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Escanor of the Seven Deadly Sins, the former second prince of the Kingdom of Castellio, and “The Strongest Holy Knight” throughout the Kingdom of Liones. His Sacred Treasure is Rhitta, the Divine Axe, and his inherent power is Sunshine, which earned him the reputation of gaining immense power during the day and gradually weakening as the sun set, leaving him frail and submissive at night.

Best Escanor Quotes

  • Those who are powerful are known for their calmness.’
  • Isn’t that what I said?… It’s impossible to have an easy death.’
  • I have no reason to be enraged by those who are beneath me. All I can think of is pity for them.’
  • ‘How does it feel to be a demon god…? To have a human look down on you?’
  • ‘It’s no surprise it hurt me; I wouldn’t expect anything less from myself!’
  • ‘What’s the matter, what’s the matter?’ .. Maybe you threw a coin or something?’
  • Please excuse me. When someone smaller than me looks down on me, it makes me sick.
  • “Why should I feel pity for someone who is clearly weaker than I am?” “I only feel sorry for them.”
  • ‘You wouldn’t guess it based on my appearance, but I specialize in babysitting.’
  • Let’s be honest: Escanor’s every remark is a quote in and of itself. Everything that comes out of his mouth is awesome, thanks to his strong, arrogant voice.
  • “I ask that you do not harbor any animosity toward me.” I wouldn’t have the pleasure of fighting you if you were struck down by your own commandment.”
  • What a sick fight this would have been if Diane and Escanor had actually fought.
  • It’s fine; if anything happens, I’ll be there.
  • It’s fine; if anything happens, I’ll be there right away!
  • “Everyone is hoping for the best for you. As a result, please… open your eyes.”
  • It’s not uncommon for villains to hide their true intentions until it’s too late.
  • If the villain doesn’t show their evil, it’s a problem. To turn knights into heroes, villains are required.”
  • “You stick to it no matter how much you bleed or how dry your tears are.” That is what a knight represents.”
  • Please excuse me… When someone smaller than me looks down on me, I get sick.”
  • “You can’t fool your own heart no matter how many lies you tell.”
  • The secret to feeling more powerful than the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins is to use magic words.
  • Everyone dies at some point… They will, however, live on in the minds of those who remember them.
  • Everybody must die at some point in their lives. However, as long as someone protects what they believed in, it will never fade away.”
  • “Those who are powerful are characterized by calmness.”
  • “Anyone who does not value good booze does not have the right to consume it.”
  • “You stick to it no matter how much blood and tears you shed once you’ve decided to embrace those principles!” That’s what it takes to be a knight.”
  • When the meanings behind the seemingly strange behaviors are revealed, a completely different conclusion may be reached… It is possible for justice to turn against you.”
  • Depending on the answer, justice may become evil.
  • “In order to protect the girl, Gil put his life on the line.”
  • “Just as Gil put his life on the line for the girl he loved, I’m putting my life on the line for the girl I love.”
  • You can’t always protect everything… But, no matter what, you must keep trying your hardest!
  • “Wow, that guy is incredible!” “Everything he says has a sexual connotation!”
  • It is possible for reality to be deceived. Make sure you don’t get lost!
  • “For the sake of all those who have always stood by my side in battle.” This conflict has raged for the past 3000 years. I’m going to put an end to it for good.”
  • A heart that is sensitive to emotions. Gowther is a misunderstood character.
  • You’ve given up everything valuable in exchange for that useless power you’re about to lose! That is your transgression!”
  • When things seem to contradict each other, look at the other side of the coin.”
  • “Kill me as soon as possible.” As a result, the one you love will resurrect.”
  • Even if something appears to others to be meaningless, it can have meaning.
  • Keep moving forward; something good might happen one day!
  • Despite the fact that my life hasn’t been particularly pleasant, I believe that if I live long enough, something good will occur.”
  • Why should I feel any ill will toward someone who is clearly weaker than me? I only feel sorry for them.”
  • “I’ll give you all the changes you need to make amends for our mental sins.”

These Quotes have been picked up from the Show Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure and its dialogues.

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Escanor is a handsome young man. His fans adore his athleticism and fashion sense. In a single day, his body transforms into a mountain of muscle. However, at night, he transforms into a very thin individual. He also has a mustache on his face, which adds to the character’s uniqueness.

