Did David Koresh Write his Manuscript Before his Death and Where is It now

Did you just watch Waco and are curious about the catastrophic incident that took place at Waco? And So was I There were about 84 People who lost their lives in the faith of David Koresh and walked to Death with him. The Netflix Mini Docu-series revealed a lot about the Cult At Waco and How things went Bad. Although it was not Only One-Sided both Government and Koresh’s followers resisted which led to such an Event.

His last wish before his death was to write a Manuscript for the world to Read about His Own Testament and Ideology about How Things Should Be. Even in the show, we get to see every aspect of it. The Talk Between FBI and David Koresh seemed a little different where David Just had a few wishes whereas the ATF wanted to Destroy him Down. So was he Able to Write his Own Manuscript Before his Death?

Did David Koresh Write his Manuscript Before his Death

Due to the Events that took place and the Rigidity of the Task Force Assigned, the Tanks paved their way in to light the House with Tear Gas. Whereas David Koresh asked the Officials to just let him write down his Manuscript and pass it down to his Lawyer so that he could get his word out.

Later on, the Manuscript was obtained by a follower named Ruth Riddle who survived Jumping from the second Floor of the Burning Church. The Manuscript was in the form of a Disc. The Manuscript had a lot of mystery where David Mentions himself as being a “Lamb” of God and how he was the only one who could open the mysterious book’s seven seals. There was even a poem that stated a lot about his ideology and perception of the world we live in. There were very controversial statements and poems that were recovered as well.

You can read all the details that were recovered in his Manuscript here

Later on, as the Historians and Philosophers started studying what they had found they mentioned it was well-researched and Debated and found that their theories were related to the bible in many ways. And David Koresh had always the plan to die in the near end future with his thoughts out for the world to read and he made it happen.

But that did not happen and His followers followed him to death without a tear in their eyes, Sniping through the Burnt Roof until their last breath. Things could have been different if they were treated properly and even Government officials to date tell that we could have saved a lot of lives.

If the Manuscript went public at that time it was sure to rise to a new level of Cult practice that no one could have ever seen and even to date, many people believe that David was a Prophet, A God who could directly talk to Jesus and in the Current Time the things he did were As Equal to As the incident that took place with Jesus.

David Koresh Manuscript

Even the 51 Days Battle Held at Waco had some references to Jesus where Gestas Was a thief who died on the Cross alongside Jesus for the people to finally listen to God. The Same situation was attached with David Koresh and his followers who stuck together and wanted to get their words out. His followers thought of themselves as the tools of God.

Did David Koresh write a book?

Yes David Wrote a Book named ‘The Decoded Message of the Seven Seals

David Koresh book

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