The Lying Life Of Adults Season 2 Release Date Is Unclear!

Are you a drama fanatic? Does drama-centric series allure you? Then we have brought the right series to please you! The Lying Life of Adults series which is yet to be released is anticipated to be one of the best drama series to date. This series, which is based on the best-selling novel, is already creating quite a buzz prior to two months before the release of its first season. Owing to the popularity of pre-release, one can expect it to be renewed, so hold your horses and wait for an official announcement.

The novel: The Lying Life of Adults has been published quite recently in the year 2019 in Italian but became popular very quickly. If a pandemic cannot inhibit a book’s success, there is definitely some amazing writing and storyline in it. Thereby it was soon translated into English, with its releases during the pandemic but did it lessen its success? Apparently not, as it got out in the second position in New York’s best-seller list. 

The plot of the novel as well as the series(probably) revolves around Giovanna, the main character who is a 12-year-old girl. Also, the author of the original novel is Elena Ferrante. The plot is based in the 1990s, in the region of the popular Naples, whose pizzas are lip-smacking. Let us see more about its season 2, where can one binge-watch it? This isn’t the first novel by Elena Ferrante to be adapted to create a movie or series. Her previous novel titled “The Lost Daughter” was made into a movie starring Dakota Johnson by Netflix.

The Lying Life Of Adults Season 2 Release Date

The Lying Life Of Adults Season 2 Release Date

First, let us talk about season 1 of the drama series called The Lying Life of Adults. As the name predominantly suggests, we can expect a bunch of people who are going to be pro-liars and then set to face consequences for their actions. Season 1 was primarily set to release in 2022, after getting clearance in 2020 to be televised officially.  It collaborated with Italy’s Fandango production enterprise and is now officially set to release on 4th January, the year 2023. Season one is six-episode series, which is set to release on the same day. This series is also popularly known as “La vita bugiarda degli adulti” in Italian.

Now, coming onto season 2 of The Lying Life of Adults, Netflix takes a couple of months to issue a renewal or cancellation of the show. Thereby observing the triumph of season 1, we can expect in April/May 2023, for the official announcement. But a series based on a best-seller novel, we do anticipate it to have 2 to 3 seasons. Also, the fans of Elena Ferrante are desperately waiting for its release, so this could push in favor of its renewal in case any plotlines are left to be explored.

Name Of The ShowThe Lying Life Of Adults
Season NumberSeason 2
The Lying Life Of Adults Season 1 Release Date4 January 2023
The Lying Life Of Adults Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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The Lying Life Of Adults Season 2 Story

Season 1 will mostly follow the plot of the novel, with Giovanna’s insecurities stirring up, and her relationship with her father becoming challenging day by day.  Netflix took this novel for adaption for its amazing transformation of a girl’s life, which we hope will be showcased in the series. Giovanna’s parent’s utmost hate towards her Aunt intrigues her, we can see the journey of self-exploration in the novel and hopefully season 1. If there is a season 2 we can expect the same plotlines. The fear of Giovanna’s parents that their daughter is turning into her aunt is depicted perfectly in the book, which will be definitely seen in the novels.

The Lying Life Of Adults Season 2 Cast

The Lying Life Of Adults Season 2 Release Date

We can expect to see the main character of season 1 which is Giovanna played by Giordana Marengo, Giovanna’s aunt aka Vittoria is played by popular actress Valeria Golino, Alessandro Preziosi, and Luigi Chiocca essaying the roles of Andrea and Uomo officina in season 2. Do tune in on this series on January 4th, 2023, and watch this amazing cast essay their roles perfectly.

Where to watch The Lying Life of Adults Season 2 Online?

Season 1 is all set to release on the Netflix streaming platform and season 2 is to be on the same platform as well.

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