365 Days Movies In Order: How To Watch And Where To Watch?

We are back with some steaming hot movies. You must have read the title above, today we are all set to explore the 365 Days franchise. So far, we have witnessed only three movies here, and guess what fans are highly pumped to learn more about this epic franchise. The story of the trilogy is over but it’s never too late to press the rewind button.

We are highly curious to brush our eyes through the exploratory journey of the franchise. It all started in 2020 and to date, whenever we talk about erotic movies, 365 Days never fail to grab our attention. This brings us to the main discussion of the day, let’s review each one of these movies one by one!

365 Days Movies In Order

We are back with another exclusive recommendation of the day. Are you all set and ready to review all the 365 Days movies with us? As we mentioned above, we have in total 3 movies with us, one was released in 2020, while the other two were released last year. Within a few years, the franchise has got an incredible amount of popularity out there.

Thanks to the renowned Polish author of all time, Blanka Lipińska did an exceptional job in penning the story of 365 Days. She had once confessed that she was highly moved by the story of the trilogy penned by E. L. James and thus she decided to work on her personal erotic novel series. It seems like Blanka took some heavy references from Fifty Shades of Grey but we cannot over the look the fact that the tale of 365 Days is much more complicated than the story of Fifty Shades of Grey!

3. 365 Days

365 Days Movies In Order

The first chapter of the story begins. Released on 7th June 2020, this movie truly took us by surprise. This brings us to Massimo Torricelli, the sole son of the Mafia boss. His father was shot dead by other criminal groups, but fortune had different plans for him. After overcoming his father’s death, he decided to carry his father’s legacy forward. He became the sole runner of the underworld industry but his life will soon turn upside down. Finally, after a gap of five years, he crossed paths with Laura Biel, the one he saw on the beach, the one who was always on his search radar. 

He had only one motive in mind, to make Laura fall for him. But this is not going to be an easy love game for him. This is not a plain love story, but a tale of love, hatred, greed, thriller, mystery, and suspense. It’s a jumbled-up story of misfortunes, love, and intense sexual scenes. The movie ends with a major cliffhanger, Laura was pregnant with Massimo’s child, but little did she know that other rival criminal groups are determined to kill her, they are eyeing their wedding, and they are ready to hunt them down. 

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2. 365 Days: This Day

365 Days Movies In Order

Next on our list is the second most popular movie of the franchise, let’s talk about the sequel movie to 365 Days. Love intensifies and so do anger and hatred. Do all love stories have happy endings? Well, Laura and Massimo did, they are finally married to each other, we couldn’t have asked for a better start than this. But love doesn’t treat you well all the time.

Who would have thought that Massimo will cheat on Laura? She lost her first child, and the accident indeed left a heavy scar on her heart but she shattered apart even more when her husband cheated on her. Wandered with anger and confusion, Laura decides to flee to an unknown island and hey there she didn’t run away alone! 

Nacho, Massimo’s dedicated gardener, was there to accompany Laura on the deserted island. Thus, begins a new part of the story, where love will be tested in terms of honesty and responsibility! Here, we will learn more about Laura and her interests and mindset. 365 Days: This Day was indeed filled with dynamic complexities. Just like the first movie, this movie as well ends with a major cliffhanger. Can Massimo save his beloved wife?

Laura lies still, covered in blood, in Massimo’s arm, while Massimo cries and shouts for help. This brings us to the end of the sequel movie but the ending truly gave us goosebumps. Fans were left behind in stress and confusion, all worrying about Laura’s fate and Massimo’s future.

1. The Next 365 Days

365 Days Movies In Order

We have come to the last leg of our segment, it’s time to talk about the storyline of The Next 365 Days! If you love binging on complicated love stories, then this one was specially made for you. Is love always enough? Will Laura make the right choice? As the story moves forward, we will see how Laura is still confused between Massimo and Nacho, both love her and she is still trying to see who will be the best match for her! This time it’s not solely about love, but it’s about trust, friendship, and relationships! One decision might ruin everything for her. On the other hand, we will see how Massimo is trying to be a better person for Laura. 

Previously, he was intensely rude toward her, but at the end of the day, he loved her genuinely! We cannot overlook that he once cheated on her with Anna. But Massimo soon realized his mistake and has already apologized to her for his past behavior! This brings the ball to Laura’s court, both are not trying to force love upon her, but she must make a wise decision, and this time she must choose for herself. You see, love can be very complicated sometimes, but never forget the fact that there is always one person who loves you more than the others do! 

Is There Any Release Date Announced For 365 Days Part 4?

Yes, you have heard it correctly, speculations say we might soon get a green signal for 365 Days Part 4. The audience is looking forward to the fate of Nacho, Laura, and Massimo, we can’t wait to witness more of the love triangle. If you have read the book penned by Blanka Lipińska, then you must have noticed that the film has deviated from the original storyline of the book! Many extra scenes have been incorporated into the movie. Coming to the renowned writer, Blanka Lipińska is yet to release a concrete statement on 365 Days Part 4. Is the franchise waiting for a fourth book? 

Well, some say Part 4 solely depends upon the fourth book of Blanka Lipińska, while others say the creators might bring up a new version of the story, and they might portray their ideas in the tale! Anything and everything is possible here. In this same context, many have been raiding us with questions on the release date of 365 Days Part 4, but let’s clear it up in one go! As of February 2023, we haven’t heard anything from the main franchise. We yet don’t have a release date for 365 Days Part 4. Our estimates say another part of 365 Days might roll out somewhere in December 2023 or January 2024. 

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What Will Be The Story Of 365 Days Part 4?

365 Days Movies In Order

As we already mentioned above, the story can move anywhere now. We yet don’t know about Laura’s final decision. Whom will she choose? Who does she love? Who will win this game of love? Has Massimo truly changed? Is Nacho genuinely in love with Laura? There are a bunch of questions in our minds and we can’t wait to see what happens next in 365 Days Part 4! It seems like something drastic is waiting for us. Some fans say Laura should choose Nacho, while others say Laura should stick to her first marriage. 

The fan-based theories don’t end here, many say Laura will be pregnant again! We all know about her first miscarriage, that loss remains still in her heart, and she can never forget that day or that cruel accident. Somehow, if you followed the story line by line, then you must have noticed that Laura is slowly losing her connection with Massimo, this might influence her to choose Nacho! That’s all for now, to learn more about interesting movies and action-packed series, stay connected with us, just right here. 

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365 Days Movies In Order – FAQs

1. Is 365 Days renewed for Part 4?

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but sources say Netflix might soon give a green signal to 365 Days Part 4.

2. When will 365 Days Part 4 premiere?

According to our guesses, 365 Days Part 4 might roll out at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.

3. Has Blanka Lipińska started her work on 365 Days Part 4?

No, Blanka Lipińska has yet not started her work on 365 Days Part 4.

4. Will Laura select Massimo?

Nothing can be said now, but many say Laura will stick with Massimo.

5. How many total movies are there in the 365 Days franchise?

The 365 Days franchise holds a total of 3 movies.

6. Will Laura become pregnant again?

Some theories say Laura might get pregnant again, hopefully, we will see this twist in 365 Days Part 4.

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