Is Bloody Daddy A Remake Of John Wick? Listing 3 Astounding Similarities (And Differences) Between The Two Films!

John Wick is a legendary film franchise and the titular character is nothing short of an enigma. While Hollywood is brimming with iconic assassins, Bollywood is treating us to some equally fascinating assassins. Bloody Daddy, an up-and-coming action thriller starring Shahid Kapoor in the eponymous role of Sumair is attracting millions of fans. Since the Bloody Daddy team launched the trailer of this action-packed, emotion-fueled film, June has become an anticipated month.

As much as fans are awaiting Shahid’s Kapoor Bloody Daddy, they are also wondering whether it is a remake of Keanu Reeves’ legendary assassin thriller, John Wick. Shahid’s stern look and suit-clad action sequences delighting the viewers have paved the way for reminiscing John Wick. If you are wondering whether Bloody Daddy is a remake of John Wick or not, you don’t have to look any further!

Is Bloody Daddy A Remake Of John Wick?

Is Bloody Daddy A Remake Of John Wick?

Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, Bloody Daddy follows Sumair (Shahid Kapoor) as he weaves through bloodthirsty drug lords and narcotics scams. When Ronit Roy’s character kidnaps Sumair’s son–the name is yet to be known–and is blackmailed, a war ensues. Sumair is an NCB officer and his position isn’t earning him any brownie points, just enemies who are out to deploy him as a puppet. Sumair now has to fight against all odds to save his son and come out as unscathed as possible.

Meanwhile, John Wick is an assassin and is popularly known for executing impossible tasks. Well-renowned as Baba Gaga and The Boogeyman, John Wick began his journey as an assassin but left his line of work to start a family. Alas, he couldn’t live a normal life. Wick is then dragged into the world of drugs and death once again. Here ensues a struggle for survival, of weaving through betrayals and two-faced people who all lure him deeper into the bog.

Here are three similarities and three differences between Bloody Daddy and John Wick you shouldn’t miss out on!

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Shahid Kapoor Possesses The Same Swagger As Keanu Reeves

The most significant reason why Bloody Daddy and John Wick are considered to be similar is the swagger and that stern look both Shahid and Keanu possess. The black suit, the pool of blood and their reception towards gangsters tie them with a common thread. Be it their walking style or involvement with the gangsters, Sumair appears to be a spitting image of John Wick.

Fans have been calling him John Wick From Flipkart, praising the natural swagger that Kapoor has brought with him to Bloody Daddy. Keanu Reeves is a primary reason why John Wick has become such a legendary franchise. Now, it is on Kapoor to lift Bloody Daddy and make it an epic action thriller.

Sumair And John Wick Attract Mayhem Unintentionally

Bloody Daddy’s trailer highlights Sumair as an NCB officer blackmailed by a gangster with his son kidnapped. In exchange for his son, Sumair has to retrieve a bag of cocaine and deliver it to his blackmailer, all the while maintaining his reputation and saving his son. Meanwhile, John Wick is stuck in the bog of deceit and destruction due to his revenge and while he did it on purpose, the journey after revenge wasn’t his choice per se.

From what it seems Sumair attracts mayhem and that is not intentional. After an operation targeting the drug lords, he grabs the attention of one such deadly drug kingpin and invites trouble to his doorstep. John Wick, too, keeps luring people with his grand combat skills and affixion towards trouble–though he wouldn’t admit that, it is evident Wick serves as an axis to mayhem. Moreover, Sumair is being observed closely by a police officer just like Wick has been several times. Another similarity between the two!

Close Range Combat And Ammunition Serve As A Base For Both Films

Is Bloody Daddy A Remake Of John Wick?

This is by far the most important thread that binds John Wick with Bloody Daddy. Both films are bursting with havoc, guns and action sequences. It is blazing with close-range combat and if that doesn’t raise any bells in your head, I don’t know what will. 

