What Are The Recent Updates On Paris Police 1900 Season 2 Release Date?

A story filled with mystery, suspense, crime, thriller, and drama, Paris Police 1900 is currently streaming online. The show was released last year and truly took us by surprise. The various twists and turns incorporated in the thriller drama series were drafted spectacularly. The audience wishes to see a few more seasons of the show and currently, all eyes are stuck on the second installment of Paris Police 1900. Is the show renewed by BBC Four? Are they coming up with Season 2? There are a bunch of questions about Paris Police 1900 Season 2. Few fans are wondering whether the show was just made for one season or not, while others are still waiting to see another major chapter of the show.

Paris Police 1900 Season 2 Release Date

An epic TV series created by Fabien Nury, this is surely one of his masterpieces! Before we take you through the intriguing plot of Paris Police 1900, let us quickly update you about the renewal of the show. I know you are looking for a release date here, almost two years are about to pass by but we still haven’t heard much on the renewal of the series! This made us wonder whether Paris Police 1900 Season 2 will ever appear on our screens or not. Will the show get renewed this year? 

We won’t give you fake hopes, the series is yet to be renewed for Season 2 and we are pretty sure the show is not getting renewed this year. It looks like we have to wait a bit more to see another installment of the show. We are traveling back to 1899, back when Paris was struggling with civic unrest. It all started with that rumor, which blazed like fire in Paris! It looks like Alfred Dreyfus has been freed from prison. But before we tell you more, let’s answer the most asked question out there, the show is yet on hold. We have still kept our hopes high on Paris Police 1900 Season 2. As per our estimates, the show might roll out next year, particularly around November or December 2023.

Name Of The ShowParis Police 1900
Season NumberSeason 2
Genrecrime, police procedural
Paris Police 1900 Season 1 Release Date8 February 2021
Paris Police 1900 Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Paris Police 1900 Story

Paris Police 1900 Season 2 Release Date

We are traveling down the lane, we are going back to the year 1899. A major rumor has caused havoc in Paris city. The government is under immense pressure. Nationalists, royalists, and anti-Semites have allied together. They are standing against the anarchists. The situation gets even worse when amid this crisis, the honorable President of Paris, Félix Faure had a sudden death. This series narrates the story of Antoine Jouin, the man who soon becomes the hot topic of the city. 

As we move ahead, we will see how this growing young detective of the Police Prefecture is assigned to investigate the dismembered torso of a dead woman! He must resolve the mystery behind the suitcase. He must find out how the suitcase came down the Seine. In this same context, we will also come across Louis, a retired Prefect of Police, who has been posted again to restore order in Paris. We will get a close look at Jeanne Chauvin, the second woman in the history of France who obtained a law degree! She is an excellent lawyer and indeed, no one can win against her in court. 

Lastly, we will also learn a bit about Meg Steinheil, a notorious courtesan whose life will change soon. We will see how he turns into a  police informant! As we dig deep into this investigation case, we will come across a family who has become a threatened coup for Paris. This brings us to the Guérin family. This series is filled with complicated twists and turns, you will be stunned to know how dirty politics can get! To know what’s in store for Antoine, you have to watch all the exclusive episodes of Paris Police 1900 season 1. 

What Will Happen In Paris Police 1900 Season 2?

The story is almost over! That’s not our quoted statement, but everyone out there thinks the same. The first season of the show covered it all up, the mystery was more or less resolved! Yes, we haven’t lost our hopes in Paris Police 1900 Season 2, but we cannot deny the fact that the show did not end with a cliffhanger. As of now, we don’t have any teaser trailer available for Paris Police 1900 Season 2. It is still quite early to get on board with the plot of the second installment! As of now, we don’t have any updates on the plot of Paris Police 1900 Season 2, but we are hoping to hear soon from Fabien Nury!

Paris Police 1900 Ratings

It has an IMDB rating of 7 out of 10. These images will provide more detailed information about the ratings.

Paris Police 1900 Season 2 Release Date
Paris Police 1900 Season 2 Release Date

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Paris Police 1900 Season 2 FAQs

1. Is Paris Police 1900 renewed for Season 2?

No, Paris Police 1900 is yet not renewed but the production house.

2. When will Paris Police 1900 Season 2 rollout?

As per our studies, we still don’t have a release date for Paris Police 1900 Season 2. Let’s hope the show will be released somewhere in 2023.

3. How many episodes were there in Paris Police 1900?

The epic drama series, Paris Police 1900 had a total of 8 episodes.

4. Can you watch Paris Police 1900 online?

Yes, the first season of the series, Paris Police 1900 is available online. You can stream it on Prime Video.

5. Is Fabien Nury planning to make Paris Police 1900 Season 2?

The creator of the series, Fabien Nury, is still silent on the renewal of Paris Police 1900.

6. Is Paris Police 1900 based on a true story?

No, the famous drama series, Paris Police 1900 is not based on a true story.

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