Namita Thapar Net Worth Revealed! How Much Does The Shark Tank Judge Earn?

Namita Thapar is an Indian entrepreneur who gained fandom after her appearance on the popular TV show Shark Tank as a judge. She is well-known for her bright smile, optimistic approach to life, and sharp brain. Namita isn’t just a celebrity; she is an investor who knows the value of money and how to use it. It is because of this ability of hers that she has garnered worldwide recognition.

Namita is a leading businesswoman with a cunning mind. She comes from a business background and has an unrelenting ambition to keep growing. Since Shark Tank has become a popular series, Namita has attracted more attention to herself. After her public appearance, the speculations regarding her net worth spread like wildfire.

Namita Thapar’s Net Worth

Namita is the chief executive officer of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, a highly specialized pharmaceutical company. Aside from being in such a noble profession, Namita also has many other organizations to her name. The highlight of her business endeavors seems to be her nobility and generosity. Namita has invested in multiple organizations, but most of them have been more growth-oriented than money-oriented.

As of 2022, Namita Thapar’s net worth was $6.5 billion.

With her amazing leadership skills, growth-oriented mindset, and generous nature, her net worth is expected to increase further in the upcoming decades. She has been listed in the Economic Times’ “40 under 40” list. Namita is an ambitious woman; it wouldn’t be a surprise to see her climbing higher, receiving more titles, and increasing her net worth.

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Namita Thapar’s Success Story

Namita hails from a powerful family, and despite that, she has chosen a tough route to success. Thapar has three degrees to her name and multiple investments. She started her career journey with a corporation in the USA and later joined her father, Satish Mehta’s, Emcure Pharmaceutical organization as a finance manager. She later climbed higher with her hard work and became a board member.

Namita then started investing her earnings wisely in various organizations. She started expanding her father’s business, founded multiple organizations, and established herself in the competitive business world simultaneously. Namita became a national icon after she decided to appear in a uniquely crafted show, Shark Tank. Her story is truly an inspiration.

Namita Thapar’s Sources Of Income

Namita Thapar's Net Worth

Arriving from a family of successful business people, Namita surely knows how to utilize her money. Instead of spending her money on luxury, Namita decided to use that money to fund other organizations and benefit from them. She is the owner of various enterprises such as Incredible Ventures and the founder of popular organizations such as Finolex Cables.

Namita also hosts a successful YouTube channel where she motivates her viewers to pursue their dreams relentlessly. She inspires everyone and shares entrepreneurial tips and tricks to help her audience. Namita has founded over thirty organizations so far and is continuing to help more companies grow faster. All of these organizations and Emcure Pharmaceuticals contribute to Namita’s success.

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Namita Thapar’s Family

Namita is the daughter of Satish and Bhavna Mehta. She hails from Pune, India, and has a multitalented personality. It is a lesser-known fact that Namita, aside from a degree in business, has a Chartered Accountant degree to her name. It is all because of her family’s support and constant encouragement that Namita has made it this far.

Both Namita and her husband, Vikas Thapar, contribute to Emcure Pharmaceuticals. She has constantly praised the fact that her parents, husband, and kids encourage her to grow more. Namita has two sons, both named after the infamous Bollywood friends Jai and Vir. She believes that she has been blessed with the best, and we have no reason not to agree with her.

Namita Thapar As Shark Tank Judge

Namita Thapar Net Worth

Namita rose to fame with Shark Tank, a show that connects investors with people looking for investment. She is one of the seven panelists on the show and is famous for her motivating personality. Though she became an unnecessary target of multiple controversies because of this show, Namita braved everything with a smile. In the first season of Shark Tank, Namita founded over twenty-five startups.

This investment of hers was highly questioned and criticized; many controversies arose, and Namita was forced to speak up. Namita became a bit agitated and claimed that she had invested every penny she promised on the show. Her statement definitely made the critics step back and her supporters step in. With season 2 of this show returning, maybe we will see Namita Thapar as a judge on Shark Tank.

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