Divorce Attorney Shin Season 2: What Are The Odds Of It Happening?

What did you dream to become as a child? Is it the same profession you’re pursuing now? Well, not many people can say that they pursued their dream profession. Neither can Shin Sung-Han, a music lover who is now a divorce lawyer. Divorce Attorney Shin is the latest K-drama revolving around this pianist turned-lawyer. It has garnered millions of followers so far and with its captivating storyline, we know it is going to keep attracting the audience.

As much as season 1 has been garnering attention, its sequel is making headlines, too. We have all been wondering about Divorce Attorney Shin season 2, aren’t we? We want to know whether Shin and Seo-Jin’s relationship would progress further, right? Let’s see what are the odds of receiving Divorce Attorney Shin season 2!

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 2 Release Date

When we read the synopsis and watched the trailer, we knew Shin wasn’t just an ordinary divorce lawyer. And as we watched the first episode of the series, we were proved right. Shin might have a burning passion towards music but he is equally dedicated to his current job as well. He is Korea’s leading divorce lawyer now but his journey hasn’t been a smooth sail. This K-drama is brimming with legal cases, drama and suspense.

As for season 2, it is quite early to predict anything. The makers haven’t elaborated on their plans yet and so far, it seems a bit early for them to announce their plans. Divorce Attorney Shin is currently in its earlier episodes and wouldn’t end soon. So, season 2 is still hidden under thick fog. But that is not to say we won’t be having a sequel, it is just that it wouldn’t be soon. If we get to witness Divorce Attorney Shin season 2, it could premiere in the third quarter of 2024, not before that.

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Divorce Attorney Shin Season 2: What Could Be The Plot?

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 2

One of the most engrossing mysteries of this series is the reason why Shin left Germany and settled in Korea. Why did Shin become a divorce lawyer when he was a successful music teacher in Germany? Now that’s a puzzle we are yet to solve. Since Divorce Attorney Shin is currently in its first season and there have been just a few episodes so far, we don’t know what the makers are planning to do. Divorce Attorney Shin season 2’s plot heavily depends on the cliffhangers laid out by season 1–which aren’t exposed to us yet.

If they decide to expose Shin’s secret, season 2 would have to pick a different storyline. Then, there is Shin and Seo-Jin’s blooming chemistry. If their relationship progresses further–which we dearly hope for–season 2 would lose another story arch. Divorce Attorney Shin season 2 will have to elaborate on the turbulent story of Shin and let us explore more of this drama.

Divorce Attorney Shin Season 2: Who Will Be In The Cast?

This Netflix K-drama has been charting high on our favourites list, right? Releasing weekly with every two episodes, Divorce Attorney Shin doesn’t have an elaborate cast. It is a simple, sweet drama with limited actors who all collaborate together to deliver a stellar show. Starring Cho Seung-Woo as the main lead, Shin Sung-Han, Seung-Woo has done a commendable job. Shin is a well-mannered, refined gentleman who could be quite silly at times. Not only is he hiding a painful secret, but his past also seems to weigh down on him.

Then we have Lee Seo-Jin, a popular radio DJ who had pressing matters on her hand namely a divorce, a rebellious son and a tattered public image. Brought to us by Han Hye-Jin, Seo-Jin is mostly bearing a cynical expression. But she is hiding her scars inflicted by her ex-husband behind that mask. Other cast members who can join Divorce Attorney Shin season 2 are Hyeong-Geun, Jeong-Sik and Kang Hyun-Woo.

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1. What Is Divorce Attorney Shin Series About?

It is about a divorce attorney, Shin Sung-Han and his journey from being a musician to a divorce lawyer. The series revolves around Shin’s cases and his way of dealing with his personal and professional life.

2. Is Divorce Attorney Shin Season 2 Approved?

No, season 2 isn’t approved yet. But it isn’t cancelled either.

3. Is Divorce Attorney Shin Season 1 Completed?

No, it is still ongoing with every two episodes being released weekly.

4. Is Divorce Attorney Shin Series Worth Watching?

If you are into legal K-dramas with some spice and suspense, you should definitely give this series a try.

5. Is A Trailer Available For Divorce Attorney Shin Season 2?

As of now, there is no trailer available for season 2 yet.

6. Where To Watch The Divorce Attorney Shin Series?

You can stream this series on Netflix!

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