The Consultant Season 2 Is On Its Way To Thrill Us Once More!

This year Amazon is taking some huge steps, investing in many projects that it hopes would benefit the platform in the long run. The Consultant is one such experiment by Prime Video. Hoping to acquire more attention from viewers and deliver a grand thriller, Prime Video invested heavily in this project. So far, this endeavor has garnered attention from the viewers heavily. And why wouldn’t it? It stars some of the well-respected stars of Hollywood with Christoph Waltz leading this suspense thriller.

This news series is out to take you on a wild ride with its gripping plot and office drama. Be it sinister smirks, mysteries that keep us on the edge, and cliffhangers that have kept us yearning for The Consultant season 2, this thriller has performed well on each spectrum. As for season 2, we are as excited as you are! So, without further ado, let’s dive on!

The Consultant Season 2 Release Date

In the end, we are all working-class people who share a bittersweet relationship with our colleagues and seniors. So, when we get to know about a series that centers around this plot, we are always eager to watch it, aren’t we? The Consultant is one such series that has picked up this genre and elevated it highly. 

On-point comic punches, a stellar cast, and a storyline that has gripped us all hard. The Consultant has become one of the most-watched series on Prime Video. The Consultant season 1 dropped on February 24, 2023. And while Amazon hasn’t specified anything about the return of this series, we know The Consultant isn’t going to end with 8 mere episodes. 

The makers have held great hopes and high ambitions while manifesting the series. We don’t think they’d let go of such a potential series this soon. The Consultant season 2 can be released in the third quarter of 2024. Hopefully, we wouldn’t have to wait for long before we get a confirmed release date!

Name Of The ShowThe Consultant
Season NumberSeason 2
Genredrama, thriller
The Consultant Season 1 Release Date24th February 2023
The Consultant Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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The Consultant Season 2: What Could Be The Plot?

The Consultant Season 2

One of the most interesting points of this series is that it has left a wide array of possibilities open since it ended with a lot of cliffhangers. The major ones would be serving as possible story arcs for The Consultant season 2. We all know that Patoff quit CompWare, an organization he joined as a consultant when its former owner dies mysteriously. 

Now that he is out of the game for good and Elaine is the new boss, season 2 could showcase Elaine’s struggles to change CompWare back to what it was. Before Patoff CompWare had a healthy work environment where there was no colleague jealous of the other and no one wanted to stomp over the other to earn a better position. Since Patoff is off the game, we could witness Elaine’s struggle to convert CompWare back to what it was. And of course, since she owes Patoff a huge deal, we can have another thriller!

Or maybe, we could see Patoff as a consultant in some other company. Though that doesn’t seem as appealing as the previous story arch, we cannot rule out this possibility. Of course, the makers could come up with a different storyline and hopefully, it would be as interesting as The Consultant season 1 is.

The Consultant Season 2: Who Could Be In The Cast?

This black comedy thriller has a stellar cast and each one of them keeps us hooked on the series. Led by Regus Patoff, the new consultant in CompWare, this series blends the usual office drama with a mystery seamlessly. Patoff, brought to us by the incredibly skilled Christoph Waltz, is a man who wouldn’t let you blink your eyes. He’s inhuman, truly corrupted, and yet the most fascinating character of this series.

The next most interesting character is Craig Horne, portrayed by Nat Wolff. He is the Sherlock in this series, of course with relatively questionable skills. Craig is a genius coder who works as a senior game developer at CompWare. 

Then, there is Elaine Hayman, another lead character that adds to the grandeur of the series. She is brought to us by Brittany O’Grady and is a woman of questionable morals. Though she believes her core values are her strength, she loses them bit by bit. Hopefully, she would regain them again in season 2. Other characters like Patti, Craig’s fiance, Ian, another colleague of Craig, and many other characters would be joining us in The Consultant season 2.

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The Consultant Season 1: A Short Recap

The Consultant Season 2 Release Date

Even you must be wondering about The Consultant’s storyline since it is claimed to be an entangled web. Let us simply do it for you. So, The Consultant is an office drama delivered with dark satire. CompWare is a game development company where each worker is considered to be a family member. This small family is led by Sang-Woo, an inspirational leader who has made a questionable decision.

