Is Golmaal 5 Release Date Announced By The Makers?

Golmaal is an Indian comedy franchise. It is directed by Rohit Shetty and first produced by Dhillin Mehta and later by Rohit Shetty and Sangeeta Mihir. This movie has four parts. The first part of the movie, named Golmaal: Fun Unlimited was released on 14 July 2006. The second part, Golmaal Returns was launched in the year 2008 on 29 October. Then the third portion named Golmaal 3 was first released on 5 November 2010. And this part was the second-highest-earning Bollywood movie of 2010. The fourth installment of the movie named Golmaal Again premiered on 20 October, on the occasion of Diwali in 2017. This franchise has a huge fan base and fans are now waiting for the fifth part of the Golmaal series. Today, we will tell you about Golmaal 5 release date, cast, trailer, and everything.

The Golmaal franchise has been defined as a screwball comedy franchise. And this is the fifth franchise, which has four parts after CID 999 Franchise, Major Mahadevan Franchise, CBI Franchise, and Raaz Franchise. Golmaal also has an animated version for kids named Golmaal Junior. Now, let’s start with the other important information.

Golmaal 5 Release Date

Golmaal’s three parts were launched over a gap of two years but the fourth part took seven years to release. The last part which was the fourth part was launched on 20 October 2017. And the makers confirmed the release of Golmaal 5. It will hit the screen in the coming future but no official date has been announced from the side of the makers.

Name of the MovieGolmaal 5
Part NumberPart 5
Golmaal Release Date14 July 2006
Golmaal 5 Release Date2023

But rumors said because of the coronavirus pandemic all the production work has been delayed. Golmaal actor, Shreyas Talpade said in one of his interviews that the next part of Golmaal would be released sometime in 2024. But the date has not been decided yet.

Many cast members of the show have been very vocal about the next installment of the movie. One of the famous cast members, Tushar Kapoor mentioned in an interview a while back that Golmaal will definitely come up with part 5. He has also shown interest in being part of the Golmaal 5 whenever it is made.

He also said that the makers of the movie will be able to answer it better than he could, but he is sure it will be created at some point. It is also speculated that Ranveer Singh might be a part of the next installment, but there is no news so we will have to wait a little longer.

Considering the last four parts of the movie, all of them were hit. The last part of the movie didn’t make that much money, but believe me when I say that, Golmaal Franchise has gained a different level of popularity all over the world. So, bringing a new part of the movie is not going to be a big deal for the makers. So, there are great chances that the Golmaal 5 will release, but no release date has been announced, so we have to wait until the makers decide to bring a release date. But as per the assumptions the movie may come in 2024.

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Golmaal 5 Cast

Golmaal 5 Release Date

As we know that cast of Golmaal 4 has amazing actors and the same cast will be unveiled in Golmaal 5 also. The cast for the Golmaal 5 is as follows: Ajay Devgan as Gopal Kumar Santoshi, Arshad Warsi as Madhav Singh Ghai, Tusshar Kapoor as Lucky, Kunal Khemu as Laxman Singh Ghai Sharma, Shreyas Talpade as Laxman Prasad Santoshi.

The female actor for a particular role has not been decided yet. But in every part, there is a different female actor was shown in the lead character. Kareena Kapoor appeared in the two parts whereas in the last part Parineeti Chopra appeared as Khushi Bansal. Rumors said that Kareena Kapoor may return for the Golmaal 5 also. Some recurring actors like Sanjay Mishra, Mukesh Tiwari, and Vrajesh Hirjee were shown playing different characters in all four parts.

The crew members of the Golmaal Franchise, who may go to play their parts in Golmaal 5 also, are as follows:

Director– Rohit Shetty
Producer– Dhillin Mehta (producer till part 3) then Rohit Shetty and Sangeeta Ahir.
Story– Sajid-Farhad and Rohit Shetty
Editors– Steven H.Bernard and Bunty Nagi

Golmaal 5 Trailer

The movie is supposed to hit the screens in 2021. Rohit Shetty’s movies are always ready to collect a huge audience at the Box Office. The Golmaal actors said on the launch of Simmba that in 2021 the team might go forward with the production work of Golmaal 5. So, there is no official announcement for the teaser of Golmaal 5. The trailer may be launched twenty or a few days before the release of the movie in 2021.

Golmaal 5 Story

After the launch of the fourth part, director Rohit Shetty was looking interested in the fifth part also. Rohit Shetty said in one of his interviews that he is waiting for the right script to start a new installment. Ajay Devgan, who is the main lead of the franchise also showed interest in the fifth part. Like, in the “Aankh Marey” song the four main leads, which includes Arshad and Tusshar Kapoor were seen holding their hands and denoting the number “5” at the end of the video.

Golmaal is the best comedy franchise Bollywood has. Maybe the fifth part took some time, but till then if you did not watch the previous four parts then must watch them. They will relax your mind and give you some laughs in this stressful routine.

Golmaal 4 Recap

The makers of the movie have tried some horror elements in the movie but in a funny way, we can say that it is a horror comedy. If we talk about its story, it is about a girl who has died but a group of friends can see her. Basically, the movie tries to show the five friends who have come to the orphanage in which they grew up and there they encountered a ghost name Khushi who was also part of that orphanage but later adopted. So, in the movie, they help her to take revenge for her death and attain salvation.

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