Dangerous Liaisons Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Story

Get ready to witness another season of this epic drama series. They have finally shown the green flag to “Dangerous Liaisons” Season 2. But hey there, is the show coming back to the STARZ network? All eyes are stuck on the second installment of Dangerous Liaisons! The audience is curiously waiting to see what will happen in Dangerous Liaisons Season 2. But the latest gossip around the second installment of the show has worried the fans out there. The first-ever season of the show is currently streaming on the STARZ network, but what about the second one? Is it canceled by the STARZ network? Are the rumors true?

Is Dangerous Liaisons Season 2 Officially Canceled?

Dangerous Liaisons season 1 premiered last month. As usual, the intriguing storyline of the show managed to impress us a lot. The show had a total of seven episodes, and each of these told us a different story. The complicated dilemmas which appeared in the story truly won our hearts. We were undoubtedly waiting to hear more on Dangerous Liaisons Season 2. The creative team of the show also announced openly that the show has been renewed for another run. 

The announcement was made before November. As per our inner sources, they have already started work on Dangerous Liaisons Season 2. The filming has begun and the story is ready to be continued. But just when we thought the second season of the show would be dropping out soon, we have been swept away by the latest announcement made by the STARZ network. They have decided to back down from the stage. As per their quoted statements, Dangerous Liaisons season 2 will not be premiering on the STARZ network. They have decided to cancel Dangerous Liaisons Season 2. The news is true, unfortunately, this is not just a rumor.  

Name of the ShowDangerous Liaisons
Season NumberSeason 2
GenrePeriod drama
Dangerous Liaisons Season 1 Release Date6 November 2022
Dangerous Liaisons Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet

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Dangerous Liaisons Season 2 Release Date Finalized? 

You can be relieved a bit as the work is still on! Yes, you heard it right, STARZ might have canceled the show, but the executive producers have something else in mind. The cancellation of the show has not put a full stop to Dangerous Liaisons Season 2. They have already announced the renewal and they have also managed to complete half of the work on Dangerous Liaisons Season 2. Not putting up the second season would not only disappoint the fans but that would also account for heavy losses! They are surely not in a position to face such drastic consequences. On one hand, we have the STARZ network who is not interested in the second installment of the show. 

While on the other hand, we have the executive producers of the show who are looking for alternatives, they are looking for a platform that would love to partner with them and will be interested in premiering Dangerous Liaisons Season 2. To date, they haven’t found an appropriate platform for the second installment of the show. But the search is still on, they are trying their best to save the show. We do think the producers will either reach out to Netflix or Prime Video, let’s hope one of them takes up the decision to line up Dangerous Liaisons Season 2. Given the fact that the producers are looking for a new network, we do think that Dangerous Liaisons Season 2 is not that far away from us. Keeping everything in mind, our estimates say the second season of the show will be released next year, hopefully around November or December. 

What Lies In The Future Of Dangerous Liaisons Season 2? 

A lot is waiting to take place in Dangerous Liaisons season 2. As per our inner sources, the level of difficulties and risk will increase in the second installment of the show. We all know the story revolves around the famous novel series of all time, the best of the best, Les Liaisons Dangereuses. This is undoubtedly one of the most recognized novels out there. As per our studies, the first eight episodes of the show were meant to introduce us to the characters. The full-fledged action-packed story is set to begin with Dangerous Liaisons Season 2. 

The creative head of the team has already placed his statement. He has envisioned something extraordinary for Dangerous Liaisons Season 2 and he has already started working on it. He strongly believes that the second installment of the show will be a game-changer for them. They are working day and night to bring up the best to the audience. Get ready to dig deep into the ancient Paris culture. The pre-revolution setup is on and we can’t wait to see what happens next in this dynamic drama series. Lastly, we are also expecting to see more than one season of the show. The creative directors and executive producers of the show have also hinted to us about the same. 

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Dangerous Liaisons Season 2- FAQs

Q1. Will Dangerous Liaisons Season 2 come in the near future?

The makers of the show had renewed the show but now it is not confirmed, whether it is going to release or not.

Q2. How many total seasons are there in Dangerous Liaisons?

Only one season till now has been released.

Q3. Is Dangerous Liaisons based on a true story?

No, it is not based on a true story.

Q4. What happened to Cecile in the show, Dangerous Liaisons?

She got pregnant and suffered a miscarriage.

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