Santo Maldito Season 2 Release Date: When Is The Show Releasing?

Whether it’s Santo Maldito or Damned Saint, it’s all the same! The recently released Brazilian drama series, Damned Saint is on our radar and we can’t wait to update you on the same. Santo Maldito truly shocked us to the core, we were terrified by the storyline of the intriguing Brazilian drama series, and guess what, fans are looking out for more. All eyes are currently stuck on Santo Maldito Season 2.

Yes, you heard it right, speculations say Santo Maldito might make a comeback with Season 2. But as of now, we haven’t heard much about the renewal of the drama series. Thus, some are assuming Santo Maldito Season 2 has been canceled by Hulu. Well, fans are highly curious to learn more about the second installment of the drama series. So, here is everything we know about the renewal of Santo Maldito Season 2. 

Santo Maldito Season 2 Release Date 

Santo Maldito Season 2 Release Date

Are you ready to see the continuation of Santo Maldito? Is the Brazilian series renewed for Season 2? Fans are looking forward to Santo Maldito Season 2 but, hey is the drama series really renewed for another installment? Well, as per our analysis and studies, as of now, Santo Maldito has not been renewed for Season 2. The rumors are yet to be confirmed by the original creators of the show. 

The second installment of the Brazilian drama series is not yet canceled or confirmed by the directors or producers of the show. If we look at the ratings of the show, then we can safely say that Santo Maldito Season 1 has done quite well out there. As per our guesses, the show might soon get renewed for another run.

The creators of the series might be silent now but they will soon update us on Santo Maldito Season 2. If we go by our estimations and analysis, then Santo Maldito Season 2 might drop out somewhere at the beginning of 2024, particularly around the end of February or the beginning of March. 

Name Of The ShowSanto Maldito
Season NumberSeason 2
Santo Maldito Season 1 Release Date 8 February 2023
Santo Maldito Season 2 Release Date Not Announced

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Santo Maldito Season 1 Synopsis 

Before discussing further on Santo Maldito Season 2, let us quickly brush our eyes through the first season of the show. It all starts with Reinaldo’s wife! She goes into a vegetative state, where her brain has gone numb but hey there this is just the beginning of the tale. It all becomes even more complicated when his wife wakes up suddenly from her deep sleep.

People started believing that the professor holds some unique powers. This brings us to Pastor Samuel, who starts praising Reinaldo’s miracle, but little did he know that Reinaldo didn’t do anything to disturb his wife from her deep sleep, it was all just by chance. But hey there, what about the medical debts held on Reinaldo’s shoulder? 

To get proper medical aid for his wife, Reinaldo decides to go for a medical loan but the amount has been bothering him to a great extent now. To pay the bills on time, Reinaldo decides to work for Pastor Samuel. The renowned Pastor has just one deal for him, he must preach in churches while in return he will be given a good load of money by Samuel.

Thus begins Reinaldo’s journey as a religious leader. But hey there, the tale isn’t as straightforward as it seems to be! Reinaldo is an age-old atheist, he doesn’t believe in God and it will be highly interesting to see how this young man will take up unique styles of preaching to reach out to the people of different church communities. 

What Will Happen In Santo Maldito Season 2? 

Santo Maldito Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the show had a haphazard ending, Santo Maldito Season 1 indeed ended with a major cliffhanger! A lot of loopholes are still left in the tale. Reinaldo’s daughter is doubting her father’s activity heavily. She senses something is not right in his father’s behavior and this tale will be continued in Season 2 as well. Reinaldo is living a two-faced life! Slowly and steadily, his character is becoming highly questionable to us.

We are expecting to see some more complicated twists and turns in Santo Maldito Season 2. Hopefully, we will soon hear about it from the creators of the show. That’s all for now, to learn more about the intriguing Hulu and Disney+ series, stay connected with us, just right here.


This thrilling show has 8.0 stars out of 10 on IMDb.

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Santo Maldito Season 2 Release Date- FAQs

1. Is Santo Maldito coming back with Season 2?

No, Santo Maldito is yet not renewed for another installment.

2. When will Santo Maldito Season 2 premiere?

According to our estimates, Santo Maldito Season 2 might premiere around February or March 2024.

3. How many total episodes are there in Santo Maldito Season 1?

Santo Maldito Season 1 holds a total of 8 episodes.

4. Can you watch Santo Maldito online?

Yes, all the episodes of Santo Maldito are currently streaming on Hulu and Disney+.

5. Has the filming started for Santo Maldito Season 2?

We still don’t know whether the filming has started for Santo Maldito Season 2 or not.

6. Do we have any teaser for Santo Maldito Season 2?

No, as of now, we don’t have any teaser or trailer for Santo Maldito Season 2.

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