sheryl J. Anderson, Sweet Magnolias is a romantic drama series that witnessed a third season just a couple of hours ago. This Netflix series explores the themes of friendship, and career struggles and signifies independent individuals. Set in a small town, Serenity in South Carolina, Sweet Magnolias is centred around a trio of friends. These childhood friends, Maddie Townsend (JoAnna Garcia Swisher), Dana Sue Sullivan (Brooke Elliott) and Helen Decatur (Heather Headley) are put to the test throughout the course of the series. This season, specifically, centres conflict as the major story arc.

In the previous seasons, Maddie divorced her cheating husband, Bill Townsend (Chris Klein) rather dramatically. Helen went through a miscarriage and Dana’s estranged husband, Ronnie Sullivan (Brandon Quinn) popped in out of nowhere. It seems like the entire Sullivan family possesses the same hobby. Sweet Magnolias Season 3 is impacted majorly by this new entry. Kathy. In this discussion, let us implore more about Kathy and her intentions!

Sweet Magnolias Season 3: Who Is Kathy?

While the series is primarily focused on Maddie, Helen and Dana, Sheryl’s ability to incorporate a myriad of characters into the same frame is commendable. One new character she weaved into this storyline is Kathy Sullivan. Throughout the finale of the second season, this mysterious lady has been stirring waves–and pots. Kathy wears an open grudge against Dana Sue and makes sure to cross extreme lengths to portray her aversion.

Dana, however, is too busy working on her relationship with her husband and daughter to actually notice what’s going on. Even if Maddie and Helen are quick to realize, Dana requires time to fully accept Kathy’s identity and relationship with Ronnie. As it turns out, Kathy is Dana Sue’s husband, Ronnie’s sister. She possesses a deep grudge against her brother and his wife because they stole something she deemed was hers throughout her life.

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Why Does Kathy Target Dana Sue?

A while ago, Kathy and Dana worked for Miss Frances’ restaurant, Sullivan’s. Kathy gave her all to the restaurant but Frances willed the restaurant to Dana and Ronnie, enraging her. Moreover, Frances left an enormous amount of money to Dana Sue and Ronnie who are currently seeking couples’ therapy. The late Miss Frances has always considered Dana to be her daughter due to her feelings towards Dana’s father. When an opportunity struck, Frances signed her assets to Dana Sue, who is now confused.

Dana is at odds as to what to do with the money but eventually reaches a conclusion. The Sullivan couple sets aside some money for their daughter’s college fees, and some for their vow renewal ceremony and dedicates the rest to establishing a charity. With the help of her best friends, Maddie and Helen, Dana funds the Magnolia Community Foundation to help their small town. Despite this, there’s a threat lurking over her head. Kathy is still aggravated with her and targets Dana Sue because she received the restaurant and the grant.

Do Kathy And Bill End Up Together?

When Helen and Erik Whitley (Dion Johnstone) break up, Kathy utilizes the opportunity to strike. Erik is the sous chef at Sullivan’s and is training Issac (Chris Medlin), Bill and Peggy’s son. Now that he is heartbroken over Helen, he doesn’t want to stay somewhere everybody recognizes him. So, he resigns from Sullivan’s and considers joining Kathy’s restaurant, unaware of the animosity between Kathy and Dana. However, Dana isn’t ready to let go of Erik just yet.

When Erik discovers the nature of Kathy and Dana’s relationship, he rejects Kathy’s offers. Kathy thrashed Dana’s restaurant’s kitchen in a fit of rage. As Ronnie witnesses the condition of their kitchen, he immediately senses it is a byproduct of Kathy’s aggression. To clear the problems arising in his and his wife’s lives, Ronnie agrees to give Kathy a couple of hundred dollars in exchange for leaving the town.

As Kathy agrees to Ronnie’s plan and is leaving the town, she comes across Bill. He helps her understand that mistakes are a part of living and that the only way to grow is by apologizing. Bill understands this very well, having been apologizing to Maddie, Issac and almost everybody for his infidelity. As Sweet Magnolias Season 3 reaches the penultimate episode, Kathy and Bill have formed a special bond.

Do Dana Sue And Ronnie Renew Their Vows?

After giving away the money to Kathy, Dana and Ronnie are broke. They decide to not continue with the elaborate vow renewal ceremony they have planned. But Maddie and Helen have a plan in motion and arrange a small event for them. Of course, the entire Serenity townsfolk contribute to the event.

Kathy, too, joins the ceremony and gifts Dana a special tea set. Maddie and Cal (Justin Bruening), too end up together having resolved their issues. However, Helen and Erik are still at crossroads but they still harbour deep feelings for each other (Season 4, maybe?).

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