Will Park Hyung-Seok Become A Rockstar?

What you see is not always true. They share the same virtues, but they don’t look alike. Lookism Season 2 is in high talk. The first season of the show was highly acclaimed by anime lovers out there. The twists and turns, the highs and lows, it is quite safe to say that the plot of Lookism truly impressed us a lot. From being bullied at school to finally becoming famous among them all, Daniel surely had a journey full of pebbles and barriers. But the story is not over yet, not until Daniel Park fulfills his ultimate goal! We all know what happened in the last episode of Lookism Season 1! 

His friendship is growing strong with Ji-ho and Deok-Hwa. We all saw him share the stage with Deok-Hwa but guess what, all of them love his face and body, not his original personality! There lies a hidden secret here! The truth is yet to be discovered. Considering the above, fans are keenly looking forward to Lookism Season 2. Upon popular demand, here is everything we know about the second installment of the anime series. 

Will Park Hyung-Seok Become A Rockstar?

Will Daniel Park (Park Hyung-Seok) Become A Rockstar?

Before discussing Lookism Season 2, let’s answer the most interesting question out there. This brings us to the conclusion of Lookism Season 1. We hope you all remember that scene when Hyung-Seok and Deok-hwa got a chance to perform together in the famous school fest. Finally, after hustling so much, they got the opportunity to perform their original song, something which they have created together. 

Within a few hours, the duo became highly viral on the internet, and guess what, some sound opportunities knocked at their door. As they end their performance, a high-level producer reaches out to Hyung-Seok! It’s quite evident that he wants Daniel on his team. He would love to give a shot to this handsome man but how could we forget what he said next? He offers Daniel to visit his recording studio but he cannot walk in with Deok-hwa and thus, comes the major turn in the story. 

This is when Hyung-Seok takes a stand for his friend. He turns down the offer as he cannot vision losing Deok-Hwa! But little did the duo know that someone else had also become their fan! Probably, a k-pop star took note of their performance! Considering everything, there might be a chance that Park Hyung-Seok ends up being a rockstar, but this can only be known when we witness Lookism Season 2. 

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What Will Be The Story Of Lookism Season 2? 

Will Daniel Park (Park Hyung-Seok) Become A Rockstar?

Everyone thinks he is extremely handsome and charming, but what if the truth comes out? He cannot play dual life all the time! At some point or the other, everyone will judge his actions and words! We all know that the one who usually pops in school is not an original being. Park  Hyung-Seok and Daniel Park both share the same habits and values, we all know that when one sleeps the other one visits the school. But how long will he continue to hide behind this handsome face? One day the truth will come out and again people will bully him!

If you have observed the storyline carefully, then you already know by now that Daniel is tired of this silly game. Why can’t people accept him as a normal being? Why can’t he be strong enough to face the challenges of his life? He has done nothing wrong, he knows it well! He never bullied anyone, it’s the others who bully him! But again, if the truth comes out, will he get the attention he is getting now? Will his friends accept his real face? 

Lookism Season 2 Release Date 

We won’t stretch the topic any further but the release date is yet not here! The second installment of the series is yet to be confirmed by the creators of the show. As per our estimates, the series will be renewed soon. All eyes are currently stuck on Netflix! Hopefully, in the upcoming months, we will get a green signal for Lookism Season 2 but until then you can always rewatch all the episodes of Season 1. That’s all for now, to learn more about Lookism Season 2, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Lookism renewed by Netflix?

No, Lookism is yet not renewed by Netflix.

2. When will Lookism Season 2 premiere?

According to our guesses, Lookism Season 2 might premiere somewhere at the beginning of 2024.

3. Is Lookism Season 2 canceled?

No, Lookism Season 2 is not yet canceled.

4. Did Park Hyung-Seok accept the big music opportunity?

Park Hyung-Seok eventually turned down the big music opportunity.

5. Is Daniel Park a rockstar now?

No, Daniel Park is not yet a rockstar.

6. Do we have a teaser for Lookism Season 2?

No, we don’t have a teaser for Lookism Season 2.

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