XO, Kitty Season 2 Release Date: Is The Drama Renewed?

I cannot contain my excitement. Can you contain yours? After the three hit movies of To All The Boys franchise, Jenny Han is finally returning with the storyline again. However, this time the focus will be on Kitty! Yes! In the third film of the movie franchise, To All The Boys: Always and Forever, Lara Jean Song Covey’s youngest sister, Katherine was shown to be involved in a relationship with a Korean guy. Is not that the cutest? We always wanted to know more about them, but we were kept in the dark until now. XO, Kitty is the newest Netflix series that is going to reveal that we are yet to know about Katherine Cover. 

XO, Kitty Season 2 Release Date

XO, Kitty season one dropped on 18th May 2023. Yes! The series is going to be ours on 18th May. We are going to welcome Katherine Covey once again. Netflix announced the release of the series in March, and now here we are about the get the series. The lead actress of the XO, Kitty has confirmed the news via her Instagram post. 

In the first season of XO, Kitty will determine if the series will have a second run to it. We want the series to continue, but the creators are going to depend on the ratings of the first season. Hence, if we want a second series of XO, Kitty, we will have to show immense love and support for the first one. As of now, the creators of the first season of the show have not revealed if they have plans of expanding the series. As a sequel to the To All The Boys franchise, we really want the creators to expand this series, but everything will depend upon the viewership of XO, Kitty season 1. 

For now let us enjoy XO, Kitty season 1. Surely, Netflix will announce what they are planning to do with the series later on.

XO, Kitty: Who Is Kitty?

Before delving into the story of the series, let us first know who is Kitty if you already don’t. Kitty’s full name is Katherine Covey. She is the youngest sister of Lara Jean Covey from To All The Boys franchise created by none other than Jenny Han. 

It was mainly due to Kitty that Lara Jean is with Peter Kavinsky now. She was the one who distributed all the letters secretly to their addressees without Lara Jean’s knowledge. If she had not done what he did, Peter Kavinsky would have never known that he was one of the crushes Lara Jean. So, it can be said that it was due to the mischief of Kitty that Lara Jean and Peter are together now. 

As mentioned above, we were introduced to Kitty’s love interest Dae, the Korean guy, in the last movie of the film franchise. Since then we have wanted to know more about Kitty and Dae because they seemed so adorable together. Jenny Han has listened to our wishes and now we will have XO, Kitty. 

XO, Kitty Story: All That You Need To Know About The Story

XO, Kitty focuses on a grown-up Katherine Covey. After her sister moved to New York, it is now her turn to move across the world for her high school. In the series, it will be shown that Katherine is moving to Seoul, Korea. It is going to be interesting to watch how she sets up her life in South Korea. She visited the country with her family, but now, she will be staying there alone. 

Kitty’s various ups and downs in her romantic life are going to be shown in the series as she discovers that Dae was cheating on her the whole time. She will be heartbroken, but will our Kitty lose her spirit for a boy? Absolutely NOT! In XO, Kitty, Katherine Covey will explore her life. She will try to navigate through her high school days and gain as much experience as possible. The series is going to be lively and amazing in short. 

XO, Kitty Cast: Who Are The Actors In The New Series?

Katherine Covey is going to be played by none other than Anna Cathcart. She is a brilliant Kitty that we have got. 

The cast of XO, Kitty is going to include Peter Thurnwald, Gia Kim, Anthony Keyvan, Jocelyn Shelfo, Michael K Lee, and Regan Aliya. 

We are expecting to see some cameo of both Lana Condor and Noah Centineo in the series. Let us see what the creators have got in the package for us. 

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XO, Kitty Trailer And Streaming Platform

The link to XO, Kitty trailer has been provided at the top of this article. 

The series is going to be available only on Netflix

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