Arrowverse Watch Order: How to Watch Every Episode in Chronological Order?

One of the biggest hits of all time has been the Arrowverse franchise. Yes, we do know marvel and dc have got their own fell, but that doesn’t mean we can just leave the Arrowverse out, because it may not be mainstream dc but is actually a part of the dc movie universe and is based on characters that have got their roots in the DC comics only.

Now the fan base of Arrowverse is something that is pretty huge and all over the world, the numbers have been rising daily. Almost every day thousands of people get hooked on the franchise after watching any of the shows belonging to the universe and that’s practically very normal, considering how much effort they have put into the series and the amount of time the entire franchise has been going on.

Based on the roots and everything, 2023 will actually be the 10th year for the Arrowverse show to actually exist and that’s a huge thing considering it is not a mainstream superhero series like the other marvel and dc comic series.

Now, something that may be very shocking to you all is that the entire Arrowverse universe is very huge, we have actually got a total of 5 different shows compiled into the series and many of them have got consecutive seasons, which in total by now amounts to nearly 30 seasons, which is huge considering the kind of series this has been.

Now many of the fans have been very confused regarding the entire Arrow-verse universe and that’s because the shows have been released in such a manner that combing two shows and watching their episodes at the same time, will be much more helpful in understanding the story that has been going on. That’s why for all beginners right now, we have given the series in chronological order in relation to the different years of this particular universe.

Arrowverse Watch Order

1. First Year Of Arrowverse

Arrowverse Watch Order

Now moving forward toward the first years of the Arrowverse, there isn’t much confusion regarding these first years, because only the Arrow series exists, which is basically the starting of the entire Arrowverse universe. There is no proper order for watching this series and thus you can just go and watch the first 23 episodes of the show. For those who don’t know, the first series that ever started the entire talk regarding the show was the Arrow one. Anyone who has ever watched any of the shows the Arrow-verse surely has heard of the character called Arrow.

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2. Second Year Of Arrowverse

The second year of the Arrowverse has something to be noted, firstly it is that year that sets the setting of the Arrowverse. We all know, two of the main characters who make up the Arrow-verse are the flash and Arrow, however, this year too, we don’t get to find the show flash. It’s the next year that will mark his official entrance into the show, and thus this year two we will only work with the second season of the Arrow show. However, something that is to be noted is that the normal character of flash does get introduced this year and that too in the Arrow show, just that he doesn’t get his own show as of now. Thus, no worries, you can directly go forward and completely binging on to the 23 episodes of the second season of the show Arrow.

3. Third Year Of Arrowverse

Now, this is the year when many things change for the entire Arrowverse. This is when the entry of the flash series takes place and all the confusion starts regarding the watching of the show. For all those who don’t know who flash is, he is basically the guy whom one day wakes up from a coma after getting hit by lightning and he ends up being faster than lightning. Now from what we can suggest for this series is that you can do two things you can either go for one episode of each respective show in a chronological manner. Or you can actually go for the first seven shows of the Arrow show followed by the 7 episodes of the flash show. Then comes the 8th episode from both the shows, titled Flash vs Arrow and The Brave and the bold, which will be the crossover episode. Now following this two you can just complete the rest episodes as you may wish. There is no order to be maintained. Whatever character you like more, go for the completion of that show to be fair.

4. The Fourth Year Of Arrowverse

Now in the fourth season of the universe, things actually start getting very complicated, as along with the flash and the Arrow show, we see the introduction of two new shows. We first have got Supergirl and dc Legends of tomorrow. Basically, the most common thing that everyone does for this show is watch the show Arrow and flash at first and then moving on to the other introduction series. But if you want to maintain the actual order, you can go for watching the Arrow and the flash series episodes chronologically, like the first episode of the Arrow followed by the first episode of the Arrow. In the case of the Supergirl series, you all can just watch it separately because it hasn’t got much connection to the other series. However, considering the dc Legends of tomorrow series you can start it with the 17th episode of both the Arrow and the flash series.

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5. The Fifth Year Of Arrowverse

Arrowverse Watch Order

now practically speaking, it’s going to be very confusing from now on and that’s because the order isn’t completely set in a pattern, one episode of the Arrow series is followed by the Supergirl series then suddenly another episode of the Arrow series gets followed by the dc legends of tomorrow series. So do not fall in the confusion, just watch the episode of Arrow first till the 8th episode, followed by the episodes of flash till the 8th episode again, and then you have got the dc lends of tomorrow series till the 7th episode and the Supergirl series till the 7th episodes of Supergirl. Then we see the big crossover between all the series which is titled the invasion episodes and all of it are connected you have to watch it one after the other and move on to the rest of the episodes of the show, in any order in want, just that one series at a time.

6. The Sixth Year Of Arrowverse

Arrowverse Watch Order

The year of black lightning, yes finally the hero that many of you have waited for. He is a retired principal who gets back into action as the black lightning character. Now for the black lightning part of this year, you can just go and watch the episodes of this show separately and not go for watching them together with the other four shows.

For the case of the other four shows, we should start with Supergirl, then comes flash, then comes dc legends of tomorrow, and then the final main show Arrow. Each episode of the show should be watched one after another and then we will slowly move towards the crisis on earth crossover which is considered one of the greatest crossovers of all time in this universe

7. The Seventh Year Of Arrowverse

Arrowverse Watch Order

Now, this isn’t a very complicated year for the show, but it is surely a special year, because the character whom many of you have actually crushed on for a long time, and that being Batwoman will finally be introduced to the show. We get the Elseworlds crossover and the chronological order to watch each episode of the series will be the Arrow, followed by the flash, and then the Supergirl series however you can surely add the black lightning episodes in between but that will be very complicated to understand. If you are not watching chronologically just finish the show one after another on the basis of which made it to us before.

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8. The Eighth Year Of Arrowverse

Arrowverse Watch Order

Now moving forward, we have the eighth year of the show, where we get to see the end of the story of the Arrow. The long-awaited crossover which would actually include all five shows comes in this year. And basically, that happened because finally, the Batwoman show becomes a part of the universe lately. The crisis on infinite earth’s crossover was much awaited and also what will bring an end to the entire story of Arrow. Now for watching it you can watch Batwoman, Supergirl black lightning, and the flash in a chronological way for the first 8 episodes and add the Arrow show after finishing the second episode of each. Then we will reach the crossover, after which the Arrow show will finally come to an end and the series will go on continuing like it is meant to be.

9. The Ninth Year Of Arroverse

Arrowverse Watch Order

Now for the next year of the show, we can’t give you all any order as such, you can basically watch the series in their original form that is one by one, however, we should keep this in mind that finally the Supergirl series will not be included in the list, however, will be followed by the addition of Superman and Lois which is the sequel to the Supergirl series and a very nice series to watch. For this year we don’t see much chaos, however, this is also the only year where no crossover happens, and not that much of a happening year for Arrowverse.

10. The Tenth Year Of Arrowverse

Arrowverse Watch Order

The last year of the Arrowverse series is quite an interesting one as many of the series such as superman and Lois, Batwoman, and dc legend of tomorrow series will finally come to an end. Supergirl which actually saw a halt will also come to an end finally this year and following a pattern. You should probably watch individual shows otherwise it is going to be very confusing to follow each series coming to an end. Though one thing that’s for sure is that whatever you watch first, someone or the other will finally give out some spoiler to you all.

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