Was John McAfee A Genius? Examining The Life And Legacy Of The Tech Innovator

One of the biggest names when it comes to the tech industry is John McAfee. And for those who aren’t very much into the tech world, you all are also connected to him in some manner. Almost everyone here has a personal computer of some sort, and mostly all of them need some security system against viruses that roam all over the internet.

Now, what’s there to protect us from it? The answer is the McAfee anti-virus software, which many of us may have seen pop on our computers or laptops once in our life, and then we go for opting their plans to keep our computer secure. However, the McAfee systems haven’t been in the market but they have been going on for years and the founder and maker of that antivirus software is none other than, one of the giants and pioneers of the tech world john McAfee. That was the first time any anti-virus software had made it to the market and since then everything just changed for everyone worldwide.

Now many of you may also be on this article because of the Netflix original series Running With The Devil which came out a few years back and is based on the life of john Mcafee and mainly related to some controversy and the legal charges that were pressed against him. Now though there may be a lot of controversies and many other facts which may end up with john looking like a very bad person, we don’t deny that and we don’t say none of that doesn’t matter.

It does and the nature of the person can’t be ignored, but we also can’t ignore the fact that without him, the tech industry may take many more years to bring something out such as anti-virus software that would be available to everyone on such a commercial scale. Thus, in fact, we have to agree, he truly was a genius in the industry.

Was John McAfee A Genius?

Was John McAfee A Genius

When it comes to his career accomplishments, he was always a genius when it came to academics and though he was kicked out of his college, his academics were surely not the reason for so. Even after all the controversies and stuff he was always related to, he was hired by some of the biggest organizations such as Nasa, Univac, CSC, and many other big names which just tells us how great he is when it comes to practical technology-related stuff.

Other than that, after working for quite some time in these companies we see everything changes for him when he ends up creating the McAfee software and soon its sale to Intel and the big commission he earned from it was surely notable.

Following all these, he started earning a lot of fame and being acknowledged by the world and soon acted as an investor in many renowned companies, and he also got related to some great projects which earned him a lot of fame but everything faded towards the end of his life when he was surely on the run and the series, as we know is basically based on that time of his life.

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John McAfee Net Worth

As we all know John has been a technological genius, and from that, it is quite common to understand that he has earned millions over his entire career, and also if you have known him during his early days, the kind of life he used to live surely told us how much money he earned and how much he had to spend.

Now coming to the approximate values, we have got together, when he was at the peak of his career, he has a net worth of about 100 million dollars and during the 2007 financial crisis scenarios, it got a bit deteriorated by about 4 million dollars. However since then it has just gone down and by the end of his life when he died in the prison cell, he had a net worth of about 4 million dollars.

John McAfee Personal Life

Was John McAfee A Genius

John’s personal life has always been very troubled, starting from his abusive drunkard father. Then comes his relationships which have never worked out properly and he was at the end of his life married three times. However, something very interesting about him is that he has a total of 47 genetic children.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is John McAfee a great programmer?

Yes he is a tech Pioneer and great at coding.

2.Is John McAfee a billionaire?

At some point in his life, he nearly has 100 million dollars in net worth, but it soon got much less.

3.Is John McAfee alive?

No, he passed away on the 23rd of June 2021.

4.What’s the age of John McAfee?

When John passed away he was 75 years old.

5.What was John McAfee known for?

He was known for building the first ever anti-virus computer software which we know as McAfee software.

6.Did McAfee have 47 kids?

Yes according to all sources, he was a father to a total of 47 kids.

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