Eva Lasting Season 2 Release Date: Will The Spanish Series Arrive Again?

Teenage years prove to be more complex, don’t you think? The emotional battles that we have to fight, the constant mood swings, and those pointless dramas. We are all very familiar with them, aren’t we? This is probably why teen dramas are the most beloved ones. Eva Lasting is one such teen drama that will make you reminisce about your teen years and clutch your stomach as you topple over with laughter.

A unique series brought to us by Netflix, Eva Lasting is all set to become one of the most amazing series of its genre. With so many people already appreciating the series, it is no surprise that season 2 has become a hot topic. Let’s get the answers to your questions regarding Eva Lasting season 2 now, shall we?

Eva Lasting Season 2 Release Date

We all know how ruthless Netflix could be, and how easily it cancels season 2 of a series. But we also know how it has prolonged multiple series to multiple seasons as well. Eva Lasting or La Primera Vez is the latest Netflix series that centers around Eva Samper, a young teenager who will make you fall in love with it.

Name Of The ShowEva Lasting
Season NumberSeason 2
Genre romance
Eva Lasting Season 1 Release Date15 February 2023
Eva Lasting Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

Eva Lasting was released on January 15, 2023. If everything works in our favor, we would get Eva Lasting season 2 by late 2024. Though the makers have not confirmed anything yet, we don’t think this series would end up with just one season. Hopefully, the makers will shed light on Eva Lasting season 2 soon!

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Eva Lasting Season 2: What Could Be The Plot?

Eva Lasting Season 2 Release Date

Eva Lasting deals with teenage emotions and centers around Eva’s and Camilo Granados’ lives in season 1. If we get to witness season 2, we can expect to see Eva’s life after graduation. Since both Camilo and Eva are portrayed to be as teenagers, season 2 could deal with the adult version of them.

Or Eva Lasting season 2 might showcase Eva dealing with new friendships, unexpected twists, and possible relationships she has no interest in. There is also a possibility that the makers would portray Camilo nursing his broken heart and Eva helping him. There are multiple storylines available for the makers to choose from, let’s wait and watch which ones they pick for us!

Eva Lasting Season 2: Who Could Be In The Cast List?

This Spanish series has garnered a lot of attention these days and we have no one but the superbly talented cast members to thank. Eva Samper, a teenage rebel with a modern mindset stuck in an old school, will be brought to us by Francisca Estevez Navas. She has recently joined an all-boys school and has started to create chaos. She leaves a trail of bubbling emotions and heartbreaks wherever she goes.

One teenager who has fallen hard for Eva, Camillo Granados, will be portrayed by the talented Emanuel Restrepo. His seemingly innocent face and innocent shyness have made him stand out from the other 599 schoolmates. Eva notices him closely and while Camillo enjoys her attention, he doesn’t know Eva has already friend-zoned him.

There are multiple fans of Eva including Gustavo Pabón brought to us Julián Cerati who want to have her attention on them. Other cast members of this series are Alicia Lopez brought to us by Adriana Arango, Rodrigo Arbelaez portrayed by Mateo Garcia, and many more.

Eva Lasting Series: What Is The Series About?

Eva Lasting Season 2 Release Date

In an all-boys school, Eva saunters like a breath of fresh air. She soon becomes the center of 600 boys’ lives and while the attention is endearing, it is a bit stifling as well. She starts to help these boys in various activities. Be it dancing or confidence, Eva starts to train them in everything.

Eva is oblivious–or acts like it–to the intentions of these boys. Especially Camillo and Gustavo’s affection toward her. She considers them all friends but to them, Eva is their crush who is slowly becoming the love of their life. We have all witnessed love triangles and pentagons but is there a figure who could represent Eva’s situation? When 600 boys are competing for a single Eva, how long would it last?

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Eva Lasting Season 2: FAQs

1. What Is Eva Lasting Series About?

It is about a young teenager, Eva Samper, who has entered an all-boys school. She now has to deal with 600 boys who all have a crush on her.

2. Is Eva Lasting Season 2 Cancelled?

No, this series hasn’t been canceled yet.

3. Is Eva Lasting Series Worth Watching?

If you’re into teenage dramas and romcoms, try this series.

4. Is Eva Lasting Series A Spanish Series?

Yes, it is a Spanish series originally entitles La Primera Vez.

5. Is A Trailer Available For Eva Lasting Season 2?

No, there is no trailer available for this series yet.

6. Where To Watch Eva Lasting Series?

You could watch the Eva Lasting series only on Netflix from February 15, 2023, onwards.

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