Did Anna Nicole Smith Actually Killed Herself? Netflix Documentary Explained!

Anna Nicole Smith is one of the most controversial names in the industry but at the sesame time, one of those names who were desired by many people, but never got into the hands, with a tragic past and an and married life she ended up leaving her hometown and moving to the big city of Texas. Now that is where everything turned around for her, and that is also the place she asked for shelter when she wanted to be something for her son and fulfill all her and her son’s dreams. Many of you may have heard of her from Playboy magazine and adult industry news where she was one of the most well-known stars out there, but many of you may also know her because of her drug addiction and how her last few days in the industry had been. As we all know Anna is not with us anymore, and she died because of the wrongful taking of a few drugs, which was also thought to be a conspiracy by her attorney and her doctor, but in the end, it didn’t seem so as conspiracy.

Following this as we all know Netflix has recently covered her entire life, because yes she deserves it more than anyone. A girl who just wanted to fulfill her dreams and be loved by the people around her was never given what she deserved. In the end, she was just an object of mockery for everyone, she was body shamed and whatnot. Thus, the recent documentary series has revealed every part of her life and brought to us some of the darkest things about her that we would have never known if this series wouldn’t be made. To know more about Anna do continue reading this article till the end.

Did Anna Nicole Smith Actually Killed Herself?

Did Anna Nicole Smith Actually End Up Killing Her?

Now the first thing that we have to say is that Anna was a woman who has faced a lot, starting from sexual harassment from her father to never being loved by any man out, and even when she started loving someone, she was identified as a gold digger, separated from her lover and not given anything from his estate. Now following this Anna has also been a stripper and an adult magazine model, which has surely affected her life a lot. Before moving into her death, we need to open up to the world regarding whatever she has faced from her early days in the industry.

Now at the start, she was loved by everyone because she was a playmate, everyone wanted her attention, and giving her attention was the paparazzi’s job, but in the end, she realized that she is getting screwed over when too much fame is hitting her and every small details about her life are getting out. Following this, she has always been body shamed and asked to lose weight but she never did so and at some point, she ended up having an eating disorder.

Then came some special diet pills in the market which she started advertising and that was considered as her comeback but at the same time that brought her, her first close call towards death where her strong urge to not get thin and lose fat, ended up getting her sick because of the diet pills and she may have died if her friend didn’t save her that day.

Following that finally, Daniel’s death was one of the biggest shocks that he could have received in her life and she often used to tell the world that she doesn’t want to live. Her bodyguard Momo also knew it very well, so he used to take good care of her, but one fine day, she was found dead in a hotel room.

For those wondering how did she die, most consider the fact that she died of an overdose or mixing drugs because she has been on that medication for quite a long time. However, others consider this to be a conspiracy by her physician and attorney, though that perspective was ruled out sometime after the case was filed.

According to all reports she passed away because of a mixing of 9 prescribed drugs and not methadone overdose, which was also rumored because she has been taking methadone from a very young age.

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Where Can We Watch The Movie Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me?

Did Anna Nicole Smith Actually Killed Herself?

The movie is a Netflix original and that is why it is available for streaming only on the Netflix platforms.

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