6 Worst Stranger Things Episodes: Ranking the Worst Episodes You Can Skip!

When it comes to the science fiction genre, one of the big names that have always been the apple of the eye for almost all fans of the horror as well as the sci-fi genre is stranger things. This series is just not any other show that you can just sit and binge watch, it’s like a complete ride, filled with excitement, adventure, science fiction, and a lot of horror scenes.

Now for those who haven’t been into paranormal shows, you may also not go for this one, because in some of the scenes, you will surely get spooked out because of the entire ambiance they have created over the entire show.

For those who don’t know it’s basically about the town of Hawkins where due to some government experiment projects going on, a gate to a different dimension has opened and been used and the town has been facing different calamities. Now a group of friends along with some humans with supernatural powers who were born because of the experiments of the government lab out there, decide to help the people of the town and save everyone from the bigger dangers that exist in the different dimension.

Now this show has been running for a total of 4 seasons as of now and we have received a total of 34 episodes as of now, and these are practically not very long episodes and those who have been recently into the series, can go and binge-watch them all, however, if you have been a  bit distracted and want to skip a bit of episode which have not been up to the mark, we have listed down a few.

Worst Stranger Things Episodes

1. The Lost Sisters

Some Of The Worst Stranger Things Episodes Out There!
Stranger Things

The first one on the list and one of the worst-rated as well as most criticized episodes from the entire stranger thing’s universe has been this. We are not the only ones to admit this, almost everyone who has watched the show hasn’t liked this episode and is very openly available on the internet out there.

For all those who are going to skip it, you don’t have to regret much because it is based on the episode where eleven gets a bit diversified and leaves her friends behind to go and stay with her sister or so-called sister who came from the same lab and her name is actually kali.

She tracks her down and finds out that they are on a mission to track everyone down from the lab and actually kill them, but soon something happens and she understands she is not meant for this work and she is better with her friends and not her with the kind of work kali is related to. This is basically the seventh episode from the second season of the show and has received a 6.1 imdb rating because it’s just a diversion from the main story of stranger things which brings eleven more close to her real friends.

2. The Bite

This episode is basically the seventh episode from the third season of the show, and just like the previous one, it is also very badly ranked, and along with that again it can also be treated just like a filler. Now moving forward, if you want to skip this episode too, no worries because it’s basically the story of how the hoppers crew and the kids’ group which is out there deal with the complex situation of the lab and the mind flayer.

Now many things happen in this episode; basically, it’s filled with action and a lot of running away from people before both groups reunite. However, one of the funniest parts is Murray being scared like anything.

Now something along with this is also very concerning because in this episode the assassin who is after eleven and the group actually ends up wounding eleven’s leg and now that is bleeding like anything, however, the first aid is done, and by the end of the episode we get to see that something is not normal with the wound and soon we all get to see what happen in the finale of the season. This episode basically is a mixed one with both good and bad aspects.

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3. Suzie Do You Copy

Now many of you may find this episode very much entertaining but from the matter of the fact that the storyline that has been portrayed in this episode and its connection to the main plot of the story is not actually much, its basically based on some romance that has been going on since the last season of the show and some other vague stuff.

For those who are wondering it’s basically the first episode of the third season of the show, and following that the rating of the show is only a mere 7.8 which is actually not good compared to the other episodes of the show.

You shouldn’t basically skip it, and even if you do it is basically based on how many of the characters in the group whom we have seen as of now, get involved in various little jobs as we know the summers are going on and at the same time if you have watched the show or know a bit about it, there has been a long going chemistry between and eleven, we get to see them kissing many a time in the show and at the same time, there is some new chaos that starts. Along with that, the episode ends with billy getting dragged to a basement which is most probably none other than mind flayer.

4. The Mall Rats

We move forward towards another episode which has been criticized at the same time along with the above-mentioned episode. Basically, these two episodes are very much connected and most of the episode is taken up by things such as most of the characters dealing with the various kind of job activities they have been related to recently in the last few days.

The episode has received a 7.9 imdb rating which as we all know again is not good compared to the other numbers which the episode as well as the season has received. Compared to other stuff, this is basically the continuation of how Bryce escapes from the tentacle’s creature, and along with that the love story that has been budding since the previous episode of the show between mike and eleven still continues.

Now other than that you may have remembered a Russian message that was recorded, now the story moves forward with that part a little bit, and other than that, there has been a lot of chaos going on inside the mall where most of our group has picked up their jobs. We see a great reunion between Steve and Dustin, and we all know how close they actually are.

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5. The Hellfire Club

Now basically we move on to the fourth season of the show which has more or less been very interesting and fans from all over the world have loved it. However, we can conclude that it has been very slow-moving. The first episode of the fourth season of the show has been rated only 8.1 out of 10 which is more or less moderate.

The episode hasn’t got many things, however, a majority covers how the entire things go on in the lab of Hawkins, and this date back to many previous events. We get to see many test subjects and some doctors from the lab however everything gets stirred up when things go the wrong way in the lab and it is followed by eleven killing everyone and getting the lab completely destroyed.

Now we move back to the normal ongoing of the show and the entire family is working normally. Eleven becomes a part of the family and everything from the previous season gets slowly normalized. Following all these many things start going wrong in these episodes, we see some uncanny encounters and stuff and some packages bring horrific incidents following it. Now we wouldn’t absolutely recommend you skip this episode.

6. Vecna’s Curse

Again, we have to mention this episode on the list because it has been rated much lower than that other episode which ranks nearly 9. This episode has received only an 8.1 IMDb rating just like the previous mention and it also follows the previous episode.

This is the second episode from the fourth season of the show and is a great watch. However, the main problem is it is quite slow and there is a lot of chaos going on. We get to see some dead body coming into the scene which stirs up a lot of stuff and along with that as we know eleven is getting used to her school life which actually turns out to be pretty traumatic and chaotic as we have already seen in the previous episode of the show.

Overall, many other situations make the episode quite spooky. However, these episodes cannot be treated as a filler at all and are worth a watch.

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