The Ferragnez: The Series Season 2 Review And Recap: A Life Threat Alters The Perspective Of Chiara

The Italian stars, Chiara and Fedez are back with their journey in this brand new Prime Video original documentary, The Ferragnez: The Series Season 2! Back in 2021, when half of the world was on the brink of destruction and the rest were trying to overcome, multiple stories flourished. Documenting personal life stories and inspiring people to use them became a trend as demonstrated by multiple popular docuseries such as The Ferragnez: The Series, The Longest Third Date and more.

While multiple documentaries generally showcase the process of falling in love, The Ferragnez: The Series takes a different route. It highlights the struggles of managing personal life crises, professional life demands, family expectations and more. It doesn’t shy away from hitting on the weakest spot or doesn’t sugarcoat anything–probably the reason why we all enjoy watching Chiara and Fedez. The Ferragnez: The Series Season 2 dropped on Netflix with four episodes and each of them has something new to offer. While this said, let us begin with The Ferragnez: The Series Season 2 recap and ending explained to get to know Chiara and Fedez better!

The Ferragnez: The Series Season 2 Recap

The Ferragnez: The Series Season 2 Recap And Review

In 2016, in the country of love, Italy, two popular stars shook the Internet–and started a new journey. The renowned blog owner, fashionista, model, adventurist and influencer, Chiara Ferragni is the kind of woman to bow down to no one. Meanwhile, the Italian singer, rapper, songwriter and influencer, Federico Leonardo Lucia aka Fedez is quite similar to Chiara. They both announced their relationship in 2016 and ever since, have been together happily–okay, most of the time not happily.

Chiara is seen in Amazon’s documentary once before and is an influential figure in Italy, she is now known worldwide now. While the two of them appear magnificent together and have a kind of unrivalled love story but it isn’t all hearts and flowers. Their relationship is rocky, with both of them struggling through several issues of their own. So, they decide to see a therapist and work on them–and also document it so that other couples in the world could relate to them. Their struggle multiplies tenfold when a health issue throws them off kilter.

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Fedez Is Diagnosed With A Pancreatic Tumour: The Struggle For The Couple Gets Harder

Chiara and Fedez share two children together, an older son, Leo and a one-year-old Vittoria. Their love for their children makes everyone around them and the audience swoon. But their unparalleled love towards each other makes The Ferragnez: The Series such a delightful watch. Fedez is asthmatic and has anxiety issues right from the start and he has never shied away from making it public. He lies more towards the goofy kind, the one to throw things behind him and move on.

But when he is diagnosed with a pancreatic tumour, Fedez momentarily loses it. His concern towards being forgotten by his children is a nerve-wracking moment. Chiara, despite being a tough nut, cannot hold it back anymore. But they strengthen each other and Fedez is back to normal once again. It takes a lot of effort, time and support but Chiara and Fedez make it.

The Ferragnez: The Series Season 2 Ending Explained

The Ferragnez: The Series Season 2 Recap And Review

In the starting episodes, when Chiara and Fedez are battling the tumour, it seems like they have finally moved on and resolved all their issues. But, they prove us wrong and here ensues another round of arguments and another therapy session. Their shrink, despite not coming off that way, seems to be aggravated with Fedez and Chiara throwing away all the lessons they learned and stuck on a word again. When Fedez uses the term “crisis” to refer to a situation they went through, Chiara calls him out and asks Fedez to not use that word.

The couple gets into a fight but the therapist makes them realize how respecting each other’s choices is the essence of a relationship. The authenticity of Chiara and Fedez’s situation is the most alluring aspect of The Ferragnez: The Series. At the end of The Ferragnez: The Series Season 2, Chiara and Fedez reconcile again and focus on their children but it is evident they have a long way to go before they could resolve all their issues.

The Ferragnez: The Series Season 2 Review–The Sequel Still Has The Magic, The Couple Is Still Enigmatic, The Drama Is Still Spicy

The Ferragnez: The Series is Prime Video’s true documentary that has a lot of drama stuffed into one. Both the lead cast members are natural in their roles, they do not feel overbearing even for a minute–which tends to happen in most of the documentary series. The best part of the series is the magic Chiara and Fedez instil in it with their authenticity and unabashed approach to embracing issues. For a couple that is so popular in Italy, it is evident they are risking a lot by putting their issues so vibrantly out. But it seems like it is working for them so far.

What I do not enjoy is Fedez’s unacceptance of the mistakes he do. The pace is brisk and the moments of their lives apart from each other are enjoyable but feel as if I were watching a vlog instead. The Ferragnez: The Series Season 2 deserves a 7.5 on 10.

The Ferragnez: The Series Season 2 episodes premiere every Thursday on Prime Video. New episodes, new issues and a new journey!

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