Cute Executive Officer Season 2 Release Date: What Will Be The Future Of The Anime?

As kids we all dreamt of becoming adults, now that we are adults, the case has reversed. Nevertheless, we cannot deny that we wanted to grow up as soon as possible. We were very much into whatever adults did around us. Kids want to gossip like adults and visit parties and have cell phones, basically, we wanted to do everything that an adult did. We wanted these things to come true, but they did not. However, these things have come true for Najimu Mujina. She is the cute executive officer of the manga and anime titled Cute Executive Officer, and her journey is hilarious. If you want to know more about her, you will have to read the article further.

Cute Executive Officer Season 2 Release Date

The anime version of The Cute Executive Officer aired in 2021 for the first time. Although the anime did not receive much recognition, whoever watched it, they all loved it because it was overflowing with cuteness and funny incidents. As a result, fans want to know if the anime is going to return for a second season or not.

As per the reports, a second season of Cute Executive Officer was confirmed by its creators in 2022. The anime was supposed to be released during the early half of 2023, but we still have not received any specific news about the same. The creators are not speaking up anything about the release date of the anime as of now. Currently, there has been no official announcement regarding the anime.

The Cute Executive Officer has not received any trailer or teaser yet. The release date of the second season has not been fixed, and there has been no news regarding the cast. We can expect the cast members to remain the same because this is a recent anime. However, nothing more about anime is known. We are speculating, that the production unit will soon drop any news about the release of the anime without further delay. Till then we will just have to wait.

Season 2 Story Of Cute Executive Officer

The story of the Cute Executive Officer will follow from it has left in season 1 of the show. We are expecting that further parts of the manga will be animated in the second season of the anime. Being an ONA, that is, an Original Net Animation, this anime will not be distributed by any television network. Viewers will be able to watch the anime directly on the internet which makes it more widely available to the audience. Hence, once the release date of the anime is revealed, the streaming platform of the anime will also be released soon.

Why Is The Executive Officer Cute?

The name of the anime itself suggests something funny about the anime. How can the executive officer be cute? Aren’t such officers supposed to be grumpy? Well, yes of course, but our executive officer is Najimu Mujina who is a five-year-old child. You read it right! She is a little girl, who like all other children is intrigued by the world of adults, and hence, starts a company of her own. The fact that she runs a whole company being five years old makes the whole anime funny.

Her age indicates that Najimu is of course not competent to be an executive officer, but now that she has become one, the anime displays how she runs the Mujina company with her secretary and other workers. If you are looking for some light-watch and funny at the same time, you can give this cutesy anime a try.

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Members Of Cute Executive Officer

The characters of the Cute Executive Officer include Najimu Mujina, Yuki Karuizawa, Mayu Warito, Gracia Dekasegi, Riya Motosahi, Nowani, Mr Corn Potage, the complaining customer, the bakery manager, Gracia’s mother, fat salaryman, Tanryusai Suda, the TV director, the designer, Najimu’s mother, Yoshine Fudo, Ray Okano, Mugaku Homaoka, Yamada-san, and DokuDakomaru.

These are the members that are included in the Cute Executive Officer. Najimu Mujina is the main protagonist while others are the supporting characters who have helped make the anime funny.

Cute Executive Officer Behind The Scenes

The anime Cute Executive Officer has been adapted from the eponymous manga written by Odeko Fujii. The manga has three volumes, and it is an ongoing one. The anime version has been adapted from these volumes of the manga.

Season 1 was released on 1st January 2021. The first season of the anime comprises 13 episodes. All the episodes of the anime were licensed by Sentai Filmworks.

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