Love Of Kill Season 2 Release Date: Is Mystery Thriller Romance Returning?

Love can happen at any given time and situation. It can happen when nobody expects it to happen. Love of Kill is an anime that resembles this theme, but hold on, is the anime only about love? No, it is not. Besides love, various other factors work in anime. Love Of Kill was one of the many anime that was released in 2022. People currently want to know if the anime is going to return for a second season. If you ask me, I love the storyline of the anime, and hence, I would like to share all the news that is there about season 2 of the anime for fans like me.

Love Of Kill Season 2 Release Date

Love Of Kill Or Koroshi Ai first saw its release in January of 2022. It was one of the first anime to be released at the start of the year. Receiving a good amount of support from the audiences who have watched the anime, the anime soared high during 2022. However, currently, there is no humdrum surrounding the anime. The manga of the anime was an ongoing one, and it has been completed in the early half of 2023.

We want to inform all the fans, who are waiting for the release of the second season of the anime, that there has not been any announcement regarding either the renewal or cancellation of the anime. As of now, no news about the second run of the anime has reached our website. However, we are expecting some news soon enough. Now that the manga of the anime is over, the creators have enough material to cover for a second run.

We conclude that the anime has a 50% chance of returning to the screens. The storyline of the anime is amazing enough to attract more viewers. Also, as mentioned above, the creators of the anime will not fall short of material for a second run. However, since the viewership of the anime did not reach high levels like other anime, the creators may rethink whether they should bring the anime back. Therefore, there is a 50-50 chance of the anime returning for its second instalment. But if it does return, it will be the best!

The Dilemma Between Love And Crime

The story of Love Of Kill revolves around Chateau Donkworth and Song Ryang-Ha. These two have different professions, but they somehow cross each other’s paths. You might be asking, how? Well, Chateau is a bounty hunter, and Ryang-Ha is a hitman. Being a bounty hunter is an interesting profession. It is like being able to do what the police do but cannot do due to certain legal restrictions. Hence, they hire bounty hunters to catch prisoners and criminals who have been out of prison on bail. This is the work of Chateau. She is a new bounty hunter, and she is quite skilled at her job.

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Ryang-Ha, being a hitman (he is also proficient in his profession), somehow maps his path towards Chateau due to their similar courses of work. In these dire situations, when both of them have to be involved in capturing and killing criminals, Ryang-Ha falls in love with Chateau. Love develops in his heart for Chateau magically, and eventually, he never stops in his romantic approaches towards his beloved. The way he starts to pursue Chateau gets irritating for our female protagonist, but with time, her heart also melts in response to Ryang-Ha’s proposals. This gives rise to the dilemma between love and crime.

Kidnapping and Unveiling The Past

As the story of the anime progresses, we notice that a kidnapping occurs. Although both of the protagonists are extremely vigilant, they could not help the situation when the antagonist Donald approached. Donald kidnapped Chateau. Yes! Chateau gets kidnapped in the anime, but worry not, we have another protagonist left who is given the task to alleviate the situation.

However, this kidnapping episode is important in the anime because it is during this episode when our protagonists finally get to unveil the unknown secrets about their past. If you also want to know what the unknown secrets are being talked about here, you will have to watch the anime.

Love Of Kill Season 2 Story: Potential Story Of The Anime

If the creators decide to bring a second season of the anime, the anime will be a continuation of the story. It will pick up from where it has been left in season 1 of the show. Season 2 of Love Of Kill will cover more aspects of the manga. Love Of Kill season 2 will also encapsulate the progress of the chemistry between Chateau and Ryang-Ha.  

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