What Happened To David Kovarish And His Followers At The End?

Whenever we speak of the name David Kovarish, there runs a thrill down the spine of many people who are very well aware of how their lives were lost because of the words and the manipulative power this man had in his hand. For those who don’t know, maybe the term Waco Siege will bring something to mind.

One of the most dreadful and traumatic incidents in the history of America was nearly 80 people died after burning themselves down to ashes, just because they have some religious beliefs and they believed in a person who sacrificed them for spreading out his word and message to everyone out there.

Now for those who don’t know what we are talking about Netflix has recently brought to us a series titled Waco American apocalypse, and this series is basically based on the Waco siege which happened in Waco Texas, a siege where many lives were lost because of one person who claimed himself to be the god or the messiah himself. There were some parts where the FBI went wrong, and there were some parts where David won, and that left us with this day of mourning where almost everyone felt guilty for what happened.

Now for those who don’t know, about the entire incident the ending to David and his people was something that really affected the world and lots of people out there along with that the ways of David and his religious ideologies were surely something that almost everyone questioned by the end of the series, however, one thing that we will have to mention is that the series has actually done very well and is worth all the praise that it has received from all the audience and the critics out there.

Who Is David Kovarish?

What Happened To David Kovarish

The big question and the question almost none of us want to give an answer to, is a man who was the main puppet master behind the entire Waco siege, because of which so many lives were burnt and four FBI agents were even killed.

Now he was basically the new leader of the Branch Davidians, who were basically a religious group or cult as we may called them, however, their believes were somehow a bit different from what they finally ended up being since David Kovarish took over the entire group. David mind-washed them and manipulated them into thinking that he is actually the reincarnation of God and that he has the powers to bring to do anything. He even said to the FBI negotiators that he is the Messiah and he will fight till the end.

Why is David important? It is basic that he had this theory in which he made the Davidians believe that there is an apocalypse knocking on the doorsteps very soon and they will have to fight against the federal government who are all set for murdering them someday, and till then they will have to do as much they can, and live the way god wants them too.

The married couples were told to give up on each other and they wouldn’t be able to have sex with each other. It was only Kovarish who was entitled to the right of having any physical relation with any female in Mount Carmel which was the operating base of the Davidians. He stacked up the place with ammunition and following that he also used to have sexual relations with underage girls.

Now one day the mission of the Waco siege began with just a search warrant and the FBI who were planning to bring the cult under arrest because of the ammunition they owned. However soon there we see a lot of firing and many people get injured and killed which started the 51-day-long siege.

David Koavrish was the person because of whom all those people lost their lives and he just wanted to spread his religious views to the entire world, even on the verge of sacrificing himself and his followers.

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What Happened To David Kovarish?

What Happened To David Kovarish

Now many of his followers were already dead when the firing broke out between the FBI and his people, following that David himself was shit in the incident. However, then the negotiation started and that was when we get to see some of the people from the cult get away safely from the place and no more lives were lost for the following few days.

However soon we get to see that the HRT got involved and they couldn’t wait any longer it was the 50th and the 51st day when the siege was nearly over, and tear gas was put into the entire building of mount Carmel. There were kids still inside, and it was expected that Kovarish will let his people out so that the kids and women would be safe but to the surprise of FBI and HRT, none came out except three men, and that too when there were sudden fires that were started from the inside of the building.

It was like the Davidians are all set to commit suicide and nothing could stop them anymore. When the fire stopped, we could see the entire building had burned into ashes with the people inside of it, nearly 80 people, and nothing was left of the Davidians along with David Kovarish himself.

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