Last Chance U: Basketball Season 3: What Is Its Renewal Status?

This is a basketball documentary featuring the flourishing stars of East Los Angeles College, popularly abbreviated as ELAC. This series isn’t just about basketball stars reaching their peak. Rather, this series records the journey of players who try to weave their path to professionalism. With every small milestone and the continuous struggle captured, this series has garnered a fanbase spanning millions.

The ELAC Huskies are ready to secure their position in the NFL, but will fate be on their side this time? Who would be the lucky one to surpass the super-tight NFL criteria? With two highly successful seasons to its name, is a third season looming on the horizon? Or would we have to satisfy ourselves with two mere seasons?

Last Chance U: Basketball Season 3 Release Date

This is not just a sports series; it is the journey of basketball lovers to becoming basketball players. College-level sports often pave the way for professional-level games. This series takes this concept to heart, depicting the ELAC Huskies’ journey beginning in college. We got to witness this journey in two popular installments.

The makers have not yet spoken about a third installment, but it seems highly unlikely that we won’t be getting it. Last Chance U: Basketball is a spinoff series of Last Chance U, a series that follows the journey of flourishing football players. Its parent series have had five long seasons so far; this series is expected to have at least three to four.

If the makers release season 3, it is highly likely that it will be around late 2023 or early 2024. With season 2 being broadcast in late 2022, we expect the third season of this series to follow the same trend as well.

Name Of The ShowLast Chance U: Basketball
Season NumberSeason 3
GenreSports, Documentary
Last Chance U: Basketball Season 1 Release Date10 March 2021
Last Chance U: Basketball Season 3 Release DateNot Announced

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Last Chance U: Basketball Season 3 Expected Plot

Last Chance U: Basketball Season 3 Release Date

A player doesn’t only battle on the field; he has to fight off many adverse circumstances to get on the field. Last Chance U: Basketball is a series that highlights the journey of the ELAC Huskies to overcome their problems and secure a basketball scholarship. Led by coach John Mosley, the team is highly passionate about basketball.

In season 1 and season 2 of the series, we watched the struggle of these players to fight off their inner demons. In season 3, we might get to witness more drama and pumped-up energy with new basketball lovers. Maybe this time, we will get to witness a new team trying to pave their way to the professional level. Whatever the storyline might be, it is sure that we will be getting an intriguing and thrilling drama along with excellent basketball games.

Last Chance U: Basketball Season 1 Review

In season 1 of this series, we got to meet the highly reputed and brilliantly talented coach John Mosley. He picks up on the challenge of guiding the drop-downs, or players, who love football but have no idea how to play it professionally. The stakes are high since all the players are on the verge of losing their patience and determination, and the competition, as always, is running high.

Dealing with messy breakups, deadly physical injuries, and frustration, season 1 has surely been a rollercoaster ride. Some basketball lovers turned into professional basketball players, while others got lost in the journey and stayed basketball lovers only. Overall, the series has been a delight.

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Last Chance U: Basketball Season 2 Story

Last Chance U: Basketball Season 3 Release Date

Set to arrive in late 2022, the second season of Last Chance U: Basketball Series is expected to highlight fresh faces and their blossoming love for basketball. Coach Molley will be guiding this team toward success, and hopefully, more of the players will be drafted this season.

Season 2 is expected to be full of twists and turns, just like the first. We will get to witness more drama and have the precious chance to be a part of these players’ journey. This season will surely bring a diverse set of players and all sorts of drama.

Last Chance U: Basketball Season 3 Trailer

Season 3’s return date has yet to be confirmed by the producers. This is why we haven’t gotten a trailer or any news. But hopefully, we will get an official confirmation and an energetic trailer soon. There are two amazingly crafted trailers out there for you to watch, along with two brilliant seasons.

Where Can I Watch Last Chance U: Basketball Season 3 Online?

The previous two seasons of the Last Chance U: Basketball series have premiered on Netflix. If we get a new season, it is set to be broadcasted on Netflix as well. Hopefully, Netflix will renew the series, and we will be getting a new season soon!

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