Both, John Wick and Sumair are immersed neck-deep in violence and are associated with criminals–by choice at least. They deal with several arms and ammunition on a daily basis. Even though their reasons for doing so might differ, neither of them could deny their willing association with deadly gangsters. 

Another similarity between Wick and Sumair is their undying devotion towards the people they love. So far, Sumair’s history and love interest are camouflaged to us but his dedication towards his son is something he has in common with Wick, who was obsessed with the puppy his late wife left him with.

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Sumair Is Not An Assassin But John Wick Is

Coming to the differences between Sumair and John! The first one is rather obvious and equally engrossing. John Wick has been an assassin all his life, even prior to the obscene murder of his puppy. On the other hand, Sumair is an NCB () officer dealing with drug lords on a daily basis. While both are acquainted with cold-blooded criminals, their professions differ widely.

Both of them have to endure sleepless nights and have a target set on their backs and yet, their paths cannot intertwine. It is their motives and motivations that set them apart. Bloody Daddy is a family-driven film while John Wick is an assassin thriller. Miles of difference between them, isn’t it?

Sumair And John Wick Deal With A Plethora Of Gangsters Differently

The manner in which Sumair and John Wick work seems to be poles apart as well. Though we are yet to witness Sumair in action, it is evident from the teaser that Sumair is more immersed in searching for moles in the NCB and rescuing his son than exerting revenge. Meanwhile, John is all about avenging his loss–or losses for that matter. Bloody Daddy is Sumair’s journey as a father and NCB officer. John Wick is Wick’s journey as a revengeful assassin who has got nothing to do with any government organization.

Not only Sumair and Wick are motivated by different reasons, they are also following different codes of conduct. Their morals aren’t something that intersects either. No matter how much Wick tries, he is a killer and he cannot shake off his tendencies. Sumair is someone who works for justice but wouldn’t mind getting his hands dirty if things escalate beyond his tolerance.

Sumair Is Motivated By The Kidnap Of His Son, John Wick By An Attack On His Past Memories

Is Bloody Daddy A Remake Of John Wick?

The last but most prominent difference between John Wick and Sumair is their motivation. The latter is striving to save his son from the clutches of the monsters’ hands. Wick’s journey begins when his dear puppy is obliterated by one of the drug lord’s sons. While their love interests seem dead, their fixation with them is something that brings them closer and at the same time pulls them apart.

Keep aside John and Sumair’s dressing sense, style and that stern look, their similarities aren’t starking but their differences are. And there is a great reason behind these differences! Bloody Daddy is not inspired by John Wick and it is a remake of this assassin thriller.

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Bloody Daddy might have a close resemblance with John Wick but it is not a remake as I already mentioned above. Instead, Bloody Daddy is adapted from a 2011 French film entitled Sleepless Night. This French thriller has been adapted into Tamil and Telugu remakes and has been appraised warmly by the viewers. Now, Bollywood has come up with their own version of Sleepless Night and so far, it seems promising enough. Shahid in the lead role as Sumair, especially after the ginormous success of his recent thriller, Farzi, is enticing and luring us all!

Bloody Daddy is scheduled to release on JioCinema on June 9, 2023.

Is Bloody Daddy A Remake Of John Wick: FAQs

1. What Is Bloody Daddy Film About?

It is an action thriller film centred around an NCB officer, Sumair. After his son is kidnapped by a drug kingpin, Sumair is blackmailed into retrieving a bag of cocaine from the NCB headquarters.

2. Is Bloody Daddy A Remake Of John Wick?

No, Bloody Daddy isn’t a remake of John Wick.

3. Is Bloody Daddy A Remake?

Yes, it is a remake of a French film entitled Sleepless Night.

4. Is Bloody Daddy Worth Watching?

Since the film is yet to be released, it cannot be decided whether it is worth watching. However, the teaser and first look of Bloody Daddy seem enticing enough!

5. Is A Trailer Available For Bloody Daddy?

Yes, there is a trailer available for Bloody Daddy.

6. Where To Watch Bloody Daddy?

You can stream Bloody Daddy on June 9, 2023, on JioCinema.

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