When Sang drops dead, everyone in CompWare is shaken. But to add shock to their misery arrives Regus Patoff who claims to be the new consultant of the company. What’s better? He has all the executive rights to CompWare and is now the leader of the pack appointed by the late Sang. But unlike Sang, Patoff doesn’t value any emotions or his employees. He is concerned with only one thing; money.

To achieve his goal, Patoff uses the infamous decade-long strategy; of divide and rule. But Craig gets suspicious of his actions and starts to dig up about Patoff’s past which is brimming with rather dark secrets. Meanwhile, our moral queen, Elaine is slipping away And Patti, Craig’s fiance, has started to question Craig’s loyalty and is lured into Patoff’s web, too.

The Consultant Season 1 Review: 80 Questions Packed In 8 Episodes

Okay, not exactly 80 questions but so many that leaves us in a haze. What happened to the supposed consultant, Regus Patoff? What did Craig find out? Why is Elaine acting like a puppet of Patoff? And so many more. But that’s not a complaint, rather it is an observation–and to an extent, a compliment as well. We enjoy thrillers that end up leaving us baffled. That’s the whole point of watching a suspense thriller, right? We want to be enamored! And The Consultant does a stellar job with it.

Speaking of the cast, you wouldn’t hear any complaints either. Christoph Waltz is a brilliant actor who adds life to this series. Without him, the series wouldn’t have been this glamorous. About the execution of the storyline? The cast ensemble does a great job executing the script.

What doesn’t work here is the pace of the story. When it was in the written format, in the novel by Bentley Little, it was all fine. We were enjoying the manipulations and those cunning traps. But when we are watching a series that keeps introducing us to new twists without letting us recover from the previous ones, it becomes a bit tedious. Rest aside, The Consultant doesn’t disappoint.

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Is Roger Patoff A Robot Or Is It Another Trap?

The Consultant Season 2 Release Date

Coming to the ending of The Consultant is again a messy concept. When Craig started questioning Patoff’s backstory and decided to dig more about his past, we weren’t surprised. Patoff was quite a questionable man. His morals–or the lack thereof–were a bit quirky from the start. And especially when this suspicious man started to play games with the workers, his motives became the center of focus.

More importantly, we start questioning Sang, the former boss of CompWare. If this company was his beloved tressure, how could he hand it over to someone as corrupt as Patoff? Craig thought of the same and started investigating in that direction. Meanwhile, Patoff starts to split the employees and bend them to his will. He is quite money-centered and he wanted to make all the employees of CompWare the same way.

And he did succeed. Patoff brainwashed Elaine into helping him and while Elaine benefitted immensely, she couldn’t realize how Patoff has trapped her. When she comes to her senses and realizes what had happened, it’s too late. On the other hand, Craig has come up with answers.

Patoff, the infamous consultant, is a humanoid with no human feelings only complex algorithms. He doesn’t sleep, hardly eats, and does everything to acquire his goal; make Compware financially stable. How Sang brought this robot is still a mystery. Hopefully, The Consultant season 2 would solve it.


The show has a rating of 6.7 stars out of 10 and IMDb.

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The Consultant Season 2: FAQs

1. What Is The Consultant Series About?

It is a dark office thriller centered around Regus Patoff, the new consultant and supposed owner of CompWare.

2. Is The Consultant Season 2 Cancelled?

No, it isn’t been canceled yet but has not been approved either.

3. How Many Episodes Does The Consultant Season 1 Consists Of?

It consists of 8 episodes all ranging under the 1-hour mark.

4. Is The Consultant Series Worth Watching?

If you’re into office dramas and suspense thrillers, The Consultant should be on your watchlist.

5. Is A Trailer Available For The Consultant Season 2?

No, there is no trailer available yet.

6. Where To Watch The Consultant Season 2?

You can watch this thriller on Amazon Prime Video when it arrives. Meanwhile, stream The Consultant season 1!

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