Who Is Michel Fourniret? Where Is He Now?

Many people may have not known this name very well, however, some people who have been into the serial killer genre and other news related to serial killing, can surely not forget him. The most infamous killer in the history of France has more than 30 victims; however, only 8 have been identified as of now. Now since the last few days, only the name of Michel Fourniret hasn’t been coming up because the entire case has got on big another name who bears the same burden as Michel, and has been an equal part of the crime as he has been, it is none other than his own wife Monique Olivera.

The recent Netflix documentary series Monique Olivera’s accessory to evil has been the main reason why he has attracted so much attention to these two personalities. There lie some big questions regarding who was the real mastermind behind all the murders and whether Monique Olivera was just being manipulated or was actually having fun while doing the murders though these things aren’t answered one thing that is for sure is Michel Foruniret wasn’t the fellow we would like to roam around freely in the streets of our locality or anywhere.

Now moving on for all those who don’t know much about this personality, we will actually suggest you watch the series because the way the documentary has been delivered to us is excellent and every detail that has been mentioned in it, just takes us on a ride into the mindset and the entire cases from the perspective of the different officers who headed this cases and the current situation these two personalities are in right now.

Who Is Michel Fourniret?

Who Is Michel Fourniret? Where Is He Now

Now comes the big question that is who is Michel Fourniret, he was a French personality who had some evil instinct in him and he went on a streak of kidnapping, raping, and murdering young virgin girls over a period of time, and while doing this he also seeks help from his wife or as we may say according to some reports manipulated her and made a pact with her, because of which she ended up helping her in getting or hunting as we may say virgin young girls so that he could rape them. now if we look back into his history he has always been a guy with some evil intentions, he started assaulting women at a very young age and maintained notes about it in his diary, which was also triggered by his childhood obsession with virginity or virgins.

He was in jail for nearly 8 years because of his such deeds and while he was in prison, he ended up writing letters and slowly making Monique prey of him, with his help he went on doing the following murders whose cases are still going on. The first thing that we need to mention about him was his technique of murder, firstly he used to get the girl inside his van or lure them and trick them inside with some excuse and then he used to take them to his place and lock them up, while he made his wife check whether they are virgins or not. Soon, he started raping them and strangling them to death when he was satisfied with his needs.

This entire scenario continued over a period of 13 years and soon one day finally he was arrested when one of his attempts to kidnap a girl failed and soon came out all the truths regarding him. Though for a long time, he was just a suspect until and unless his wife Monique finally admitted that he was doing all this stuff.

Then goes on a long series of investigations which takes many twists and turns because of his wife’s statements, she is actually a very smart woman and was sly with her ways, finally, when he admitted to his crimes and his wife also confessed everything, he was sentenced to prison for a lifetime, and his wife was sentenced to jail for a period of 28 years. Another notable thing about him was that only 8 bodies were found, however, he made a confession that in total there were more than 30 victims and it is up to them to find out about them.

However, the cases again opened when the case came up regarding the girl named Estella, which was the last trial he ever faced.

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Where Is Michel Fourniret?

After he was sentenced to lifelong prison, he was sent to the jail of Rennes, soon after that his wife also got divorced and he was mostly alone there. After staying there for a long time, it was finally on the 10th of May 2021, when he was hospitalized, and due to his deteriorating heart condition and Alzheimer, he passed away. Now currently the only thing we can say is that he is surely in hell right now, for all the crimes he has committed and his wife is still in the prison of Rennes where she is completing her sentence and also facing trials for other cases.

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