Black Knight Season 2 Release Date: Is The Series Having Any Chance Of Returning?

Covid has left a great impact all over the world. Every country and most of the population has been affected by the deadly disease. Even if we all are vaccinated now, we may have the chance of contracting the disease. Since the disease has left a deep scar on the face of the earth, there are many series and movies that are coming up which are either connected or loosely connected with this tragedy that humans went through. The genre of apocalypse was always a famous one. Stories like Train To Busan and All of Us Are Dead are based on this genre. Hence, we are already aware of the popularity of this genre. 

Based on this popularity and the recent pandemic that shook the world, the new Korean web series titled The Black Knight has been released on 12th May 2023. The series is not exactly connected to the pandemic, but it has a loose connection to it. The story of Black Knight takes place in a world that has been destroyed by a comet which has resulted in poor air quality. The series has received a lot of praise and fans are already wondering if the series is going to return for a second season. If you want to know more about the Black Knight, you will have to read on!

Black Knight Season 2 Release Date

Released on 12th May 2023. The Black Knight has taken the world of viewers by storm. Fans are loving the show immensely and are very excited about the return of Kim Woo-Bin. Various speculations going over the possible return of the series. Here we have shared everything that we know about the Black Knight’s return. 

There are chances for the series Black Knight to return for another season. The ending of season 1 showed left us with certain unanswered questions. We see the victory of 5-8 and Sa-Wol over the Cheonmyeong group, but what happens after that? Also, is Ryu-Seok dead? Did he turn into a mutant? What is the matter with Ryu-Seok? You too probably have all these questions inside your head. Well, these are the questions that are left to be answered and have left a path open for the beginning of another season. Hence, it can be said that the ending of the season has left us with some hopes of having a second season. 

Now, coming to the popularity of the show, The Black Knight has become massively popular. It has made it to the headings of various entertainment news channel networks. Netflix is having the show Black Knight at the top currently. Since the audience has given a great response to the show, there are chances for the creators to bring the show for yet another season. 

All the pieces of evidence prove one single thing: The Black Knight may return for a second season. Even Netflix has not yet announced anything about the renewal of the show, we are expecting a positive response from the creators. We will just have to wait before we receive any news about the renewal or cancellation of The Black Knight. 

Black Knight Story: The Post-Apocalypse World

Black Knight Season 2 Release Date

In the introduction we have mentioned how the story of the Black Knight is loosely connected to the covid pandemic. However, this does not form the entire basis of the show The Black Knight. The Show revolves around a world that is not a habitable place for humans anymore. The world has severely degraded in quality and hardly anyone is alive. 

After the earth got hit by a comet, human civilization is devastated. South Korea is not the Korea that we know currently. There is scarcely anyone left in the country. The country has become nothing but a wasteland. With only 1% of its population alive, the country is in a state of destitution. The people do not even have enough oxygen to breathe and they have to depend on a group of ‘knights’. Yes, knights, not the medieval era knights, but the knights of the year 2071 when the earth is no longer suitable. 

These knights are invested in the duty of supplying the required oxygen and other basic supplies to the remaining population. Even in this situation, the group called Cheonmyeong Group, is carrying out its corrupt agendas. Ryu-Seok, the supervisor and the head of the company is not letting the refugees have what they require for surviving. 

However, when there is evil, there will always be good, and that good in the series is Knight 5-8. He is the one who goes on the mission of toppling the oppressive rule along with the newly formed knight Sa-Wol. Sa-Wol receives training from Knights 5-8 before they join hands. Together, the duo try to accomplish the mission of making the lives of the refugees a little better. 

Black Knight Season 2 Story: What Can Be The Story Of Season 2?

Season 2 of The Black Knight may focus on the growth of Sa-Wol, and how both Sa-Wol and Knight 5-8 are working together. As mentioned above, we still do not know if Ryu-Seok is positively dead or not. He may have escaped the fire that engulfed him and is planning for something more evil. Hence, season 2 can explore half of the story. 

Since the Black Knight is mainly based upon the webtoon of the same name, the story may be continued from the webtoon itself. It is a surety that if the creators want to expand the series, they can do it by taking references from the webtoon. 

If season 2 comes, it will mainly focus on the future where the Cheonmyeong group will not be there. How are the refugees living their lives, and if their lives have been improved or not will be explored by the next season of the Korean web series. In short, season 2 of the story is necessary and it will not at all disappoint us. 

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The Role Of The Knights

Black Knight Season 2 Release Date

As has been already mentioned, these knights are different from the knights that we know. These knights are also known as the deliverymen. What do they deliver? Not packages or something of that sort, but essentials required for living like oxygen, food, cloth and water. Yes, the world of these knights is a horrific one. One where there is little to no oxygen, food, water, shelter or clothing. Hence, a group of people, known as the knights have been chosen to supply these necessities of life to the refugees living in terrible conditions. 

Sa-Wol, who is also a refugee, dreams of becoming a knight. He has been inspired heavily by Knight 5-8. This kind of reminds us of Eren Yeager from Attack On Titan, does not it? So, after facing a lot of difficulties, Sa-Wol finally overcomes them and receives training on how to become a knight from Knight 5-8. Soon after, we see, the two of them developing a nice bond which will be useful by the end of the show. We are expecting that season 2 will explore Sa-Wol’s capabilities more. 

The Black Knight Cast And Creators

The cast of the show Black Knight includes Kim Woo-Bin, Esom, Kang Yoo-Seok, Roh Yoon-Seo, Song Seung-Heon, Jin Kyung, Kim Eui-Sung, Ju-Seung Lee, and Nam Kyoung-Eub.

The other members include Lee E-dam, Lee Soon-won, Bae Yoo-ram, Bar Myung-jin, Heo Hyeong-gyu, Yu In-hyuk, Janh Mi-gwan, Yoo Hyuk-jae, Han Sang-gil, Tang Jeong-doo, and Zo Zee-an. 

The series has been directed by none other than Cho Ui-seok who also wrote the script of the series. The Black Knight is based on Black Knight by Lee Yun-kyun which is a webtoon. The production company Project 318 has been responsible for bringing the show to the screen. 

The show has been distributed by none other than Netflix. 

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The Black Knight Episodes And Trailer

The Black Knight has received 6 episodes as of now. All the episodes have been released on 12th May 2023. Since the series is a short one, only containing 6 episodes, you can surely finish the show in just one sitting. 

Netflix has come up with the trailer of the show before it was released. The link to the same trailer has been provided above. You can click on the link to watch the trailer if you have not yet. 

The Black Knight Reviews

The Black Knight has received an impressive rating of 8.2/10 on MyDramaList and has received 6.3/10 on IMDb. The ratings of the series are pretty good. You can watch the show if you have been in search of something sci-fi plus action. It will be a good choice. 

FAQS About The Black Knight

1. When was Black Knight released?

Black Knight was released on 12th May 2023. 

2. How many episodes of Black Knight are there?

There are 6 episodes of Black Knight.

3. What is the Black Knight about?

Black Knight is about the knights in a world where there are hardly any humans left. 

4. Is Black Knight scary?

It is scary because it shows a world where there is scarcely any oxygen left. 

5. Is Black Knight like Train To Busan?

No, Black Knight is not like Train To Busan. 

6. Where can I watch The Black Knight?

You can watch The Black Knight on Netflix if you have a subscription to it. 

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