Monique Olivier: Accessory To Evil Ending Explained And Review: Watch It Or Skip It?

Yes, the name of the show surely may not give you much of an idea regarding why Monique Olivier is called an accessory to evil, but from what we have seen in the show and how she has executed her plans and helped mentally sick, pedophile, rapist and murdered husband in all the murders that he has committed over a huge span of time, she was the biggest boon to him and the biggest accessory he could have got to help him with his acts.

For those who don’t know about this series is basically based on a long-running case of Monique Olivier and Michel Fourniret, they both were married for quite some time and over a period of 10 years they went around the state, kidnapping young girls who are virgins and then they would keep her, rape her and at the end of the day gruesomely kill her without even considering what happens to their family.

Now based on what we have seen in the series, it is nowhere properly stated whether it was Monique or Michel who was the actual mastermind because some facts put us towards Monique being the victim whereas somewhere Michel and she play the hand equally.

Something that we all know after seeing the series is that Estelle’s case was eye an opener and following the death of Michel along with the sudden urge of Monique to help justice and other factors just leave us in such a conclusion where everything seems like a dilemma. However, no worries as we will explain the entire ending properly.

Monique Olivier: Accessory To Evil Ending Explained

Monique Olivier: Accessory To Evil Ending Explained And Reviews

Firstly we have got the story running for a long time, and in the last episode, we see the Estelle case still continuing, and the police at that time thought finding out that Estelle had been kidnapped and Michel lived just a few neighborhoods away, could be a very susceptible suspect of the crime.

However soon we move forward to a few years when both Monique and Michel are in jail and the case regarding Estelle is still going on, a law firm receptionist gets a call from a witness of the entire scene, whose name was Milica who was actually a cellmate to Monique, when she needed up seeing how the things were, it acted to her humanity and she wanted to find out something about the case from Monique. Though Monique being absolutely a high IQ woman didn’t give out much at the time and only hinted at it while drinking her black coffee and sitting in her call mate.

We then move to the case that was taking place in 2003, regarding Estelle, where the officers in charge were just going through different kinds of inspection but they ended up finding nothing but just messing around in the vacuum for a long time.

Following that finally, one witness came out who was a classmate to Estelle and she told the officers about a man approaching her in a van and offering her a hand to carry her bag to her home, but she refuses. Soon with the arrest of Michel, they start considering him as a suspect, but he created an alibi which was a call made from his landline, one hour before to his son from the first marriage, which would prove he was nowhere near the place where the girl got kidnapped.

However, as Milica continued asking more questions to Monique, she finally gave up the answer that the alibi was actually created by her and, Michel actually went for hunting virgins like he generally use to do. Now soon while this case is moving forward, we come to know of the news that Michel Fourniret has passed away because of heart problems and Alzheimer’s, and soon with a bit of time, and Monique gets off the grip of Michel’s existence decided to come out and tell everything how she was involved in the kidnapping, she kept an eye on her and that Michel finally did what he had to do with the child.

Though towards the end of the episode, we find out the jail in charge back then thought that Monique just wanted a lot of attention and she was following everyone around, trying to find the body of the girl Estelle, at some point, after getting the attention she wanted, just said that it’s not the place. Though we couldn’t find the body of Estelle, we sure do know what happened to her by now, and Monique ended up confessing to her crimes and ended up staying back in prison to complete her jail sentence of 28 years.

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Monique Olivier: Accessory To Evil Review

For the review of the show, the docu-series is actually very detailed and nicely put and it contains almost every bit of information that you need to know about the entire case of Monique Olivier and her husband Michel. At some point for an audience who has a weak heart or can’t take much of gruesome acts, it can be a huge mental toil, because all of the cases that have been mentioned have been portrayed with such particularity and at the same time, the number of cases that have been mentioned which is nearly over 30 can easily mess up the mind of the anyone who isn’t into this serial killer genre.

Overall this is a great watch if you are very much into this genre and then it is worth an appreciation towards the makers, who have spent huge amounts of time, collecting facts and recording statements from people who have been related to the case for over a huge period of time.

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