Significant Other Ending Explained: The Battle Between Human And Aliens Threatens The Future Of The World!

The Sci-fi genre has been flourishing with the development in technology and our fledging interest, right? While many streaming giants have been expanding their reach into this genre, Paramount+ has been showing much more interest than the others. Significant Other is another sci-fi horror thriller brought to us by Paramount+. Manifested by Robert Olsen and Dan Berk, Significant Other is one welcome addition to the genre. It is centred around two distinct people, Harry and Ruth, who try to make their relationship work. But their struggle multiplies tenfold when a foreign entity starts meddling in their relationship.

Significant Other treats the audience to a nerve-wracking war between a human and an alien not necessarily in the traditional format. Starring Maika Monroe and Jake Lacy in leading roles, Significant Other has been a delightful watch that ended on highly engrossing cliffhangers. In this Significant Other ending explained, let us break down these cliffhangers!

Significant Other Ending Explained

A couple, Harry and Ruth, have been on several adventures before. You see, Ruth is a surfer and Harry has a knack for camping and mountain climbing. So, when Harry leads Ruth towards a cliff overlooking the grand Pacific Ocean, it doesn’t come off as a surprise to her. What surprises Ruth though is an unexpected proposal. Harry, naively trusting that his partner is ready to take the next step, asks Ruth to marry him. Since Ruth has witnessed her parents’ marriage failing ginormously, she retreats into herself after Harry’s proposal.

Ruth suffers though anxiety and self-esteem issues, she is constantly under duress to these problems. Harry’s proposal thus feels like a personal attack on Ruth, which she fails to overcome. But overnight, as the duo take refuge in the woods after a huge argument, something drastically shifts inside Ruth. This transformation isn’t magic but a trap out to destroy the couple.

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Why Does Ruth Lead Harry Back To The Cliff Of Red Ridge Trail?

Significant Other Ending Explained

The name of the ridge feels like a hint, right? Only, if the couple would have used this hint to save themselves from a horrible end. When Harry and Ruth were climbing their way to the picturesque cliff, a meteor landed on the Earth. A shiny, glossy meteor that proved to be the gloomiest entity. No one gave any importance to the said meteor, believing it to be another one of the thousands. But as Significant Other moves forward, we get to know how significant this meteor is.

Back to the couple, Ruth and Harry, both are disturbed after their heated clash. But then suddenly, Ruth saunters away from Harry and takes the first step towards destruction. When Ruth returns back, she takes Harry back to the cliff. Believing that Ruth has finally overcome her anxiety and trusts Harry to be different from her father, Harry follows Ruth blindly. Little did he know he was walking towards his death.

A Foreign Entity Or An Enigma?

When Ruth pushes Harry from the cliff, the plot becomes twice intriguing. We bear multiple questions as we witness Harry paddling his hands and falling through the cliff. Here arrives a major twist! The meteor we were talking earlier about is an alien–a nameless, faceless entity that can transform itself into anybody within seconds. In theory, it sounds quite engrossing. But when Ruth comes across this alien, she is rightfully not enthralled.

Earlier, when Ruth walked away from Harry after their argument and let out a nerve-wracking scream, she saw her partner lying lifeless. When she came back and witnesses somebody else looking like Harry, Ruth did the math herself. She took it upon herself to get vengeance and decided to throw the fake Harry off the cliff. And while she succeeds in her attempt, Ruth doesn’t realize who she is up against. This alien has abundant superpowers, one of which is invincibility.

Significant Other Ending: Does Ruth Survive The Enigmatic Alien?

Significant Other Ending Explained

When Ruth is about to turn back after throwing the alien off the cliff, she trips over a log and loses consciousness. A passerby old couple finds her and tries to help Ruth by taking her into their cabin. But they are killed by the entity who comes back for Ruth, having inherited Harry’s love for her. Here ensues a cat-mouse chase between this alien and Ruth with Ruth trying to salvage her life and get out of the trail unscathed.

As Significant Other nears climax, the entity has transformed into Ruth and inherited all her anxiety issues. Ruth uses this to her advantage and escapes the entity after taking a swing at its head. As Ruth runs away, she hears the entity’s voice blaring through the radio. As several meteors start falling to the ground, the alien’s threat seems to be coming true. Ruth won’t be able to escape aliens easily now that an entire army of these entities has arrived on Earth. Let’s see what more the makers of Significant Other have in store for us!

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