Who Is Taka Naruto? Read To Know!

Taka is a group of supporting characters in Masashi Kishimoto’s famous Manga serious Naruto. One of the main characters of the Manga series Sasuke Uchiha created this group of shinobis. They are originally Hebi and later named Taka after killing Itachi. The Taka members are very loyal to each other and help each other in different situations. The character of this group also found helping each other and saving each other’s life at various times. Their director Sasuke Uchiha for whom they fight and espionage has given them several tasks. Taka is a very important asset of Sasuke Uchiha.

Naruto Manga has a very big list of characters. It has various protagonists, antagonists, supporting characters, and other characters. However, it is because the serious is also very big and has released 72 volumes till now. hence, so many characters are very genuine. Taka Naruto is listed in either the supporting characters’ list or other characters’ list in the Naruto Manga series. But they have considerable importance in various stories and incidents in the Manga series. Fans of Naruto Manga also like the characters of Taka. Hence, today we are introducing you to Taka Naruto. To know the characters of the Taka team, their names, works, specialities, and tasks they performed read the full article. 

Who Is Taka Naruto? 

Who Is Taka Naruto?

Taka is a group formed by Sasuke Uchicha. The group members use to work for him. He initially gave them the task of finding his brother Itachi Uchiha to kill him and complete his long-awaited revenge on him. After they succeeded in this mission, the group was renamed Taka from Hebi. Later, the team got another task and that was to find and kill Konoha. This work was also assigned by Sasuke. Among Taka, each one works together to achieve a certain goal but their motivation and main reason to join the group and perform their duties were different. 

In the Naruto Manga series, there was also a time when this Taka broke and all the members were parted. But soon they rejoined for their common interest and to achieve certain goals. After the success of their initial operations, the big task in which Taka was involved with their creator Sasuke was the 4th Shinobi world war. They participated in the war with Shinobi Forces. However, after the war, Taka was broken and dissolve forever. It was not a forced desolvation but the need for time. However, the desolvation did not mean that the members of the group had gone forever. After the Taka dissolve, all the members of Sasuke’s team went to Orochimaru where they secretly started assisting Sasuke who also thought of having a family now. 

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Main Team Members Of Taka Naruto

Who Is Taka Naruto?

One of the main leads of Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha has to make a team called Taka for which he requires three members. In the hunt for his perfect team, Sasuke went to Otokagure and recruited three members. The members included in his team were Jugo, Karin, and Suigetsu Hozuki. These three had different reasons to join the Taka and different specialities and qualities that made them perfect members of Taka. The three Taka group members are also portrayed in the various cinematic presentation of the Naruto Manga series. Read further to know more about the three Taka members from Masashi’s Naruto manga series- 

  • Suigetsu Hozuki

Suigetsu Hozuki was the first character that Sasuke Uthicha onboarded in his team of three members. He is from Kirigakure and has some magical powers to add value to the team. Suigetsu Hozuki Can turn any part of his body into the water. But to use this power of his Hozuki has to remain hydrated. Apart from being a follower of Sasuke’s instructions, Suigetsu Hozuki himself had certain individual goals as a member of Taka. He wanted to get hold of the swords of seven swordmen of Mist. In his journey, he even managed to get one sword of Zabuza but lost it in a battle with Kage. After getting the swords he would be able to reform the organization as a homage to the soul of his late brother Mangetsu. But to the end of Taka, he did not succeed in this mission. 

  • Karin

After Suigetsu Hozuki, Sasuke onboarded Karin in his Taka team of three. She is a member of the Uzumaki clan which is also the clan of Naruto, the lead character of the Manga series. She was very loyal to Orochimaru since he took her with him and supported her when her village was destroyed in the past. Arin had two superpowers. One was that she could sense the chakras of other people and the second was that she can heal people if they bite her. Later she join his, team of Sasuke, because she had a certain liking for him and joining Taka seemed her a good choice to stay with Sasuke. In the battle with Danzo, Sasuke badly injured Karin but she forgave him when he apologized to her later for his deeds. 

  • Jugo 

Jugo was the third member Sasuke joined in Taka. The members of Jugo’s clan absorb lots of natural energy to bring their superpowers into effect. Therefore these people are very violent. Jugo did not want to go along with Sasuke to join Taka. But when Sasuke was able to control Jugo’s rage he thought that Sasuke is the reincarnation of his beloved older brother Kimimaro who has died. Hence, he agreed to join Taka and became the third and last member of Sasuke’s team. 

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Major Works of Taka Naruto

Who Is Taka Naruto?

The Taka performed various tasks under the guidance and instructions of Sasuke Uchahi. At a time the group also faced separation but they joined each other for their goals, fought in the war, and remained together till Sasuke dissolve the Taka. Together they performed various important sequences in Naruto. The major works of the Taka are- 

  • The first task the three assistants of Sasuke were given was finding and killing Itachi Uchiha. Sasuke had pledged to kill Itachi who was his brother because he killed their whole family accept Sasuke. However, Itachi died of an illness and after his death, Sasuke knew the reason for all Itachi’s deeds. Hence, he decided to revenge for the death of his brother. It became the new task of the team and the team is also renamed, Taka. 
  • Konoha became the next target of Taka as it was the one who forced Itachi to kill his whole family. Taka had an encounter with Konoha in world war 4. He wanted to take revenge by doing the same with Konoha that happened with him. But this mission was called off by Sasuke when he realized the true sense of revenge and responsibilities of a shinobi. And the village Konoha was saved. 

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  • The Taka also performed a mission of killing Danzo who was also a major part of the destruction of the Uchiha clan. It was the same battle in which Karin was injured badly. Tobi helped Sasuke in this mission. Sasuke had a solo fight with Danzo where he successfully killed him and avenge what Danzo did with his family.
  • All the members of Taka Karin, Jugo, and Suigetsu joined hands with Sasuke in World War 4. They fought alongside Allied Shinobi Force. Before this war, Sasuke also apologized to Karin for his past deeds. It was the time when Sasuke realized his real duties and what he did till now. That is why this time he wanted to do everything correctly. Sasuke and Naruto managed to end this war and the world got freedom from genjutsu. 

About Naruto Manga Series

Who Is Taka Naruto?
Who Is Taka Naruto?

Written by Masashi Kishimoto, Naruto is a very popular manga series worldwide. It was published between 1999 to 2014 for fifteen huge years. The manga series is full of adventure, fantasy, and comedy. It is listed among the bestselling mangas of all time. The series is not only popular in Japan. But it has got international recognition. The story of Naruto s also telecasted through television series in two parts. Critics claim that this series has involved parts of Japanese mythology in it. Apart from TV series, Naruto video games, arts, and card games are also made. The manga series starts with the consistent competition between Naruto and Sasuke and winds up with both lead characters together saving the world and establishing peace. Masashi deserves huge respect for creating such a manga and engaging an audience for 72 volumes to bring a climax. 

Where To Read Naruto Manga Series?

There are 72 volumes of the Naruto Manga series has released now. Notably, the series is published in Japanese as well as in English. Hence it also has an international reach. The publisher of the different volumes of the Naruto Manga series is Shonen Jump Comics. You can get the paper book to reading from various shopping sites and local stores. Additionally, some content from the Manga series is also available only. Notably, in Masashi’s Manga series films and video games are also made. You can find Taka in these contents also. 

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