Was David Kuresh Really A God? Exploring The Claims!

Have you ever heard of the Branch Davidians? Do you know anything about David Koresh? We are going back to the infamous Waco siege! You must have heard about the same in the news but have you ever tried to dig deep into this mystery case?

You call him a religious leader or a madman, it all comes down to his unstructured policies and rules. This man once declared that he is not an ordinary being! He didn’t exactly make a statement that he is on the same level as God but he surely claimed to be among the messengers of God! The mad messenger of God, David Koresh is back in talks. The audience wants to learn more about this man. So here is everything we know about David Koresh! 

Was David Kuresh Really A God?

Was David Kuresh Really A God?

Let’s start our discussion with the most controversial question of the day. Back in the 1990s, we heard a lot about Koresh! He wasn’t any God, to begin with! Some of his ideas and visions of living were highly questioned out there. But just like each coin has two sides, Koresh also had a few followers. We could say safely that Koresh was one of the last leaders of the Branch Davidians. You better not confuse this religious sect with the Davidian Seventh-day Adventists! 

Koresh was initially a part of the original Davidian group but as he grew up he started to follow different types of living methodologies, he started interpreting the Bible in a different way, and thus, came the drastic Waco siege! As per our gatherings, he started preaching the Bible with a very questionable perspective. Not only the Bible but to his best limits, he also pinpointed everything he found out in the Book of Revelation and the Seven Seals! 

Somehow, a group of people was following him to the fullest. But again, some of his ideas truly made us think twice before commenting anything on him. He was indeed married multiple times but again how can you say his preachings were wrong if you didn’t hear it all? In a one-liner, Koresh was not a God but some of his ideas were truly implanted to bring up the concept of religious freedom into play! But again, some of his wrong deeds cannot be overlooked and ignored! Thus, many think that such a rotten man doesn’t even hold a chance to be among those who call themselves a messenger of God!

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How Many Wives Did Koresh Have?

Was David Kuresh Really A God?

Koresh wasn’t a saint or a pious human being, if you study him well then you will notice that he is full of flaws. Some claim that he was also a child abuser. Don’t be shocked so soon, some sources say that Koresh had around 20 wives. But only one of these ladies had legally tied the wedding knot with Koresh and that happens to be Rachel Jones. The public was extremely angry and grossed to learn that this man who claims himself to be a messenger of God was sleeping with multiple women! Yes, you heard it right, many say that he has slept with most of his follower’s wives! His wrong deeds don’t end here, who would have thought that this man had been intimate with a 12 years old girl? But guess what, all of this disgusting news is not a part of the rumor, some of these are also true and verified! 

How Was David Koresh Killed? 

How could we end our discussion without talking about the Waco siege? A total of 76 Branch Davidians were killed in this particular siege. The prolonged fight of more than 51 days ended on 19th April, 193. But guess what, all those who were struggling to prove their points were wiped off because of the extreme political facade!

Their cries still haunt us! This was the exact day when David was killed along with his followers. The Waco land remains with the ruins standing still. Those weren’t just flames of flesh and blood, but that fire speaks of how the voices of common people were choked down to death. Well, that’s all for now, to learn more about interesting gossip and noteworthy personnel, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Was David Kuresh Really A God? – FAQs

1. How many children does David Koresh have?

Sources say that Koresh had more than 15 kids.

2. Was David Koresh a righteous man?

No, David Koresh was not a righteous man.

3. How many people were killed in the Waco siege?

A total of 76 people died because of the disastrous Waco siege.

4. Did David Koresh truly die because of the Waco siege?

Yes, David Koresh along with most of his followers from Branch Davidians were killed brutally in the siege of the Mount Carmel center.

5. Was David Koresh married only once?

Some sources confirmed that Koresh was involved with many women, but was married to only one among those.

6. Who was legally married to David Koresh?

Rachel Jones was legally married to David Koresh.

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