Which Ball In Quidditch Is The Largest? All You Need To Know About This Hypothetical Game!

The Wizarding World is the setting for the action role-playing video game, Hogwarts Legacy, which takes place in the Wizarding World universe. In the game, you play the role of a witch or wizard as you embark on adventures throughout the world.

Quidditch is one of the many activities that you can take part in. However, many players want to know what the largest ball in Quidditch is so we will tell you below what that ball is. A Quidditch game requires the use of a gigantic ball known as a Quidditch quaffle and it’s worth noting that in Hogwarts Legacy, gamers cannot participate in Quidditch matches.

Which Ball In Quidditch Is The Largest?

It is no surprise for a Potterhead to know about Quidditch and the different balls involved in the game. Quidditch is the famous fictional game from the Harry Potter series. This game is played between the wizards and witches on their broomsticks. The defenders and goalies make up the game. The different balls involved in the game vary from different sizes. Before knowing about it, let us first answer the biggest question of all time. Which ball in Quidditch is the largest? The answer to it is Quaffle.

What Is Quidditch?

J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is no wonder one of the most fascinating and entertaining works. She has become one of the greatest writers and a popular figure because of this marvellous work. Quidditch as invented by her in the book and series is a fictional game or sport. This game involves players who are witches and wizards riding on their magical broomsticks.

As the name implies, matches are played on a large oval pitch with three ring-shaped goals on each side of the pitch, which vary in their height. 3 chasers and a keeper who plays the role of scoring and defending respectively are involved in the game. Whichever team at the end scores the more wins.

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Balls In The Quidditch Game

There are different balls namely 4 in number which differ in size. Quaffle which is the largest ball in Quidditch is a leather-covered approximately 11-inch ball. The power to utilise this ball lies only on the Keepers and Chasers.

The second ball or which can be called the second largest involves the Bludgers These can be exclusively used by the Beaters. There are three Bludgers used in the game. These are thrown on the opposite team to knock them out. The opposition has the duty to stop or defend the Bludgers.

Golden Snitch is a small tennis ball which is attached to a yellow sock and is attached to a Snitch Runner. A Snitch runner is a neutral player in the game whose main duty is to run and protect himself from the seekers of the team. If the seekers successfully capture the golden snitch, the game immediately comes to an end.

Why Is Quidditch Absent In Hogwarts Legacy?

Which Ball In Quidditch Is The Largest?

Hogwarts Legacy is a work by Warner Bros which is a software developed by Avalanche Software. it is a video game sort of an entertainment tool provided with puzzle solving and other such games with the involvement of the fictional characters of Hogwarts. Potter-heads have immense interest in such games as it covers all the Harry Potter events.

However, the Hogwarts Legacy does not involve the Quidditch in it. It turned out to be criticised by the Potterheads. Quidditch is considered to be one of the most interesting and entertaining games of all time. Hence the absence of it was not appreciated by the majority of audiences.

The reason for its absence is attributed to its extremely dangerous nature. According to a few sources it has been stated that it caused injury to the players. However, this was in turn again criticised by a large number of critics.

Winning The Quidditch Match

Which Ball In Quidditch Is The Largest?

Although capturing the Golden Snitch brings the game to an end, it does not make the team capturing it the winner. The team that earns the maximum points wins the match. Capturing the golden snitch gives the team a total of 30 points.

The Quaffle gives a maximum of 10 points to the teams. At the end of the game, whichever team succeeds in collecting the maximum points, wins. Also, there is no such time limit in the game. However, the golden snitch is generally captured within 1 hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can utilize the Quaffle?

The power to utilize Quaffle lies only on the Keepers and Chasers.

2. How many points does Golden Snitch give the team?

The team which captures the Golden Snitch gives a total of 30 points.

3. How many points does the Quaffle give the team?

The team gets a total of 10 points.

4. How many players are there in a Quidditch team?

A Quidditch team is made of 7 players: 3 chasers, 2 beaters, 1 keeper, and 1 seeker.

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