Where Is Serena K Fleites Now And Who Is She?

Serena K Flietes is one of those names, which mostly don’t come up that easily, most of the time, these kinds of names are ashamed to open up about what they have gone through and they just accept the fact that their entire life has been destroyed and they don’t have anything worth living for. However, Serena was not one of those people, she rose up and stood against the stuff that happened to her and how Pornhub and the visa company together were solely responsible for ruining her life.

She stood up for a change and to her astonishment, it wants only her alone in the fight, many people from all over the world gave her a hand of help and now she stands strong with a case again these two big companies. However, what happened to her and what’s the case, don’t worry we are going to cover it all. If you have watched the recent web series that came on the Netflix platform titled Money shot: The Pornhub story which is basically a documentary based on the various scandals and scams that have destroyed so many people’s lives and have been the core reason behind the success of the company Pornhub, you surely know about the name of Serena K Fleites.

She was basically a kid who suffered from her intimate videos getting leaked, on the Pornhub website by some of her school kids, and since then her life has just seen a downfall, starting from being slut shamed, to the constant embarrassment even after changing schools and becoming homeless at a very young age. She has done drugs and even sold her nudes on craigslist just for a few bucks to help her live, but now she has decided to sue Pornhub as it monetized the video, which was against her will, and made huge bucks from it.

Where Is Serena K Fleites Now?

Where Is Serena K Fleites And Who Is She?

Currently, as we all have mentioned the name Serena has come up from the recent documentary that was released on the Netflix platform, but you will be shocked to know that a New York Times journalist was the first one, to come up with the case and talk about it on social media. At the time when the incident happened, Serena used to live with her mother, she was only in the 8th grade and her house was situated in Bakersfield California. When the incident happened, she went to a local public school, and after her mother came to know about it, she even changed her school, but nothing changed in her life as the videos went viral and they haunted her everywhere.

By the age of 16, she ended up being homeless, and she was doing drugs, dropped out of school, and still living in Bakersfield, while she tried to sell her nudes on craigslist for money so that she could sustain herself but it was surely miserable for her. Soon back in 2020 when the New York times reporter, came up with the article we came to know about her current living condition, she has been clean from drugs and alcohol for over a year, she was 19 back then and was trying to live in a car with her three dogs, who have actually helped her survive and been more loyal to her than any other human being ever.

Currently, after a lot of help from people and while the case is still running, she with the help of the New York times and the fundraiser for her, moved into a long-stay hotel, though her location has not been disclosed for her safety and currently she is trying her best to cope with her past trauma and win the case.

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Who Is Serena K Fleites?

Serena as we already mentioned is a victim of Pornhub, she has launched a case against the company for monetizing a video without her consent which destroyed her life back when she was in 8th grade. She basically sent her nude videos to a guy she liked but soon realized he was leaking them to the entire school. To keep it from her mother, she used to give more of it to the boys in the school.

Though soon her mother came to know about the fact that it was uploaded on Pornhub and changed the school, it never got deleted anyhow as someone or another uploaded it again. She got addicted to drugs, had many suicidal attempts, and became homeless at the age of 16. Though she has recovered from it by the age of 19 and is currently fighting a case against the Pornhub company, she has ended up being the only plaintiff in the case but has got high hopes regarding winning it.

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