There Won’t Be A Bleach Season 18! Here’s Why?

Are you even an anime fan if you haven’t read or seen Bleach? Don’t judge it by its name; Bleach is not bleak at all! It is, in fact, a vivid series full of charming characters and engrossing plot lines. Based on the lives of the shinigami, the soul reapers, Bleach is one of the most beloved anime and manga series. There are multiple animes centered around the lives of shinigami, but Bleach is considered to be the best of them all.

Bleach follows numerous story arcs and delivers an action-packed, humor-filled journey of a soul reaper to us. This series was written when anime wasn’t overly popular. The manga was adapted into an anime in the early 2000s, and it has since provided us with a tangled, magnificent visual delight. But it seems like season 17 was the last one, and we won’t be having the eighteenth season.

Bleach Season 18 Release Date

Bleach Season 18 Release Date

As unique as Bleach’s name is, the storyline isn’t simple either. The anime series was first brought to us in 2004. Between 2004 and 2012, we have been treated to sixteen wonderful seasons. While we were hoping for more seasons, the makers abruptly canceled the series and forced us to be satisfied with the 16 seasons. One disadvantage of watching a captivating anime like Bleach is that you cannot easily get rid of them.

The makers left almost 300 manga chapters and didn’t conclude the series properly either. Bleach season 17 was supposed to conclude the anime, and it did that perfectly. This is the main reason we have no hopes left for season 18. Long before season 17 was announced, we knew that it would most likely be the last one, and now we have to make our Bleach-addicted minds understand it.

But if by any chance, the makers decide to give it a go, we should receive an announcement in 2023. Because it took the producers more than nine years to consider Season 17, we can’t completely rule out Season 18; however, we can rule it out for the time being. Our Bleach-engrossed minds wouldn’t let us drop the series just like that.

Name Of The ShowBleach
Season NumberSeason 18
Genreaction, adventure
Bleach Season 1 Release Date5 October 2004
Bleach Season 18 Release DateCanceled

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Bleach Season 17 Review: Can It Stand Up To Previous Seasons?

If you’re looking for a one-word answer, season 17 is an emphatic yes; it’s the perfect conclusion to the fantastic Bleach anime series. It explores the Thousand-Year Blood War manga arc and delivers the most explosive and gripping season.

In this season, our main protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki, has to take refuge after a nasty war breaks out. He undergoes severe training and strives to become physically more powerful than the Quincy who have attacked the Shinigami. We have a brilliantly crafted, deadly explosive season that has been the series’ most perfect conclusion. And yet, here we are, secretly hoping for season 18.

The Story Arcs Of The Bleach Series

Bleach Season 18 Updates

The highlight of this 400-episode series is that it doesn’t follow a single plotline. It consists of over ten arcs artistically woven by Tite Kubo. The anime begins with the Shinigami, the deadly Soul Reapers. In this arc, you get to meet a teenage Ichigo, who later transforms into a lethal warrior. This arc helps us understand the Bleach universe better, which is crucial if you’re about to start–or restart–the Bleach anime.

Later in the series, the Bleach series discusses several other plot points, including the Arrancar, which highlights the battle between our fighter girl and the terrifying Arrancar army. Similarly, we have arcs like Bounty Assault and Zanpakuto, in which we witness Ichigo’s spontaneous growth.

Why The Name Bleach For Such A Vivid Series?

Now, this is the most thought-out question regarding the series. While some animes, such as Naruto, are named after their main characters, the name Bleach seems odd. Especially when the anime is far from being bleak.

If you’re coming up with an outlandish theory or expecting one stellar reason for the name, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Kubo has named this Shinigami-centred manga after the traditional look of Shinigamis. These soul reapers usually wore black and white. While Kubo was debating whether to name the series Black or White, he settled on Bleak and gave us an incredible anime series.

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Bleach Ratings

This series is a highly acclaimed anime and has an IMDB rating of 8.2 out of 10.

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Bleach: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bleach Season 18 Officially Cancelled?

No, Bleach Season 18 is not officially canceled.

Have The Creators Said Anything About Season 18’s Return?

No, the makers have not said anything yet.

Is Bleach A Manga As Well?

Yes, there is a well-sketched Bleach manga available for you.

Who Created the Bleach Manga?

Tite Kubo is the phenomenal writer of the Bleach manga series.

Are There Animated Films Based On Bleach Mangas As Well?

Yes, there are more than four anime films based on the Bleach manga series.

Where To Watch Bleach Anime?

Bleach anime is available on the Crunchyroll website and other streaming platforms like Netflix as well.

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