Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery Season 2: Did Ester Betray Salvo Again? Did She Frame Salvo And Val?

Now that Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery season 2 is back on Netflix, we are treated to another comedy thriller. This Italian series, also called Incastrati, has been dropped at the perfect time. With the weekend nearing closer, we have the perfect comedy to binge on. What’s better? This thriller contains a mystery that is demanding our attention, the whodunnit aspect of this series serves as a major storyline–and something that has kept our interest rocking.

Salvatore Ficarra and Valentino Picone are back with their goofiness and commendable satire. Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery season 2 has brought several questions with it, all the questions season 1 was unable to answer. Did Ester set up Salvo and Val? Is she the mastermind who murdered Gambino and blamed it on Salvo and Val? Was her relationship with Val a facade? Did Ester Betray Salvo Again? Let’s not waste a second more and get the answers now!

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Did Ester Betray Salvo Again?

The series centres around Salvatore and Valentino, two best friends who couldn’t be more opposite. While Salvo is addicted to a crime thriller show, The Touch Of The Killer, Valentino is fed up with Salvo’s obsession. Salvo is goofy and can come up with any solution, but most of the time this solution ends up getting them into more trouble. Val is more of a stay-out-of-trouble kind, the adventure-seeking guy wanted to have some thrill in his life. And he gets it just not the way he wanted to.

Sal and Val are the prime suspects in the murder case of Gambino, the man Ester cheated on Salvo. Each couple has some problems in their relationship, and so does this couple. Salvo’s obsession with the crime show stumps his marriage and Ester is tired of being the second priority. So, she gets in touch with Gambino, attracting trouble to her doorstep.

In season 1, Salvo and Ester’s relationship was on the verge of destruction. They were getting divorced but Ester and Val still had their doubts. These doubts become hurdles in their divorce this season and their love wins again. Though Val overhears a call recording of Ester with Gambino and believes Ester didn’t only cheat on him once. But she has been betraying him for a long time. Turns out, it was a one-time thing and Ester didn’t betray Salvo again.

Ester And Salvo: Their Relationship Is Tested Severely

Did Ester Betray Salvo Again?

Holy Father or Padre Santissimo, the leader of a Sicilian mafia gang who also happens to be on a run, stumbles across Val’s van at the beginning of Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery season 2. Then, Tonino, the henchman, threatens to kill both Val and Salvo. But somehow Val convinces him to keep them alive in exchange for helping Tonino and Santissimo.

Then begins the chase, the thrill and the drama. Both Val and Salvo have to help Padre. They bring him food, and medicines, and do whatever he says and yet cannot be assured that they would be intact in the end. So, Val and Salvo hide everything from Ester and Agata, the head of the police department and Val’s girlfriend. Only, it isn’t a piece of cake.

Ester starts believing that Salvo has moved on and doesn’t want her in his life anymore. This leads to several incidents that hint at the breakdown of their relationship. The best part of this series is its goofiness and its lightheartedness. But in the end, the happy smiles steal the show. But one question remains at the forefront of our brain; is Ester the mastermind behind Salvo and Val’s tragedy? Did she frame them?

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Did Ester Frame Salvo And Val?

As Framed! A Sicilian Murder Mystery season 2 progresses, and several secrets start to unveil. The major one is the reason why Salvo and Val were dragged into this mess. When Agata, a senior police officer, transfers to Sicily and takes upon Gambino’s murder case, La Russo feels threatened. Being a police officer himself, he knew the ins and outs of their department and was secretly two-timing them.

He was blackmailing Gambino who worked for the police department and was stealing from Pedro. Now, Agata was close to his secret and Russo needed someone to blame. When he found out about Ester’s involvement with Gambino, he came up with a perfect plan. This time it was Salvo and Val who fell victim to his trap.

While Ester was involved with Gambino, she had no role in framing her partner and brother. She has claimed it several times, Gambino was a mistake to her, a mistake she had no intention of repeating. In the end, she admits this to Val and asks for forgiveness claiming that she, too, is now a fan of The Touch Of The Killer. Now, both of them are ecstatic with each other and so are Salvo and Agata. Indeed a chaotic mess with deep satire that makes for a great weekend binge.

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