Who Is Kwon Alexander Brother? Discovering The Family Ties Of The NFL Star

Almost everyone who is into the world of the NFL surely knows about one of the rising names of the game, and that is none other than Kwon Alexander. He is currently playing as a football linebacker for the New York Jets and is a very important part of their gameplay. He has been a part of many other eminent teams such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and overall, since college only, everyone treated him as a genius in the world of football and saw this coming.

Over a period of time, his gameplay has been growing and his physique has been something most people in the NFL world have praised over time. Now when it comes to him as a person, he was quite a good student and he used to study at Oxford, Alabama, he has often been linked to many other different stars and if you know him, you surely know how much of a fun-loving he is and one thing that he surely values more than anything is his football career.

Now one thing that many of you may remember regarding this player is his brother’s death who was killed in his hometown only and was actually a great shock for Kwon Alexander in his life. However, it was many years back and things do seem like they have changed over time and everything has settled, but we should know that very well that Kwon surely hasn’t forgotten about it and he used to love his brother a lot. For all those who don’t know anything about how this incident took, the place don’t worry as we will brief you on everything by the end of this article.

Kwon Alexander Brother

Kwon Alexander Brother

The death of the Kwon Alexander brother was a terrible incident that surely affected Kwon a lot. His brother’s name was Broderick Taylor Jr, and he dies on the 30th of October 2015, yes, we know it was an incident that took place a long time back, but it was surely something that affected the player quite severely. At the time of his death, according to all the reports he was just a teenager, only 17 years old and he was a very loving and funny child according to all the people who used to know him, such as his family and his school teachers.

Other than that, the incident took place while Broderick was still studying in oxford just like his brother, and the person who murdered this young little kid, who may have also ended up being a great sportsman just like his elder brother is Jerald bailey. The incident took place in his hometown that is Anniston, Alabama.

According to all other reports Jerald murdered Broderick and ran away from the scene, and soon that man turned himself in and was convinced of manslaughter but the loss was done and nothing could have been changed. This incident has a great impact on the family members as well as the other students who were a part of his class.

 Now when this incident took place, he was practically playing as a linebacker for Tampa Bay Buccaneers and when he came to know about the incident he was immediately allowed to leave and go check on his family, but he decided to play the match the next day and gave it his everything because according to him, his brother wanted nothing more than him to play football.

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Kwon Alexander Personal Life

Kwon Alexander Brother

When it comes to the personal life of Kwon Alexander, he has studied in oxford and has always been into the world of sports as we all know now, other than that he was born on the 3rd of august 1994, and is currently 28 years old.

He has been a very family-loving persona and loves to spend time with his family. Other than that, he has never mentioned anything publicly about who is dating and based on our reports he is currently completely single. Though there have been a lot of rumors regarding many other renowned celebrities and him being related nothing was made public.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What happened to Kwon Alexander?

He signed for the New York Jets on the 2nd of august 2022.

2.When Did Kwon Alexander’s brother pass away?

His brother passed away on the 31st of October 2015.

3.What happened to Kwon Alexander’s brother?

His brother passed away at the age of 17 in his hometown when he was murdered by a person.

4.What’s the net worth of Kwon Alexander?

As of now, he has got a net worth of about 7 million dollars.

5.What’s the age of Kwon Alexander?

He is currently 28 years old.

6.At which age did Broderick Alexander Jr die?

He passed away at the age of only 17 years old.

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