Are There Any Plans For 9 Hours Season 2 Release Date?

The south industry is doing well and is easily approachable to the audience. The action, drama, and crime in between the love always rock among the audience leaving them to wait for something interesting again. We are going to tell you about a south web series today that is on the list nowadays.

Written by Krrish Jagarlamudi and directed by Niranjan Kaushik and Jacob Verghese, 9 Hours is an Indian Telugu language drama series. Released under the production of First Frame Entertainments, the plot revolves around the three prisoners who are ready to execute something big. Watch the complete series to know their motive and plans.

9 Hours Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of the series is released on June 2, 2022, in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada languages. An eight-episode web series comes up with drama and action. The audience is liking the official trailer of season 1 in high demand and they are very much excited for the same too.

9 Hours Season 1 Release DateJune 2, 2022
9 Hours Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

At present, season 1 is rocking at the platform and the makers are gazing at how the audience perceives it. The future of season 2 depends upon the ratings and reviews the previous season gets. Although there are no plans for season 2 in the minds of the makers if it did well we can expect season 2 by 2024.

But, we have to understand that Disney Hotstar rarely renewed a show for another installment. In addition to this, the ratings of the show are below average. So, there is less chance that the show will be renewed for another go, as the audience didn’t like season 1 much. So, the makers might not want to waste their time on a show that has poor ratings.

And therefore, as of April 2023, there is no season 2 release date available yet.

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9 Hours Season 2 Story

As has been told above that the plot of the series revolves around the three main prisoners who break their bars to run and execute their motives and plans, they have just 9 hours to complete their mission. In that 9 hours, they have to execute and finally complete the mission for which they have broken the bars and reach up for the roll call until they will have to pay for this.

Although they went up to the bank for the robbery or the money heist you can say that is this the only thing that they are outside? Is the robbery just the only mission? Well, it would not be then what is that the hidden thing? Things get worse when the police get involved and they have to use weapons. Will they be able to reach up to the prison before the roll call or will end up losing everything?

Well, to know all the answers, the audience must watch the complete series unless they will be just left with queries and doubts. As the future of season 2 is yet not decided we cannot interpret its plot until there comes an official one.

9 Hours Season 2 Cast

The series will cast Ajay as Dasarath, Vinod Kumar as Viswanath, Madhu Shalani as Chitralekha, Preethi Asrani as Shravani, and Ankith Koyya as Nandu. The audience will also see Jwala Koti, Ravi Varma, Monica Reddy, Taraka Ratna as Prathap, Shri Tej, and many more talented casts.

All the actors and actresses from the south industry are well versed and talented enough and if the series get renewed for season 2 the same cast can make their entry again. The audience just needs to watch season 1 first and hope and pray for the next installment.

9 Hours Season 2 Trailer

The network released the official trailer on May 23, 2022. The south industry always comes up with a fire that shocks the audience. The audience can see in the trailer how the series is full of action, drama, and crime.

Where To Watch 9 Hours Season 2 Online?

The series will release on Disney + Hotstar and if the series gets renewed for season 2, it will also release on the same platform. Although there are no whereabouts of season 2 and that all depends on how the audience perceives season 1.

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