Sex/Life Season 3 Release Date: Why There’s A Low Chance Of Renewal?

Sex/Life Season 2 is finally here! All the episodes of the intriguing drama series are currently streaming on Netflix and what a second season it was. We weren’t expecting such a drastic change in the storyline of the series and guess what, Billie’s life has become even more complicated now! She is tripping on another level and this time as well, the story shocked us the most. But hey there, have you heard the latest rumors about Sex/Life Season 3?

Fans of the dynamic show are expecting to see a few more episodes of the American drama series and they have raided us with numerous questions on the same. Not only you, but we too are questioning the main creator of the show. But why is Stacy Rukeyser silent on the renewal of the series? All eyes are currently stuck on Billie, Cooper, Brad, Sasha, and Francesca. But as per our estimates, we don’t think the show will be coming back for Season 3. 

Sex/Life Season 3 Release Date

Sex/Life Season 3 Is Not Happening!

You might wait for a year or more, but to be honest, we don’t think the show will be renewed for Season 3! The fans are curiously looking forward to Sex/Life Season 3 and so were we until we watched the last episode of Season 2. The second installment of the show truly blew up our minds. Billie and Cooper both are chasing different things now! Everything has been turned upside down. You thought Season 1 was inappropriately penned, well think again cause Season 2 has been a hefty rollercoaster ride for us. The story was jumbled-up to a whole new level and we surely didn’t see those turns coming! Billie is still very much confused, her heart tells her one thing while her brain trips on another. Do fairytales come true? Can you truly get everything you want? Isn’t it fair enough to choose yourself first? 

But what if, in this constant hurry of what’s wrong and what’s right, you end up losing your individuality? Do we all have to choose between our needs and wants? Well, this story is not just an erotic tale of intimacy and extra-marital affair, it’s so much more than our eyes can ever witness. Sex/Life Season 3 is in high talk but if you have binged Season 2, then you already know by now that the story is no longer getting renewed for another run. Initially, everyone was expecting to see the third installment of the show next year, particularly during May or June 2024. But it seems like there is no more story to discuss further.

But you never know what might cook in Netflix’s head, the show has got a good amount of ratings out there, so they might think about a sequel series! But as of now, we see no hope left for Sex/Life Season 3. The story had only one cliffhanger, but if you had read Brad’s reaction clearly, then you already have the answer you are looking for! We think Billie is pregnant once again with Brad’s child and thus they have completed the circle of their complicated relationship. It’s time for them to get married and thus the series concludes!

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Sex/Life Season 2 – Is Billie Pregnant Again?

Sex/Life Season 3 Is Not Happening!

Yes, you read it right, Sex/Life Season 2 ended with the big news! Billie is pregnant with her third child and we all hope that Brad is the father of her child, otherwise, Billie’s life will be messed up again and only then we can think about Season 3. For the time being, we are guessing the show will not be renewed for Season 3 but again, it all depends upon Stacy Rukeyser’s mindset. If he can pull up another story from this complicated tale, then Sex/Life Season 3 will surely premiere someday. Until then, we would like to stick to our original statement.

When Billie whispered she was pregnant, Brad was looking extremely shocked and happy. This hints to us that the baby belongs to him, but again, you can never predict the future accurately. Moreover, if you consider everything, then they have already covered up all the loopholes of the tale, there is nothing more to stress on! The only cliffhanger we can see here is Billie’s shocking pregnancy news. Other than that, every loophole has been filled up beautifully. Each one of our main characters got a pair and this explains it all. 

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