Kohrra Ending Explained: Who Killed Paul? Liam, Honey Or Saakar?

Manifested by Paatal Lok’s creator, Sudip Sharma, Netflix’s latest offering, Kohrra is an Indian murder mystery. Featuring Suvinder Vicky and Barun Sobti in the lead roles, Kohrra explores the themes of toxic masculinity and the backward mindset that’s still prevalent in some corners of India. Though the world has now embraced the queer society, there are still a fraction of people who aren’t ready to put aside their obsolete mentality. It is due to these people that people like Paul Dhillon are pushed to the edge.

The Netflix series, Kohrra revolves around Paul’s murder investigation led by two Punjab police gems, Balbir Singh and Garundi. With Punjab blazing with a raging drug onslaught, the situation is critical and with an NRI’s murder, things escalate further quickly. When emotions become a hurdle and the political pressure threatens to weigh the two down, Balbir and Garundi find themselves treading a thin line. The question of Paul’s murder takes backstage as complicated relationships attract the spotlight.

Kohrra Plot Synopsis

Paul arrived from London back to his hometown to marry Veera, a woman he never met before. Following the age-old arranged marriage ritual, Paul succumbed to his father, Steve’s pressure and packed his bags. He didn’t arrive alone though, he dragged his best friend Liam along with him. Little did Paul know, he’ll be slaughtered soon. Merely two days before his wedding, Paul’s corpse is found in the isolated countryside.

Paul’s death raises havoc in the already miserable town and intensifies the pressure on Balbir and Garundi. Subsequently, they are already dealing with their own personal issues. The investigation commences with Paul’s parents, Steve and Jassi. The latter is suspicious of Steve’s brother, Manna, due to an ongoing financial conflict between the two brothers. As much as Manna is a suspect, Paul’s AWOL bestfriend, Liam, is.

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Did Liam Plan Paul’s Murder Along With Veera And Saakar?

The third angle Singh and Garundi discover is Paul’s fiance, Veera. Though Garundi isn’t suspicious initially, the news of Veera’s ex-boyfriend, Saakar, still hung on her raises alarm. There’s no better motive for murder than revenge and a bruised ego, is there? Following the lead, Balbir and Garundi arrest Saakar. Their investigation comes to a halt when Saakar pleads non-guilty but admits to engaging in a physical brawl with him on the day of his murder.

With Veera’s saliva traced on Paul’s body, Saakar’s admission and Liam’s disappearance, the duo becomes certain that Paul has been murdered by them. However, they have no proof but a solid lead that has them knocking on Manna’s door. The said lead is a drug distributor, Kulli, who sold a stash to Paul and Liam but didn’t receive the money. He followed Paul halfway through the countryside but his bike abruptly stopped.

Who Is Honey?

Fixing the problem with his bike, Kulli resumed his secret mission and found Paul’s corpse sprawled across the ground. Paul was half-alive when Kulli robbed him. Under duress, Kulli picked up a heavy stone and smashed Paul’s face. While Garundi and Balbir succeed in catching Paul’s killer and a drug distributor, they are still at odds as to what happened to Paul before he was discovered by Kulli.

They continue their investigation of Manna, having been convinced of Veera and Saakar’s innocence. Steve and Manna are each other’s cutthroat enemies despite being blood-related due to a piece of land. When their sister, Charuno, passed away, Manna claimed his right to her land since he has been the one taking care of her. However, Steve doesn’t agree with Manna’s ideology, leading to a conflict between the two. Honey is Manna’s son, who is as intimidated by his father as reprimanded by him.

Kohrra Ending Explained: Who Killed Paul?

Kohrra Ending Explained

Honey has been jealous of Paul all his life due to Manna’s constant demotivation and snide remarks. The strained relationship between Manna and Honey serves as the final nail in Paul’s coffin. Due to his bitter resentment towards Paul and unrelenting need to win his father’s heart, Honey plots Paul’s murder. He hires a truck driver to stomp over Paul without realizing the consequences of his actions.

The night Paul was murdered, he and Liam met Veera to convince her to hide and become Paul’s pretend wife while they continue their relationship. But Paul couldn’t bring himself to utter the words. Steve’s reluctance to accept that his son is gay and Paul’s retardation towards it made Liam lash out. He slices Paul’s throat and was hit by a truck then. As Steve and Manna come clean to each other, only regret and guilt remain in their hearts. 

Had Manna not tormented Honey mentally, the latter wouldn’t have resorted to such a heinous crime. Similarly, had Steve been acceptant of his son, Paul and Liam would have been alive and maybe, living happily ever after. However, there is more to the series than Paul and Liam’s murder.

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