Sex/Life Season 2 Ending Explained And Review: Watch It Or Skip It?

Desires do come true, especially when you badly want it your way! This brings us back to Billie Connelly. She is a mother, wife, a psychology Ph.D. student but hey there what else do you know about her? Do you know the real Billie? The one who was always curious about life, who was always up for risks, the one who knew how to enjoy life the most! We all know about her jumbled-up life and marriage history, but what’s more important is, will she choose the right thing this time?

It’s not about what people want her to be, it’s about what she truly wants to be. She resembles a butterfly, you better not lock her in a jar! Sometimes it’s all about what you want, your desires, and your choices. It can be too wild for society but is it fair enough to suffocate within the weak barriers of life and relationships? Sex/Life Season 2 premiered recently and trust us, the story got even more complicated this time but all’s well that ends well! Those twisted turns surely made us think a lot, so here is everything we grabbed from Sex/Life Season 2. 

Sex/Life Season 2 – Watch It Or Skip It?

Sex/Life Season 2 - Watch It Or Skip It?

If you have watched the previous season of the show, then we are pretty sure you are planning to binge this as well. Sex/Life Season 1 ended with Billie rushing toward Brad. But guess what, it all went down the drain! Her ex-boyfriend, Brad denied her completely, it seems like he is not looking for a fling anymore. Brad is in a happy relationship with Gigi now and he is no longer a boyfriend but a father as well! Billie’s world collapses down, what’s even worse is Cooper has tracked Billie’s location and that’s where their marriage comes to a dead end.

Yes, this time we will see the couple filing for a divorce case. On one hand, Billie gets a chance to live an independent life in New York while on the other hand, Cooper tries his luck on Francesca, and to some extent, their relationship was working pretty well. But then he slept with Trina and that’s where he ruined it all again. This time, two new characters appeared in the story. Billie happens to stumble upon Majid, the very hot and handsome restaurant owner. One thing went to another and they ended up dating. The only two problems here are, Majid is quite younger than Billie and Brad happens to be among Majid’s connections! Well, that guy invested in his restaurant. The other one would be Dr. Evans, you can call him Kam, after all that’s what Sasha calls her. 

Just like Billie, Sasha too had a chance to witness true love, but as the saying goes by, sometimes you have to follow your dreams, even if that makes you look selfish. But life is giving Sasha another chance, she can grab it all now or once again end up alone. Lastly, due to Billie and Cooper’s haphazard divorce case, their children are truly suffering, especially their son Hudson. After all, how could we forget about the time Hudson goes missing? The series is filled with a bunch of ups and downs, but as we mentioned above you will fall in love with the ending of the show! 

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Sex/Life Season 2 – Ending Explained 

Sex/Life Season 2 - Watch It Or Skip It?

It was indeed a beautiful ending and we couldn’t have asked for a better conclusion. If your love is true, then somehow or the other you will come back to it! The exact saying goes for our couples. Sasha decides to stay still for a while and this time she made the right decision! She has chased success immensely and now is the time she chooses for herself. She ends up marrying Kam, and our independent woman is finally settling down in life.

Moreover, Cooper finally realizes his mistakes. He goes back to the woman he genuinely loved and ended up together. Lastly, we come to the core character of the story, Billie! She finally gets a Ph.D. degree, she no longer misses Brad and now she is getting settled with her kids, but guess what, a little surprise awaits for her as well. To know how she ends up marrying Brad, you have to watch all six episodes of Sex/Life Season 2, exclusively just on Netflix.

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