Is Custody Movie 2023 Based On A Real Story?

There has been an ongoing humdrum in the Tollywood industry after the release of the recent film Custody on 12th May 2023. Since the release of the film, people are asking mostly about the reviews and if it is based on a true story. Earlier we shared our review of the film, and here we are going to reveal if the film is based on a real story. If you are having this same question, you have come to the right place. Here you will know everything about the Custody that has been the reason behind the ongoing humdrum. 

Is Custody Movie 2023 Based On A Real Story?

Custody has got a nice storyline which could have been a blockbuster hit if the film had that essence to it. However, Custody lacks something, and hence, the movie has been receiving mixed reviews. As the viewership of the film is on the rise, the reviews regarding Custody are getting clearer and people are asking more questions about it. The most common among these questions has been if the storyline is based on a real-life incident. Since, the film RRR was based on real-life characters, audiences are trying to create a similar scenario surrounding other Telegu movies. 

We have found out that Custody is not based on a real-life story. Director Venkat Prabhu, who also wrote the film’s script, has completely based the movie on his imagination. Custody is a fictional account of Constable Shiva, and the movie has no real-life connection. Although in certain places the movie may be based on true incidents, it is not the case. The characters in Custody have no connection to real-life characters. Hence, it can be firmly concluded that the recent Telegu film Custody is not based on true incidents of life. 

Custody Review: If You Should Watch The Movie

Since the movie hit the theatres, people are going crazy over it. Probably you have asked yourself the question, “Should I watch the film?”. The answer to this question is not very definite, but we have tried our best to give you a true review of the movie Custody. 

Custody is having an interesting building storyline. At first, it may seem that the cinema is boring and is going nowhere, but as you keep on watching it, you will realise that the cinema has a nice plot. However, even if the cinema has a nice plot, and the cast has done a brilliant job, there is something that does not sit right with the movie. 

The cinema has marvellous action scenes which is why it has received amazing ratings on IMDb. Besides the action scenes, the others could have been better. The cinema had the potential to become a blockbuster hit mainly because of its intriguing storyline, but unfortunately, that does not become the case anymore. Hence, you can watch the cinema, but it does not fall under the ‘must watch’ list. 

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Custody Story: All That You Need To Know About The Story Of The Movie

Constable Shiva and Revathi love each other. Like all other lovers, they too want to get married, but they cannot. It is because of Revathi’s parents who are opposing their marriage. The scenario soon changes as Shiva gets a chance to prove his worth to Revathi’s parents. He has got hold of the criminal Raazu who is CM Dakshyani’s main goon. While being under the ‘custody’ of Shiva, if he can produce the criminal to the court and expose the CM, it will become a win-win situation for Shiva. However, he faces various obstacles in his path. To know what these obstacles are, and how Shiva overcomes them, you will have to watch the movie. 

Custody Cast

Shiva in the movie has been played by none other than Naga Chaitanya. The role of Revathi has been given to Krithi Shetty who has played an incredible role. Raazu has been played by Aravind Swami, and CM Dakshyani has been played by Priyamani. Besides them, there have been roles played by Vennela Kishore, Premgi Amarena and others. 

FAQS About Custody

1. Will Custody have a follow-up movie?

Custody does not seem to come with a follow-up movie. 

2. Is Custody a good movie to watch?

You can watch Custody, but it is not a ‘must watch’. 

3. When was Custody released?

Custody was released on 12th May 2023. 

4. Is Custody available in Tamil?

Yes, Custody has been released in Telegu and Tamil

5. Will Custody come to Netflix?

As of now, there is no news if Custody is supposed to come on Netflix

6. Where can I watch Custody?

You can watch Custody in the theatres now. 

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