Where Is Monique Olivier Now? What Did She Do?

Monique Olivier a name that runs a chill down the spine of many people in France and has left many families completely devastated by the acts she and her husband has done over a period of time. Many consider her as the victim whereas most consider her as the main culprit in the murder and the rape cases which she and her husband Michel was related over a period of 10 years.

Recently she has been in the talks because of the Netflix documentary series which is based on the life of Monique Olivier who is described as an accessory to evil, now for those wondering whose accessory was she, she was none other than a helping accessory to Michel Fourniret who had this keen addiction towards virgin and was actually a pedophile, rapist and at the same time a serial killer.

After watching the entire series, there lie many questions unanswered, the biggest being who was the mastermind and was Monique actually that dumb that she used to get manipulated by Michel, or she was the actual mind after all those murders because her IQ level surely stood out much about Michel.

Though Michel passed away a few years back the cases didn’t reach an end and the search for all the victims and the bodies of the girls goes around, though Monique tried to help the justice e many believe it was just an act to be in limelight and get attention however what happened to Monique after the last case of Estella was never shown to us and whether she was considered much less of a criminal than her husband is still a question.

Monique Olivier Location

Where Is Monique Oliver Now? What Did She Do?

Now as we have mentioned towards the end of the series, we see that the last time Monique was out of jail was when she went with the officers and Estella‘s dad to the so-called location where she believed she and her husband had buried the body of Estella, however after a long time of excavation and trying to find the body while Monique just went around enjoying her moments of attention while she was out of the prison after a long time, no proper result came in the hands of the people.

Though the cases haven’t stopped and as we all know, it was mentioned by Michel as well as Monique in the series that there are more than 30 victims and so far, we could have only gathered bodies and proper evidence against 8 victims which they both admitted to.

Soon after that, she was returned to the same prison cell which she once considered to be the worst place to live in and as disclosed with the prison in charge as well as her lawyer, everybody out there hated her, called her names, and spitted on her, because of the acts she has done in the past.

The sentence that she ad receive in the past with her husband, gave Michel a lifelong prison sentence and Monique receive a jail sentence of 28 years. Currently based on the reports and how the cases have been moving forward she will again face the stand in the later parts of 2023 where she will be facing the trial of the murder case of Joanna Parish, and till then she will be living in the prison of Rennes, where they here placed since the starting of her sentence.

From what we believe and how the cases have been going on, she has quite a lot of time left for her case to get over, as there are more than 30 victims on the list and we will need to wait till all of those cases get over.

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What Did Monique Olivier Do?

A big question and the list goes on and on, Monique Olivier as we all know is the partner to Michel Fourniret whom almost all of us know very well too because of the great list of murderers he has committed with his wife over a period of nearly 14 years. Now when it comes to their crimes of Michel, he used to be a women assaulter all his life and once he got in contact with Monique after getting out of prison, he manipulated her according to the current statements and got her into a pact where he would take revenge on her ex-husband while she would assist her in getting hold of young virgins.

Over this entire period, she was always connected to the number of murder cases where Michel kidnapped the small girls and took them to their homes, raped them, and killed them after that. In the first case, we also got to know that Monique helped her husband to get turned on when he couldn’t because of infertility so that he could rape the child, and in some way, it felt like she was the one raping the child if it was her initiative to do so.

Following all these when the cases started, she kept quiet for a long time and after a while finally confessed to the crimes which her husband had committed when she couldn’t take it, however, based on her IQ and the level of intelligence she bears it didn’t seem like she was the one being manipulated and was actually doing an act to just save herself till the end. She actually had enough chances to run away and let the police in on the deeds of her husband however she never did so, it was as if she was enjoying the acts and wanted to stay in the household that Michel had created with her.

Based on all reports, she also admitted that she tricked one of the girls with her own child to get into the car, and in her daily acts for Michel, she had to check whether the girls were actually virgins while the girls went on pleading to her to save them and let them free, however, nothing stuck her conscience. At the end of the day, though the courts differentiate between her and her husband and let her off with less jail time, she is the real murderer in the eyes of society because being a mother, and a woman, and still doing the acts she has done is just unacceptable. 

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