Escanor also doesn’t particularly want anything, as he stated while competing in a competition for any prize he desires that he might prefer to bring liquor to the competition rather than compete, despite his strength.

Escanor wears glasses and has a mustache. Escanor’s outfit is a bartender’s suit, which, while slightly baggy, appears to fit his non-sunny form far better than his previous outfit. During his first formal appearance in the plot, he wore spectacles temporarily. On his back is a lion symbol.

He wore a full body armor suit with a unique helm ten years ago (which may be too large to fit him properly in the early morning or night, and conversely too small to fit him during the sunlight hours, particularly noon).

Escanor was revealed to be a meek and weak young man with short hair and a set of clothes during the Vampires of Edinburgh side story.

That appeared to be too big for him. His clothes were designed to be intentionally loose so that they would fit him properly as he grew larger.

Escanor wears an ornamental golden handguard and a long-sleeved white jacket with white fur trimmings on the side of the jacket and white spiky fur on the neck of the jacket during the new Holy War. He’s dressed in black pants with a three-row stud belt and a large buckle with a sun with spikes and studs around it. He was dressed in white boots with a miniature sun on top and swirly wing-like designs around them.


Escanor Quotes

Escanor, the prince of the Kingdom of Castellio, was born 40 years ago. Daymond, his older brother, used to pick on him when he was a kid until his power awakened one day, and he accidentally broke his brother’s arm. Because of what had happened and his strange unexplained appearance, his parents disowned him, and the Kingdom’s forces mobilized to kill him. Rosa, a kind woman, rescued him by hiding him in a barrel and setting it adrift at sea. Even when he helped people, people called him a monster everywhere he went.

5 Years Ago Today

After slaying a monster that had caused riots in a town, Escanor was causing havoc in Liones. Several Holy Places Because the people of the villages and towns were terrified of him, knights, including the Great Holy Knight Zaratras, tried to dissuade him from believing he was responsible. All of the knights were seriously injured. Escanor meets Merlin and Meliodas there, who invite him to join their knightly order, despite the fact that the two were forced to restrain him by the king’s order to stop his mayhem.

12 Years Ago

The Seven Deadly Sins, including Escanor, were dispatched to deal with a vampire clan that had taken control of the Kingdom of Edinburgh and was threatening the Kingdom of Liones and all of Britannia with impending war. With his inclusion in the mission, King and Dreyfus are noticeably unsettled.

Meliodas had Escanor released from a special containment room before the mission began, while the latter was dragging the former’s Sacred Treasure. The Lion’s Sin of Pride apologized to his captain and reminded him that if at all possible, he would like to return by morning. Escanor was reassured and declared his resolve to do his best after Meliodas explained that Merlin had built a portal for them.

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10 Years ago

After defeating the Troll Queen and causing the accidental destruction of the Great Druid Altar, Escanor and the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins were summoned to a castle 10 years ago to meet the Great Holy Knight Zaratras. They were all ambushed by the assailants after they discovered him dead.

the Knights of the Holy Cross When Meliodas ordered everyone to disperse and regroup later, Escanor obeyed and went into hiding, eventually forming a secret bar deep within the mountains and establishing himself as the owner and master.  Escanor’s secret bar may or may not have been successful, but it was well-stocked and maintained, and Escanor himself stated that he had made deliveries in the past, implying that his business was thriving at the time.

Escanor is one of Lion’s Sin of Pride’s most powerful members. He is one of the most well-known anime characters due to his muscular physics and saying. 

Seven Deadly Sins- FAQs

When was Seven Deadly Sins initially released?

It was initially released on 5 October 2014.

When was Seven Deadly Sins last released?

The 5th season of the anime was released on 13 January 2021.

How many total seasons are there for Seven Deadly Sins?

There are total 5 seasons of Seven Deadly Sins.

How many total episodes are there in Seven Deadly Sins season 5?

In the 5th season of the show, there are 24 episodes.

Will there ever be Seven Deadly Sins season 6?

Till now there is no announcement regarding the 6th season of the show.

What is the Seven Deadly Sins season 6 release date?

There is no exact release date as of now.

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