Suzume Part 2 Release Date: Will Suzume And Sota Return?

If you are going through Twitter, you will find various anime aesthetics accounts that present some beautiful and extraordinary scenes from anime films and series. Have you ever wondered from which anime films such scenes are being taken? Well, most of these scenes are taken from Makoto Shinkai’s anime films. He is a wonderful anime film creator and director. Films belonging to Makoto Shinkai are easily recognizable because of the unique authoritarian style that he incorporates into his film. This time, Shinkai has come up with the film Suzume which is currently running in several theatres across India. 

Suzume Part 2 Release Date

Makoto Shinkai is an extremely popular Japanese anime film director. His films Your Name and Weathering With You have won millions of fans across the whole wide world. Hence, when the news of Suzume got announced for the first time in 2022, fans went crazy, and the humdrum surrounding the film did not stop since then. Now that we have finally received the film on 21st April 2023, fans want to know if the beautiful film is going to come back to the big screen for its second time. 

Films of Makoto Shinkai generally do not have any second parts. There can be sequels like Weathering With You is a sequel to Your Name, but part 2 of the same film, with the same plot, has never happened. Moreover, Shinkai never leaves his films hanging on massive cliffhangers. He leaves his films with the two protagonists (potential lovers) coming across each other. But, he usually connects all the threads that were let loose at the beginning of the film. Therefore, keeping the ending of Suzume in mind, and also Shinkai’s conventions, we can come to the conclusion that Suzume will not have a second part, but it may get a sequel.

The Uniqueness Of Makoto Shinkai

As mentioned earlier, Shinkai’s films are always very unique from other Japanese films. Why? Because he incorporates his language into the film. His films are known to be HIS films because of the amazing aesthetics and realism of Japan shown through an anime film and also because of the storylines. The films always deal with a crisis in Japan, Japan in danger of getting destroyed, and a teenager with the responsibility of saving their country. His films are deeply indulged in Japanese urban legends and culture. He connects real-life incidents with these legends to make up a story of his own which makes the film so different and unique to Makoto Shinkai. 

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Knowing The Story Of Suzume

Suzume is the most recent film by Makoto Shinkai. Films, like Your Name and Weathering With You, show Japan facing a crisis, a danger. While all the people of Japan are busy with their work and lives, a supernatural worm is trying to get out of supernatural doors to destroy the country by causing natural disasters. Now, Japan is a country of natural disasters as you already know. Shinkai has connected this thread of real-life incidents with the thread of fantasy. 

Suzume, under certain circumstances, is invested in the job of closing these supernatural doors to stop the giant supernatural worm from destroying the country. She is not alone in this endeavour. Suzume has Sota, who is a university student, by her side to complete the job. However, Sota faces a dangerous situation while they are invested in this adventure, and Suzume has to rescue him. Will Suzume be successful in doing so? 

Suzume Creation And Characters

Due to the preceptive nature of Makoto Shinkai, things existing in Makoto’s vicinity serve as his influences for an anime film. This time, as per the interviews, he was also influenced by Kafka On The Shore novel by Haruki Murakami. Is not that interesting?

Suzume has been directed by none other than our favourite Makoto Shinkai. The storyline of the film has also been created by this genius. Suzume has been produced by Koichiro Ito and Genki Kwamura. Shinkai and Radwimps are inseparable. Like his previous films, Suzume too has music created by Radwimps. CoMix Wave Films is the production house that brought the film to screens. 

The characters of the film include Suzume, Sota, Tamaki, Minoru, Rumi, Chika, Tsubame, Hitsujiro, Timiya, Daijin, and Miki. 

Suzume Trailer And Where To Watch

The trailer of Suzume has been provided at the top of this piece.

If you are interested in watching this wonderful film, you can book tickets at our nearest theatre. 

FAQS About Suzume

1. Has Suzume been released?

Yes! Suzume is out in the theatres.

2. Did Makoto Shinkai release any film in 2023?

Yes! Makoto Shinkai released his film Suzume in 2023.

3. Is Suzume a good watch?

Suzume is a good watch! You will enjoy the film.

4. Do Sota and Suzume fall in love?

No, Sota and Suzume do not fall in love.

5. Will there be a second part of Suzume?

Most probably there will not be any second part of Suzume.

6. Where can I watch Suzume?

You can watch Suzume in your nearest theatre.

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