Aggretsuko Season 6: Will The Anime Return?

We, working-class people, know how frustrating a job could be. The peer pressure and the daily taunts from our seniors are stifling at times. Retsuko is one such officegoer who is frustrated by her seniors and colleagues. In Aggretsuko, we are treated to an aggressive Retsuko who is driven by anxiety and is tired of containing her frustration inside her.

One of the finest adult animes in the world, Aggretsuko has amassed millions of fans. With a fan following this massive, the question regarding a potential new season is always making headlines. We all want to know if we would witness Aggretsuko season 6 or not, don’t we? Let’s dig out some answers then!

Aggretsuko Season 6 Release Date

Before Netflix licensed Aggretsuko, she was a mere character in the abundant character set of Sanrio. Then, Netflix grabbed our cute little red panda and transformed her into our favorite anime character. Set in a universe where diverse animals represent humans and live a life almost like ours. They work, express their emotions and have their own desires that they try to satiate. With Retsuko being unable to express herself in the office, we all have started to relate to her.

Name Of The ShowAggretsuko
Season NumberSeason 6
Genreanimation, comedy
Aggretsuko Season 1 Release Date2 April 2016
Aggretsuko Season 6 Release DateCanceled

Now, Aggretsuko is one of the most trending animes. With season 5 being freshly released, we are all wondering about one thing alone; will Aggretsuko return with a season 6? No, it won’t. Aggretsuko season 5 is the last installment in the series. Sadly, we will have to content ourselves with just 5 seasons of this wonderful series. Though there are speculations that the makers might consider manifesting a new season, Netflix has declared season 5 to be the last one.

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Aggretsuko Season 5: Why Is It The Last Instalment In The Series?

Aggretsuko Season 6

Aggretsuko is a series that centers around a red panda entitled Retsuko who is a corporate worker by day and a death metal singer by night. No, she isn’t doing this for money or any other problem but to take off her frustration. Her boss and colleagues often belittle her making Retsuko’s aggression increase heavily. She then saunters to a local karaoke bar to relieve herself of this ever-increasing aggression.

In season 5, Retsuko and Haida are finally getting away from the job they were so blatantly not happy with. Haida is leading the punk rock world and Retsuko is getting better with her self-esteem issues. Also, this season of Aggretsuko answers the most important question of the series; will Retsuko and Haida finally get over their anxiousness and confess their feelings?

It seems like the makers have planned for the grand finale thoroughly. They are trying to give Retsuko the happy ending she deserves and finally let her have her dream fulfilled. Why they are ending the series with just five seasons remains a mystery. We have no idea where they are ending a series that has such a massive fan following.

Aggretsuko Series Cast And Character Guide

Depicting the issues we office goers face, Rarecho has manifested a wonderful series using the faces of animals and human emotions. We have a rich cast ensemble that has contributed to making this comedy anime such a great hit. Our aggressive red panda, Retsuko is voiced by Kaolip and Rarecho in Japanese. The English version is voiced by Erica Mendez and Jamison Boaz. Retsuko is a regular 20-something office-goer who suffers from self-esteem issues but later gets better.

The next most important character in this anime series is Haida. Voiced by Shingo Kato in Japanese and Ben Diskin in English, Haida is a hyena who works with Retsuko. Like Retsuko enjoys singing death metal, Haida is a punk rock fan. He has a major crush on Retsuko but hasn’t yet expressed his feelings despite having several opportunities. Other characters that contribute to the success of Aggretsuko are Director Gori, Fenneko, Director Ton, Tsunoda, and many more.

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The show has an 8.0 rating out of 10 on IMDb.

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Aggretsuko Season 6: FAQs

1. What Is Aggretsuko Series About?

It is about an office-goer named Retsuko who is frustrated by her workplace environment. She works in the Accounting department by day and sings death metal at a local karaoke bar by night.

2. Is Aggretsuko Season 6 Confirmed?

No, there is no news regarding Aggretsuko season 6. But since season 5 is marked final, there are slim chances we would get Aggretsuko season 6.

3. Is Aggretsuko Season 5 The Final Season?

Yes, it is the last installment in this series.

4. Is Aggretsuko Series Worth Watching?

If you’re into office drama, do give Aggretsuko anime a try!

5. Is A Trailer Available For Aggretsuko Season 6?

No, there is no trailer available for Aggretsuko season 6 yet.

6. Where To Watch Aggretsuko Series?

You can watch this anime series on Netflix.

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