The Forbidden Flower Ending Explained: Understanding the Finale of The Forbidden Flower

Presently, the world is no longer only obsessed with Korean dramas. The dramas coming up from East Asian countries have gripped people. People are crazy about these dramas. They are loving such dramas immensely because of the actors and the gripping plotlines. Besides K-dramas, Chinese dramas are also viewed heavily by the present generation. Chinese dramas have beautiful storylines, and they will keep you hooked to them. In this article, we are going to talk about the ending of the C-drama The Forbidden Flower and disseminate all the information that is there about the drama. 

The Forbidden Flower Ending Explained

The drama has two lead characters, He Ran and Xiao Han. Both of them are in love with each other, and they want to stay with each other. You might be thinking there is nothing extraordinary in the story of this drama, but as you move forward, you will know that He Ran is suffering from an illness that will most probably take her life away. She does not have much time left, and she wants to enjoy everything that her life has to offer her. What is fate holding for these two lovers?

Well, the ending episode of the drama has left the fans in an ambiguous situation. Throughout the final episode, we have got to witness how Xiao Han did not miss any chance of confessing his love for He Ran. He even went in front of her house early in the morning just because he was missing her and he wanted to see her. He plans numerous dates in the finale episode. It is shown how Xiao Han is trying his best to live every moment with He Ran. He probably knows that he will not get to do such things with He Ran once she is not there. Even though sad, the episode is fluffy and full of romance. 

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Our fantasy of a beach date comes true in the last episode of this drama. Xiao Han has planned a beautiful beach date only for his He Ran. They spent time with each other enjoying the cool breeze from the seas, and they do not leave each other’s sides. The day comes to an end with them star gazing. Here comes the magical moment when under the starry night sky Xiao Han finally proposes to He Ran. He makes her wear the ring that he got for her. 

Eventually, they get married, but how long is their happiness going to last?

In the end parts of the last episode, we see Xiao Han deciding what he should do with the Limerence painting. However, Xiao Han decided to keep the painting with him. The last episode of the drama does not reveal if He Ran is dead. All we see is Xiao Han remembering his first days with her and how they fell in love but the screen does not show He Ran for once. Does this indicate that He Ran is most probably dead? It may be so. It has been left to the audience to interpret. 

Will We Have Forbidden Flower Part 2?

Although the ending of the drama has been left open to the interpretations of the audience, the most probable situation that has been indicated is He Ran’s absence, that is, her eventual death due to illness. 

Since the drama ends on this note, the drama will most probably not return for a second season. Most importantly, most dramas, whether Korean or Chinese do not have second parts to them. Hence, it is very unlikely for the drama to return for another season. 

About The Forbidden Flower

The Forbidden Flower has been directed by Zhao Xiao Lei and Chen Zhou Fei. The drama is an adaptation of the novel He Stands In The Gorgeous Summer Flowers written by Taihou Huilai. The drama features Jerry Yan as Xiao Han and Ruohan Xu as He Ran. 

The Forbidden Flower aired on 13th Feb 2023, it came to end on 28th Feb 2023. The drama currently has 24 episodes. Each episode has a duration of 35 minutes. It aired on Tencent Video. 

FAQS About The Forbidden Flower

1. When was Forbidden Flower released?

It was released on 13th Feb 2023. 

2. How many episodes of Forbidden Flower are there?

There are 24 episodes of The Forbidden Flower. 

3. How many seasons of The Forbidden Flower are there?

There is only one season of The Forbidden Flower as of now. 

4. Will there be season 2 of The Forbidden Flower?

Most probably there will not be another season of The Forbidden Flower.

5. Does He Ran die in The Forbidden Flower?

The viewers are left in an ambiguous flower as to whether He Ran has died or not. 

6. Do He Ran and Xiao Han end up together?

Yes, He Ran and Xiao Han end up together. 

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